My secret project is announced – I’m writing a three-part Adventures of Superman epic entitled ‘Strange Visitor’, collaborating with an insane roster of artists including Ming Doyle, Brent Schoonover, David Williams, Al Gordon, Tula Lotay and Jason Shawn Alexander, all under a cover by Jon Bogdanove.

With Earth exploding around them, Old Man Kamandi tells the Last King of America the seventy five year parable of Superman, from 1938 to 2013, leading to humanity’s final damnation or salvation, concluding with a look at the end of all existence with Superman’s final act in the universe’s entropic death rattle.

And it’s coming a month early! I thought it was April, but this starts hitting digitally on March 10th.

More soon!

We’ve covered tons of books with LGBT characters in our Queer Book Club so far, but we need more books by LGBT creators. One of our absolute favorite artists, mooncalfe-art, JUST came out as trans this month, so our next Queer Book Club will be the biggest work of her career so far: Glory, with joekeatinge.

The book club works on multiple levels. Glory is all about a woman who doesn’t adhere to gender norms of body image. It’s also a sister series to Prophet, which we’re doing for our upcoming Indie Book Club, AND it’s a spiritual predecessor to Shutter, which we tackled in one of our most successful Indie Book Clubs a few months back.

Glory is a completed story, and you can either get it in the vol. 1 & 2 trade paperbacks, or in the gorgeous complete hardcover collection. You’ll get 10% off the books if you RSVP for the book club on Facebook!


The FINAL WEEK to ensure you get your copy of RINGSIDE #1 is here!

So, here’s the preview from Walking Dead, featured online for the very first time, along with the pre-order form. The first issue is super over-sized, around the size of two comic books for the price of one!

Ringside #1 Order Code is SEP150595, In-stores on November 25th and will cost you $3.99!

People seem to already like the book!

“In this first issue, Keatinge, Barber, Gough and Maher build a world focused on the wrestlers whose matches get cut from the broadcast, but they follow the caravan anyway. There’s a quiet poetry to the whole thing, like a Steinbeck novel, with frog splashes.“ - Comic Bastards Rating: 5/5

“Joe Keatinge and Nick Barber’s superbly characterized “Ringside” #1 is about the complex world of the industry’s players just about everywhere except inside the ropes. Keatinge’s story introduces no less than half a dozen interconnected key figures, and all are uniquely defined through their words, personalities and demeanors. Barber’s rough art carries a careful, subtle consistency and manages to give each of these characters a distinctive appearance that makes the rush of new faces easily identifiable, and – by the end of this first chapter – every one of these characters readily resonates with readers.” - Comic Book Resources Rating: 4.5/5

Please signal boost this post if you’re excited for this book! The pre-ordering process for comic books is an odd one and as a retailer myself, I find it odd you need to do this, but the truth is it does help us out with orders a lot.

A comiXologist Recommends:
Kate Kasenow recommends Shutter #2

In just two issues of Shutter, Joe Keatinge (joekeatinge) and Leila del Duca (assortedfoliage)  have captured the imagination that epitomizes fantasy, sci-fi, and futuristic comics. Alongside other fresh Image titles like Pretty Deadly and Rocket Girl, the pages of Shutter #2 give readers a thrilling female-driven tale.

Keatinge’s writing is fast-paced and quirky—a perfect fit for the colorful world he’s created to support his cast. When the story began, our star Kate Kristopher was already a seasoned professional when it came to danger; in fact, she seemed pretty bored of it all. In the second issue, escaping a kidnapping attempt and the mysterious mention of possible siblings intrigues her, making it look like Kate might be back in action. With every issue, the breadth of this comic expands and delights. Not only do we have a fascinating female protagonist, but we have an ever expanding cast of interesting friends, enemies, and yet to be revealed characters that may just be a little of both. Keep an eye on Kate’s sentient clock-cat—he’s my personal fave!

A perfect compliment to this incredible world is del Duca’s fantastic illustrations paired with Owen Gieni’s vibrant colors. What has been set up in this story is any artist’s dream—a vast canvas filled with anything and everything from Irish gangster lions to ghost ninjas—and both del Duca and Gieni illustrate it all with grace and strength reverberating through every panel.

Keatinge and del Duca have not only introduced a new version of reality, they’ve also hooked this reader into a massive and mysterious adventure. Jump into the story now to follow this amazing series!

 [Pick up Shutter #2 here!]

For fans of: action, female leads, fantasy, sci-fi, mythology, mystery

Kate Kasenow is a comics artist from Indiana currently living in Manhattan. She works at ComiXology as a Lead Digital Editor and spends most of her spare time re-reading J. R. R. Tolkien.


