Winter is my least favorite season, and while these photos may look beautiful, they are the reason why.
If you’re actually there on the beach in these scenes, it’s cold and the wind is relentless and incredibly salty.

These same places in summer versus now in winter look drastically different; the third through sixth picture show places that, in summer, are completely covered in sand yards further out into the water than the rocks are going now.

The beach in the third photo is about 110 feet/33.5 meters from the dark rocks in the foreground to the water. In the summer that’s more like 180 feet/55 meters. And all nice soft sand.

But it’s not all bad. The last two photos you can see a cliff of sand in - normally the sand is that height all the way out to the water. The winter uncovered those rocks and made that nice little pool that everyone is frolicking in.

The waves also uncovered something that hasn’t seen the light of day in about thirty years… which you will all get to see right here~