Keaton/Kiragi P/C supports

[Puppies. Puppies everywhere. I saw a bunch of puppies so I wrote for more puppies. Kiragi is the happiest puppy. Also since a lot of names for the father figure are kinda taken for this family (and I can’t see Kiragi saying Father or Daddy), I just went with Pop. Why not. I tried to make Kiragi the cute son he always is.]

C support:

Kiragi: Hey, hey! Pop! Come here!

Keaton: What is it, Kiragi? Do you have something for me?

Wait. *sniff sniff*

Did you bring back the bones from that bear you hunted?

Kiragi: Sure did! Wanna share them with me?

Keaton: Would I—

Hold on there.

Did you do all your duties before you went and got those like I told you to?

You’re not trying to distract me with bones, are you?

Kiragi: Eh, whoops. Busted.

Keaton: You had evening patrol and inventory duty.

Kiragi: But Pop, that’s so boring!

Patrol is lonely, and there’s waaay too much counting for inventory.

You know I’m not good at math.

Keaton: If you go do it, we can go hunting together.

Then we’ll have lots of meat for the army and we get to keep the bones. Whaddya say?

Kiragi: Yes, a thousand times yes!

Keaton: Calm down, Kiragi, your tail’s wagging like crazy.

You’re lucky you can hide that under your outfit but you’re too excited.

Kiragi: Pop, your tail is wagging too.

Keaton: What? Hey, no! Get going!

Kiragi: All right, see ya!

*Kiragi leaves*

Keaton: I can’t tell who he takes after.

B support:

Keaton: All right, are you ready to hunt?

Kiragi: Sure am!

Keaton: Did the inventory?

Kiragi: Got plenty of weapons for the soldiers!

Keaton: Did patrol?

Kiragi: The camp is a-OK!

Keaton: All right, what do you want to hunt for today?

Kiragi: Bears! And deer! And rabbits!

Keaton: Calm down there, champ, we gotta get there first.

Kiragi: Ok, Pop!

*black screen transition*

Kiragi: Whoo! We got a bunch of game! We got everything I wanted! We even got a pheasant!

Keaton: I feel like there’s something wrong about a kid your size being able to carry back a bear and a deer alone.

Kiragi: I have you to thank for that, Pop! You’re one of the strongest guys I know!

Keaton: Yeah, sure. Thanks, I guess.

Kiragi: You and Dad can never fool me when you act like that! I know you’re happy!

Your tail is wagging too!

Keaton: Why is there so much talk about my tail, I’m not a dog!

Kiragi: I mean technically you are. You’re like a cute puppy!

Keaton: Oh no you don’t. I won’t have my own son call me a puppy.

Kiragi: But you are! And you’re fluffy and give great hugs!

Keaton: That’s it, I’m leaving. I’m taking this to get cut up.

Kiragi: Pop, wait for me!

A support:

Kiragi: Sorry, Pop. I wasn’t expecting Dad to get upset at us.

…Or those dozens of other people.

Keaton: Yeah, we did kind of leave a mess. Maybe we should scale down our hunt next time.

Kiragi: But at least the camp will all have super big meals for the next couple days.

That part’s good, right?

Keaton: Yeah, they were grateful aside from the mess.

Took us a while to get clean from all the blood and grime, though.

Your dad is probably gonna give us another earful later.

Kiragi: I wanna go hunting again!

Keaton: Wait, what?

Did you not just live those two hours?

Kiragi: Well, yeah, but aside from getting yelled at, I had fun!

We got a big hunt! Way more than I could carry anyway.

Plus I got to do it with my dear ol’ Pop! That was the best part!

I love hunting with you! It’s way better than going alone. No one else is gonna turn into a wolf with me, that’s for sure!

Keaton: I guess it IS true that I had fun.

And we do get a big haul…

Kiragi: So you do want to hunt with me more? We can get lots of bones and bugs! I’ve been collecting them!

Keaton: When you say it like that, it’s kind of hard to resist.

Tell you what, we’ll head out tomorrow.

Kiragi: Really? Woohoooooooo! Thank you, Pop!

I love you more than anything~

Keaton: *grumbles*

Kiragi: Couldn’t quite hear you~

Keaton: I love you too, Kiragi.

Kiragi: Yaaay!

Keaton: Kid’s got me wrapped around his finger…

Still love him, though.