“Arendelle is indebted to you, Your Highness.”

Let’s take a look at Hans’ smile here as this woman says this to him. This here was the moment that sold me on Hans being a benevolent prince. He leans down, looks this woman in the eye, and smiles despite the terrible state Arendelle is in.

That smile is genuine.

For the first time in his life, Hans has responsibilities over a kingdom. He has the chance to show people that he’s more than willing and more than able to be a ruler. He’s grateful for this opportunity, and he seizes every moment he is given as he looks over Arendelle. He wants to do well.

This is why Hans shouldn’t be dismissed as just a “douchebag” or just plain “evil.” This smile shows just how happy he is to be fulfilling his dream.

Hans is far more complex than these simple labels people have given him.