100 best guitar riffs played seamlessly!

Tumblr Crushes:

Terry man you’re sliding! Third place man…And Tilly’s regained her title…nice one.

And for some reason even though I’ve been following Briony for less than a day she’s managed to make it into my tumblr crushes…right-o ;)

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omg i’ve been looking at libraries to see if i can borrow it but stupid UTAH ugh. i’m trying to get over my torrenting habits and the urges to resist are too strong. D: what’s the link, pleasepleaseplease

You’re welcome. I’m like, 9 chapters in and she just lost her virginity. Or as the book says, her virginity was ripped through. It’s so… I know 13 year olds who write better fanfic than this. But enjoy!

pelvicthrustration asked:

how do you make your pixels? they're so cute ^_^

thanks!! well i use Gimp to make them and i usually take a picture of the reference and open it up and color pick the colors although obviously you have to then take out what colors the lighting added to get the real skin/hair/eye colors etc and then i make the head and go from there!! i have a forumla for the proportions of them but i dont have a base or anything like that i dont just recolor anything they are all “made from scratch” and just kind of happen

they started off as a way to make money on gaia through commissions haha and now i just love making them

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did you actually waste money on that book?

God no, I torrented it for the Kindle. 

I wasted my money on the bottle of wine it took to get through the first five chapters. Though I guess it wasn’t a waste, I did get a decent buzz. Unfortunately, the liquor store closest to my house has no Everclear, so I have to drink normal alcohol. D’: