Kes Fashion Project

12. Purple (Time and Again, The Cloud, Eye of the Needle, Prime Factors, Cathexis, The 37’s, Projections)
11. Earth Tones (Meld, Deadlock, Tuvix, The Chute, Sacred Ground, Warlord, The Q & the Grey, Coda)

Okay, it’s time to talk about the Kes specific fashion aesthetic. With few exceptions (most of which I’ve already posted but towards the end she has a couple jumpsuits that fall outside it) Kes wears layered minidresses over tights, the cutouts and crinkly fabric in the second set of caps above are also fairly consistent to her looks. 

I love it. Kes is probably the Trek character whose fashion choices most closely resemble my own personal ‘character design’ (Kira’s casual outfits are the only others in the running and they are also made up of layers in different textiles).

Kes resembles Tinker Bell: 

I might even say modern Tink resembles Kes:

Layers, tights, asymmetrical cuts, textured fabrics, blended colors. 2008 Tink’s personality shares a lot with Kes, too (where she is nothing like 1953 Tink). Is it a stretch to imagine the people behind Disney Fairies were secret early Voyager fans? Of course. But wouldn’t it be something? 

The purple outfit (12) is much more structured (so stiff that top!) than any of her others which is why I ranked it lower – also it’s a solid color which I think of as “less Kes”. I love the cut of the Earth tones (11) but the colors read a little dusty, like the film on a peach past its prime. And those colors + the softness push it almost over the “clothes that look more like pajamas than something you wear out” line. 

hahahah cuando tenia 14 años me regalaron mi primera cámara fotográfica digital, tenia 4 megapixeles y la marca era como “premier” algo así (aún la conservo) apenas me la regalaron fui a la pieza a tomarme mi primer autoretrato, usaba aritos de perlas.

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Pop Stars as Pokemon Types
  • Lady Gaga:Dragon/ Ice; fierce and elegant
  • Katy Perry:Dark/ Fairy; evil and pretty
  • Britney Spears:Steel/ Normal; autotuned and cute
  • Ke$ha:Fighting/ Electric; rough and electronic
  • Miley Cyrus:Poison/ Rock; nasty and bold
  • Beyonce:Water/ Psychic; pure and hypnotic
  • Mariah Carey:Ghost/ Flying; shady and soaring
  • Madonna:Ground / Dragon; fossilized and legendary
  • Marina and the Diamonds:Rock/ Fairy; crystal and dainty
  • Sia:Dark/ Bug; mysterious and infectious
  • Taylor Swift:Grass/ Fire; humble and blazing
  • Cher:Psychic/ Ghost; unpredictable and ancient