i miss tylers comforting tweets to stay alive and to keep going 


{ ✍ } ~ ooc;; You ever have that moment when plotting a fanfic

{ ✍ } ~ ooc;; You’ve at least considered the beginning and the end. It’s gonna have a happy ending, if not a little bittersweet. You run with that.
And as you get more done the ending suddenly turns into soul-crushing angst.

Or is that just me.

DAMN RIGHT THOUGH. UUUGH. He doesn’t deserve you, hon.
—  i know, believe me i used may to attempt to move on and it was getting all right and our friendship was rebuilding which i was happy with and then this shit happens

We’ve gone three seasons now with Sarah, Rachel, Alison, Cosima, and Helena and somehow they’re all still alive and yea I want more of Tony and Krystal and yes I was saddened by the deaths of clones we didn’t really get a chance to know

But the thought of any of those main five dying *terrifies* me and it feels inevitable at this point because they’ve been with us for so long now and avoided death and danger so many times

tbh i love kendall and kylie i think they’re both really pretty and i hope to god they get away from that family and kick it with caitlyn and i hope kylie leaves tyga’s ass and writes a memoir about what her life was like when she’s in her thirties or forties and she’s doing her thing and happy and is being a good aunty to north