ke$ha lyric

You said that I was done
Well, you were wrong and now the best is yet to come
‘Cause I can make it on my own
And I don’t need you, I found a strength I’ve never known
I’ve been thrown out, I’ve been burned
When I’m finished, they won’t even know your name.

‘Praying’ by Kesha Rose Sebert

Nothing but immense respect for this woman. Buy Praying on ITunes.

I hope you’re somewhere praying, praying
I hope your soul is changing, changing
I hope you find your peace
Falling on your knees, praying

Oh, sometimes, I pray for you at night
Oh, someday, maybe you’ll see the light
Oh, some say, in life you gonna get what you give
But some things, only God can forgive

When I reached a point where I could sincerely say these things about the person who hurt me most, I understood the Atonement better. Listening to this song for the first time was legitimately a spiritual experience for me. 


Ke$ha- Praying (Live)

anonymous asked:

u know that Iconique ke$ha lyric "before i leave brush my teeth with a bottle of jack"? one time poison tried to do that but he messed it up real bad and did it first thing in the morning after waking up and it was Too Early For That Taste On A Toothbrush and he just. immediately puked. jet watched it happen, thought about stopping him, and then was like "nah he needs to learn for himself",, it was at like 8 in the morning and poison literally sulked about it for the rest of the day