kds i give up

anonymous asked:

1)Hi. Im just here to thanks you and other blogs who always update us with your thought and opinion. I've been KD shipper for years and 4/1 seriously break my heart. But i try to be positive about it but its hard you know.

2) I nearly give up on KD but you guys make me see light again. I am so glad to know that there are someone out there who believe in KD.

3)They are so cute together and I’m so determined to go all out supporting their love (5 years omg) if they indeed together.

Hey anon,

I’m happy to hear another KD shipper is not leaving the fandom. Just remember that KD kfans are still going strong and I think we should too. 5 years is indeed very long. I’m squealing every time I thought of KD being together for 5 years T.T

So here’s a mini spam of KD staring at each other (more like JI staring at his jagi). I hope it makes you smile :))

Special ksoo’s bare legs for yall!