QUESTION: Define ‘Best Friend’.

RIVER: “Someone you can tell all your secrets to. For me it’s a guy you enjoy being with, a guy you love and a guy you care about. Keanu is my buddy, dude.”

KEANU: “I’ve always loved you, River. River is my best friend and I don’t have many of them.”

RIVER: “That’s really sweet, Keany.”


Prompt/*A/N: okay, I came up with this one. when I was scrolling through trying to find a good prompt list to reblog, I saw one along the lines of “I heard a noise”, and here’s what I came up with :)*

     Why did you let Keanu convince you to watch The Conjuring? You knew why, and you cursed yourself for not being able to resist the puppy face. You glanced over at the clock: 3:00 am. Your eyes hadn’t even closed since you laid down, but Keanu was fast asleep next to you. The lamp next to your side of the bed was on, because you were scared and also because Keanu doesn’t like the dark anyways. Your eyes darted around the room, making sure that no demonic activity was taking place around you. Stupid puppy face.

     Suddenly, you heard what sounded like the front door opening and closing from down stairs, and you sat straight up. Maybe it was just my imagination, you thought as silence took over once again. But, when you heard the small sound of someone bumping into something, you knew you weren’t hearing things. Your arm flew to hit Keanu, who was laying on his stomach. He groaned, both in pain and that you woke him up. “Keanu,” you whispered, “Keanu wake up!”

     He hummed, leaning on his elbows, “What?” His voice was thick and raspy with sleep, but you had no time to think about how sexy he is.

     “I heard a noise,” you muttered, staying alert for it to happen again.

     “Baby,” Keanu said, grabbing your arm, “you’re just freaked out from the movie. C’mere, nothing’s going to hap-” He was cut off by a loud crash from downstairs, and now Keanu sat up next to you. The two of you looked at each other, terrified at what you had just heard. “Fuck,” he whispered, “that means I have to go check it out.” Keanu slowly pushed the covers off of him, making his way to the door. He flipped on the lights for you, and you would’ve smiled at the sweet gesture if you didn’t think you were going to die.

     “Keanu! Shouldn’t you bring a bat or something?” You whisper yelled, but Keanu shook his head.

     “What if it’s just another crazy stalker that broke in? I’m not going to hit a girl!” His volume matched yours, and he opened the door slowly. Once he had walked out, you held your breath, biting at your fingernails. You could picture him tip toeing down the stairs, looking around the room. Your hands shook, and you could feel tears starting to pool in your eyes.

     “What the fuck?” You heard Keanu yell, and you were on your feet, sprinting down the stairs to see if he needed help. Once you reached the bottom of the staircase, you noticed that the light in the kitchen was on. You could hear Keanu’s voice speaking softly to someone or something, and you tip toed over to the kitchen.

     “Keanu, what’s going-” You gasped in shock when you saw who Keanu was talking to. There sat River Phoenix, your best friend, in front of your refrigerator. You breathed a sigh of relief, at least it wasn’t a demon.

     “Heyyyyyy Y/N!” River slurred, “how’s it going?”

     Oh god, he was so drunk. “Riv, you gave me a heart attack! What the hell are you doing here?”

     “Well,” River said, pouting. “I was hungry, but I lost my key, and Keany told me where you keep yours, sooooooo I came in to get some food!”

     “Jesus Christ, River. It’s nearly four in the morning!” Keanu said with a laugh, not believing the situation the three of you were in.

     “Yeah, I know, but I drank a looooooooot of vodka,” River said, his eyes widening, “a lot of vodka.”

     You and Keanu sighed. “Do you have any idea where your keys are? What about your brother and your sisters? Why didn’t you call any of us?” You said, crossing your arms over your chest.

     “I’m sorrryyy Y/N, I just-” he hiccuped, “I just wanted a snack.” River pouted again, looking up at the two of you. “Can I stay?”

     “Of course, Riv. C’mon,” Keanu said, helping his best friend to his feet. He began leading River over to the couch, but he started whining. “What?”

     “Can I sleep in bed with you guys?” 

     Keanu looked over at you, and you sighed. “Fine. You’re lucky we like you.”

     “Yaaaayyy! Thanks mom and dad!” River cheered, and you walked over to help carry River up the stairs. The three of you made it to the bedroom, and you and Keanu plopped him down on the bed. River laid at the edge of the bed with his legs hanging off, staring up at the ceiling. You and Keanu got back into bed, adjusting yourselves so you didn’t touch River. After a few minutes, you felt River crawling up the bed, getting right in the middle of you two. “Goodnight, I love you guys!”

     “We love you too, River,” Keanu mumbled sleepily, but River was already passed out.

     “Hey Keanu?” You called out.


     “You have to take care of him in the morning.”

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