kdrama: i hear your voice

“I know how everyone is going on about how good Pinocchio and W was and comparing them but I think some people are forgetting the first, real ORIGINAL gem that started it all: I Hear Your Voice people! If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s one of the first projects that lee Jong suk did as a lead and lemme tell you; it has everything you are possibly looking for: romance, action, suspense, and a little bit of fantasy. This was the drama where I just KNEW that LJS was gonna go BIG in Korea.”


I know why you’re nervous. That’s why I know why you were always preparing for when I’m gone. But even when that time comes, I’m not worried. Even after 10 years had passed, I still recognized you. Even after I lost my memory and even after I had erased you, I loved you again. Even if another 10 years pass, if I lose my memory again, or even when that time comes. I’m going to find you and love you again.

Noona Romances

Inspired by a shared love of Dalja’s Spring (and now Witch’s Romance), here’s a list off the top of my head of some of my favorite (and some just pretty good) noona romances in Dramaland.

  • Dalja’s Spring - my favorite noona romance. It has one of the more believable relationships I’ve seen in a kdrama, while still being filled with tons of fun fantasy sequences and even my second favorite drama trope, the contract marriage/relationship.
  • What’s Up Fox? - my second favorite noona romance. I love how it deals with the realities of dating a significantly younger man. Also I just enjoyed the main pairing, because it actually felt kind of believable, which is not something I often feel in a lot of other noona romances.
  • I Hear Your Voice - just a fun show in general, but most delightful because it totally shatters the poor young lamb’s infatuated vision of how this woman he’s loved for so long must be like (because she’s, y'know, a real person, who farts and burps and is messy)
  • The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry - loved this drama more for the friendship between the women, but man, I wouldn’t mind a Kim Bum of my own.
  • Biscuit Star Candy Teacher - an oldie, but still delightful (a young Gong Yoo!). Not at the top of my list, but a respectable middle-of-the-road.
  • Flower Boy Ramyun Shop - I think of this as the poor man’s cable version of Biscuit Star Candy Teacher. It’s fun, but forgettable. (But it’s got some nice kisses, because, y'know, cable – although nothing like Witch’s Romance. *fans self*)
  • I Need Romance 3 - I had issues with this drama in certain parts, but Sung Joon will forever be my noona puppy.
  • Baby-faced Beauty - this is a slightly weird one, because everyone thinks she’s younger than she really is at first, but the chemistry between Daniel Choi and Jang Na Ra is a delight.
  • I Do, I Do - a slightly disappointing drama in terms of pacing, but I still really enjoyed it.
  • Let’s Eat - the romance is super-duper low key (nearly non-existent until the end *sob*), but I still love this OTP to bits.

I’ve heard good things about Secret Love Affair, which is airing right now. I personally am not watching it, but I’m just adding it so you’re aware of it.

If anyone else knows of any other kdrama noona romances, please let me know! Because obviously I’m a fan. ^_^

(List created for vaginapillow and anyone else who’s curious.)