staticcatfishrp  asked:

aight friend, I'll deliver -- for the CrimeAU, what are near death situations that Pacifica and Dipper have run into? Are they ones they've tried to hid from the other? (also imagine the "i thought you died but thank god you're alive" makeouts after)

Sorry this took so long but GEEZ I’m really bad at things, I’m sorry!

Okay so they run into a lot of these? For really obvious reasons. I mean…There’s just…There’s a lot, really. They don’t hide anything from each other. Like seriously they share everything. If there was a near death experience and Dipper didn’t tell her she’d lose her shit. But that’s got NOTHING on if Dipper found out. The sociopath would just kind of…lose it. And he’d swear revenge…And there’d be lots of death.


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