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Hi!! Congrats on the blog 😄 Could I please request some late night texting headcanons between Kirishima and his s/o? Do they use stickers? Who falls asleep first? That kinda stuff :3

Sure thing :3 and thank you ^^

Sorry the first post was so messy!


•Kirishima is a rapid texter, he often makes typos and errors alongside acronyms (ttyl/ily/brb)

•He is the type to spam text because he’s too impatient to type it all out at once

•He likes to send emoji’s and stickers whenever possible because it better shows emotion

•Is not afraid to send selfies after a work out or before bed or after a shower (his S/O doesn’t complain about it)

•Low key anxious if his s/o doesn’t reply fast enough

•High key panics when he sees the three dots and they disappear

•Sends tons of pictures, even captions them at times

•Will stay up till four am messaging his S/O because he adores them

•Probably sends lots of pictures of dogs (s/o returns with more dog pictures)

•C o m p l I m e n t S

•“You can sleep if you wanna” “you don’t have to stay up w/ me” “you need your sleep, though you’re already beautiful enough!”

•Falls asleep hugging his phone because he misses his S/o

•“I’m sorry i fELL ASLEEP LAST NIGHT” (“Kiri your fine stop apologizing”)

Can we just agree that:

Kat and Elijah’s children would have:

  •  Excellent hair

from both their Petrova ^

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and Mikaelson genes

  • They’d be impeccably dressed
  • They’d inherently walk like runway models 
  • They’d be highly skilled in combat and have a wicked sense of survival
  • They’d be charming

and adorable

But sassy beyond belief

  • and most probably bilingual

(None of the gifs are mine)