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Listen up everyone (that's everyone who loves music)

As a 1D blog with mostly 1D fans following me I realise that many people are currently supporting Zedd and Liam with their new song. But as you might have noticed Kesha also released a new song called Praying today. @thosedamnbears said the following thing that got me thinking: “I wish she had fans like the larries, she’s an artist who could use a project like we do!”. And she was absolutely right. As fans of 1D/Larries we accomplish a lot in our own bubble, which is fantastic.

Now I was thinking maybe we could everyone together to support Kesha and start of a new part of her career with a bang. This would involve many people buying her song and if possible stream it as well. I’m not necessarily organizing a project, but I’m calling to everyone who loves music to support her. This goes beyond the Larries and even beyond 1D fans.

I think if anyone unrelated to 1D deserves some support it’s Kesha. So please go and listen and download her song.

P.S. I hope Liam/1D fans won’t think I’m trying to sabotage the success of Get Low. I love the song and will support it as best as I can. But I think our fandom and the music industry are big enough to give attention to 2 songs.

P.P.S. If you’re not able/don’t want to listen to the song. At least try sharing it on social media this will also help a lot. Anything you can do is fine. Chose whatever works for you

P.P.P.S I’m on mobile, so sorry for the ugly links



Love and equality meet rock ‘n’ roll in the space where joy — generated by noise, outrageous pleasure, dancing, and voices raised together — overcomes judgment. In this decade, women pop stars have often created that space. Some, like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, have made explicitly political moves; others, like Rihanna and Kesha herself, simply showed what personal freedom looks like now. Even in a year when women’s dominance in pop has diminished somewhat (a swerve being corrected by Cardi B’s emergence and the polarizing return of Taylor Swift), pop’s women are today’s rock stars, pushing limits and redefining moral codes.

Kesha Annihilates Authenticity

Photo: Courtesy of Jason Myers

We’re the Losers


  1. Losers by Chosen Jacobs
  2. Flares by The Script
  3. C'Mon by Ke$ha 
  4. The Kids Aren’t Alright by Fall Out Boy
  5. Wild Things by Alessia Cara
  6. Hall of Fame by The Script
  7. Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley
  8. Secret by The Pierces
  9. Home by Phillip Phillips

Kesha - Praying

All I have to say is wow. what a comeback.