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passionfruita  asked:

can i ask why it's interesting that perez hilton went 'soft' on louis? (talking about diggingandfluff's post) sorry just trying to keep up.

Perez Hilton is, for luck of a better word, a total cunt

His website is synonymous with childish insults, slander, forced outings and petty vendettas and he he has had SO many celebrity feuds it would be impossible to cover them all, so for the purpose of this example, I’m just going to focus on one celebrity - Ke$ha. 

In March of 2010, Perez mouthed off about Ke$ha to MTV

“On Twitter, there was a trending topic started by me, ‘#KeshaWho,’ because I’m over Ke$ha. […] Ke$ha is a trash-talking train wreck.”

“She upsets me. I love Ke$ha’s music, but I don’t like her. I hate the stupid dollar sign in her name. I hate the stupid nose ring. I hate the stupid makeup. I hate the fact that she looks like she smells and never showers,” Hilton said. 

A few months of take-down articles later, Perez gleefully posted sexually graphic leaked nudes of Ke$ha on his website 

Three months later, after a string of gay teenagers committed suicide, Perez went on Ellen, pledging to run a kinder website, so he could be a better role model.  

That promise didn’t last, and a year and a half later, Perez was back to victimising Ke$ha again:

And again, months later responded to her TV show which included an episode on the incident with

Again, only a few short months later, Perez announced he was once again giving himself a moral makeover, this time because he had a child and wanted to set a better example for him. 

So far, the webside has been moderately better behaved, but in September of this year, it posted the full nudes of Jennifer Lawrence after the cloud leak. He later apologised and removed the images, after a huge public backlash, but when Jennifer Lawrence refused to accept his apology, he posted a video on youtube literally saying both "fuck you“ and ”I’m sorry“ to her.

Keep in mind that this is the man who tweeted an upskirt photo of underage Miley Cyrus, and who ran a year long outing campaign against Neil Patrick Harris (along with similar efforts directed towards Lance Bass, Wentworth Miller, Queen Latifa, Jodie Foster, Kevin Spacey etc).

All up, he seems like a guy who has massive douchebag tendencies, and who has no fucking clue where the line is, but has been trying (unsuccessfully) to keep himself in check for the last few years. 

So, keeping all of this in mind, you should all be completely shocked that the article responding to Louis’ tweets is so neutral, especially given there are two different ways Perez could have chose to drag Louis, first, to out him as gay, or second to tear him to pieces for acting homophobic. His mildness is wildly out of character for him.