Those fine folks at Comic Book Resources have the exclusive preview of Adventures of Superman #46 (out on Monday for only $0.99) drawn by mingdoyle (doing KamandI!), brentschoonover (doing 1939 Superman!) and written by that Joe Keatinge guy.

It’s the first of three parts. Part two features more Ming Doyle Kamandi with a 2013 Superman drawn by David Williams and Al Gordon. Part three features 1926 Clark Kent drawn by tulalotaycomics and jasonshawnalexander drawing Superman at the end of all time. 

All under a cover by Jon Bogdanove, responsible for one of my favorite Superman comics of all time

Out weekly, starting on Monday, March 10th!

Ringside was announced during Image Expo 2015 and will be hitting stores in November. 

  • Joe Keatinge - Writer
  • Nick Barber - Art
  • Simon Gough - Colors
  • Ariana Maher - Letters

Logo by Brandon Graham

It’s not the first wrestling comic to be printed, but it just might become the most interesting. Here’s what (author) Joe Keatinge had to say about the story (from the Image Comics website):

“Ever since I was a kid I’ve been caught up in the mythology professional wrestling sells us, that these larger-than-life men and women are unstoppable titans locked in a never-ending, action-packed drama,” said Keatinge. “However, in time you learn that they’re just as human as anyone else, that they’re very much putting their lives on the line to entertain us, that they’re just as much part of a corporate machine built for profit as anyone else. Ringside’s a book about taking apart that machine and seeing how the industry functions and the lives it affects from a rotating set of angles including the wrestlers themselves, the creatives they work with, the suits in charge and the fans cheering them all on.“ 

What’s coming out this Wednesday? Gigantic comics hangout edition

We’ve got our colossal party Friday night with the likes of royalboiler, popgunwar, d-pi, and mkreed all in attendance–coincidentally, most of them have big books hitting stands this week!

Island #3 - Matt Sheean, Malachi Ward, Amy Clare, Kate Craig, Farel Dalrymple, Brandon Graham (Image)

This is the big one for us. Brandon Graham, who puts the magazine together, and Farel Dalrymple, who did the cover art for this issue, will both be on-hand Friday night to maybe scribble in your copy if you’re nice enough! Did you know Island has its own Tumblr now, too? It’s islandcomics.

Palefire - MK Reed & Farel Dalrymple (Secret Acres)

The Cute Girl Network’s MK Reed teams up with Farel Dalrymple for a young adult graphic novel combining Reed’s signature dealing-with-adolescence theme with Dalrymple’s signature “weird sad kids” aesthetic. Both MK and Farel will be at our party, which will mark the debut of the book!

The Bozz Chronicles - David Michelinie & Bret Blevins (Dover)

This reprint of the ‘80s cult hit, about a suicidal alien and a plucky sex worker who form a detective agency that accepts cases rejected by Scotland Yard, would probably be missed by most people.. except for the fact that it’s got a foreword (and sweeet pin-up) by our guest Brandon Graham.

Shutter #15 - Joe Keatinge & Leila del Duca (Image)

When Image’s sales data for July came through, it looked like Shutter single issues are in a bit of trouble, which breaks our hearts–apparently outside Fantom Comics, it doesn’t sell very well. But hey, inside our four walls Kate Kristopher reigns supreme, and hopefully strong trade paperback sales will keep the series afloat for as long as Leila and Joe want.

Southern Cross #5 - Becky Cloonan & Andy Belanger (Image)

Another book getting back on track after a bit of a hiatus, Southern Cross seems to run under the radar amidst all the great sci-fi stuff Image is putting out these days, but it’s quietly one of our favorites, with an Alien feel and a great psychological thriller edge (and maybe ghosts?!).

So what are you picking up this week? Will you be at our party on Friday?!


Here’s your Tumblr-able preview of THIS WEEK’s Shutter #2, featuring lions, robots and cookies. Available physically at comic book shops, digitally at places like ComiXology and pirated at places like wait a second.

All art here is drawn by Leila del Duca, colored by Owen Gieni, lettered by Ed Brisson and written by me with the exception of the variant, which I’ve stripped of the trade dress, so you could see it all of Marvel Knights: Hulk cohort Piotr Kowalski’s glory (colored by our man Owen). There’s also an extra “throom” on the second story page we ended up taking out in the final version because it covered one of the rat kids, so consider that a TUMBLR EXCLUSIVE SOUND EFFECT.