kdrama: heartless city


Kdrama kisses

EP. 20 “ENDING” TRANSLATION HyungMin’s car, coming from far away. Parks next to a car that has already been parked. HyungMin gets out of the car and walks toward…the door opens ShiHyun gets out of the car with one arm bandanged HM: As you requested, Min Hong Ki died by Doctor’s Son. I’m Sorry SH: No…Thank You. HM: (Smiling) Lee Jin Sook, SooMin..they think you died SH: (Hurt) HM: Do you have to leave? SH: If I stay…Both of them will not be able to be happy. HyungMin, gives a plane ticket and passport to ShiHyun HM: Passport. Ticket… SH: (Receives and holds onto them) HM: Do not worry. Your name, age, it is all changed. SH: The new name…(smiles) Jung Hyun Soo…Thank You. HM: Are you not going to come back? SH: …Be well. Ji Hyung Min. HM: … SH: … When HM has his hand out for a handshake SH shakes hands after switching to his left hand, due to the bandaged hand Both get in their cars. From far away a plane is seen departing into the sky. Credit to jina_bing_bang@Soompi for the translation 
So this was supposed to be the ending we get. I don’t understand why they cut out such a crucial scene which could have kept the viewers from questioning if SH dies or is still alive. Cutting this scene and giving us that scene after the credits was just plain cruel. It’s good to know that according to the script SH is still alive although Paksa dies (well he has too seeing as he’s being wanted by the cops and killed CJ). It’s a pity that we don’t get to see a happy ending for our OTP but on the other hand I love how SH treasures his friendship with Soo that he kept Soo’s name along with his family name. Bromance for live!