Night Of Soul 2/5

It was an absolute pleasure hosting the #NightofSoul at #NYU! The performances were soooooo dope! You can check out the artists featured below:

Speaker: @NaturallyIsis

Perfoermers: @allmessiah @oshunnyc @iloveyoufun @thelionkueen @CM3official @edsonsean @orisha_love @kearmonie @praiseproda #Andrew #Christine #Jonelle #Knowledge #Bayo #Fibonacci #PoeticallyAcclaimed 📷@issakhari 🎨@1realvizion 🎨@anthonyartist (I didn’t catch everyone’s IG tag them below so I can add them 😘✌)

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I LOVE Box Braids! has reached 2,000 FOLLOWERS!!

Well, 2,008 to be exact. I am extremely happy and exited about this!  Box Braids is my most successful and important blog and it means a lot to me. YOU ALL mean a lot to me. Thank you so much for following and supporting. As well as giving me advice. I’ve learned so much from running this blog and I will continue to learn and grow along with this blog. I love you all so much, this means A LOT. I am so happy, not only because of the followers but because I’ve been able to help you guys and because this blog wasn’t an epic fail. Keep on showin’ love guys, thanks :)


Random update

Hello Everyone. Happy New Year! I haven’t really communicated with you guys in a while, so I decided to give a brief update.

First I’d like to say Thank you!! ILBB is at 8,000+ followers and counting. You guys truly keep this blog running! With your questions, answers, salon tips, and of course your beautiful submissions.

Keep in mind, while submitting, make sure you submit a CLEAR, appropriate photo in which your hair is shown off. I add most submissions to the queue, so be sure to check back within the next 2-3 days to see if your photo has been posted. If not, feel free to submit another photo.

Also, don’t not forget about the pages. Check out our FAQ before asking a question as well as the Videos tab, and the Specific Styles tab.

Again, Thank you! If there’s any way I can improve improve this blog, Please let me know! What do you suggest?