Keaton x Anna S Support

Here’s my crack at their S rank, based off of the already submitted C-A. I hope it holds up!

S Rank:

Keaton: …

Anna: …

Keaton: … Oh! Silver cup! I don’t see any cracks so… here.

Anna: Thanks a bunch! Oh oh! Look, is that half a doll?

Keaton: Mine!

Anna: I must admit, scouring like this has been a lot of fun. Like more fun than when I did it alone.

Keaton: Yeah, I can agree with that. You have a keen eye, a much keener eye than I thought you would!

Anna: Hehe, why thank you! I’m always happy to show my skills off. Being a successful merchant in my family doesn’t come easy, after all.

Keaton: You said something earlier about sisters. Are they all like you?

Anna: Yep! It’s often hard to tell us apart, so I do what I can on my end to stick out.

Keaton: I guess that’s why we’re out here together again.

Anna: Yeah, I guess so. Well, I mean, apparently you can tell us apart, at least.

Keaton: Well yeah, but I think more than that, you’re unique, you know?

Anna: I have heard that one of my sisters traveled with an army before, but I can’t think of who exactly. I guess I am pretty unique in that regard.

Keaton: W-well, I mean more than that.

Anna: I mean, I’d like to think my observational skills are pretty good, but I’m not sure if-

Keaton: N-no, hold on. Anna… I don’t know how to say this, but spending time with you has been really fun.

Anna: Yeah, you said-

Keaton: More fun than I’ve ever had. I think I love spending time with you.

Anna: I-oh.

Keaton: You’re sharp and clever, and you can get territorial and stick up for yourself. At first I thought you were just some petty human, but I realized that we’re very similar. Even though we pick up different things on our hunts, we’re both looking around for great stuff all the time, and I never thought I’d find someone like you while traveling with this army.

Anna: Keaton, I… Oh gods!

Keaton: What?

Anna: I was… I was gonna give this big speech and give you this, and you come out swinging like that?

Keaton: I… swinging? I mean my tail is wagging, sure, but…

Anna: Wait, just… here, take this.

Keaton: What… this ring is…

Anna: It looks like it’s gold, right? But it’s actually fool’s gold. Utterly useless.

Keaton: Wait, but it looks like-

Anna: Well, a lot of what you collect looks like junk, but it’s the meaning behind it that makes it valuable, right?

Keaton: So this useless… kinda pretty… thing…

Anna: It has meaning that has nothing to do with money. It has meaning to me, and I was kind of hoping it could mean something to you.

Keaton: This is… great! I love it! Wow… hah, I love you!

Anna: I love you too! Let’s keep searching together, like this!

Keaton: Heh, yeah! My tail won’t stop wagging… we’re gonna turn this land upside down by the time we’re done!