i still have to answer an ask abt hal’s relations with the rest of flashfam (idk why i keep procrastinating on it so bad, probably bc i know ill have to attach some panels and im just so!!!!) but yeah never 4get that hal is a part of flashfam, he’s also a part of arrowfam and he has people who love him and want to see him safe n happy, NEVER FORGET THAT… EVEN THO HE MIGHT NOT BE AWARE OF THAT HIMSELF…. im emo…. and im going to sleep tbh…

ok so there is this Girl right…… she’s so cool she’s such a Cool Girl but she’s also like #confirmed bi and like??? we hung out the other week???? and we’re getting breakfast again tomorrow???????? i’m so Gay 4 her how am i supposed 2 know if this is a Gay Thing or are we just gal pals??? ????? ??????????????????????????? 


Kesha’s rapist, Dr. Luke proves once again that he’s as evil as Kesha says. What kind of monster controls and manipulates someone like this? She just wants freedom and to do what she loves most. Write music and perform! #FreeKesha


d i n o s a you are a dinosaur!

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[When I was in fifth grade, my teacher told me that boys were just inherently better at math than girls and that I shouldn’t even try studying science or math. That same year Star Trek: Voyager premiered. Seeing Janeway, B'Elanna, Kes, and Seven all working in science and engineering helped inspire me to keep pursuing my dream of being a scientist. Today I’m an astrophysicist.]