ke$ha gif icons

hi everyone! recently i hit a huge milestone and in honor of that, and to say a massive thank you, i’ve made 60+ icons! Mostly wanna one but also includes some Sewoon, MXM and JBJ icons. Feel free to use but please like/reblog this post if you do, and hmu if you want different colours! Thank you so much again, I love you all ♡

you can find them here


“They are both passionate, they both will live and die for the ones they care about, the ones they love. They are family oriented; they’re strong and loving and they are actually very, very similar characters in many ways.”

                                            - Dominic Sherwood


I’ve been locked in a dungeon and a jewellery box. I’ve been engaged to my eleven year old cousin. I spent the better part of two years in the same outfit. I am getting my happy ending!