and he didn’t. even though he had to choke back the words on his tongue,
    he knew it was for the better. sirius just stared at him, silently, for he knew
    what they both did, and no words were needed. a weak smile played around
    his lips, but it soon died. they had nothing to say and nothing to smile at but
    still he felt fine, safe almost.

His hand moved to rest on Sirius’s shoulder and even though there
were no words to be said, his touch was sorely needed. The comfort
of the man in front of him that it would be okay

Without even thinking about it, his head fell forward onto his friends’
shoulder. Heaving what he would describe as a dry sob because they
had been so close to death barely moments ago, if it hadn’t been for
Peter’s warning––

“If I was a betting man, I was sure we weren’t going to get through
 that fight…”