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“I suppose it looks reckless, of course. One eggshell, such a trivial thing, will probably just shatter on the boulder. However, no matter how strong a boulder is, it’s dead. While no matter how weak an egg is, its alive. As time passes, a boulder will break and become sand, but someday a chick will hatch from an egg and step on that sand.”


#kdramawomensweek: day 7 // so goodbye

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Ueno Rie’s last scene was beautiful and possibly one of the best endings for a character in any drama I’ve seen. She finally reclaims her identity and her name that she had pushed away for so long. Hearing her say her Korean name to Katsuyama was beautiful because you know what she’s gone through to get to that point. We don’t know where she’s going and I’m not sure she even knows where she’s going, but there’s something really nice in that uncertainty and I think we can trust that she’ll be okay now. 

“I will never forget your name.”


Bridal Mask: Favorite moments

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The moment when a fan meets his idol for the 1st time

skfmyers  asked:

Me again! Yes, I would like specific rec's. I'm a huge fan of historical period pieces, so if you have suggestions for the never-watched-anything before newbie, I'd be very grateful!

You should see my excited face as this is my favorite genre and I get to blab about it :P

All of the below are available on either viki, hulu or dramafever subbed. I am going to limit myself to 10 recs and try to keep it to dramas that are not humongously long - under 30 eps. Also, to me period is anything prior to WW2 :)

No order.

1 Legend/The First King’s Four Gods (2007, 24 episodes) - at one time, this was my favorite Korean drama and it’s still in Top 3. It’s a fantasy period epic centered around a real king but involving magical powers that can end the world and the hero’s quest to prove himself and survive the intrigues of the court. It has the BEST interpersonal relationships, politics, tragic villains, and epic battles to save the world. It was ridiculously expensive to make and it shows - it looks like a million bucks. The first couple eps are slow going as they are a backstory (and ep 1, which is a backstory to the backstory has somewhat dated CGI), but I defy anyone not to fall in love by ep 5.  It is heroic fantasy that never forgets its characters and relationships in going for big battles and it is a character study that never forgets adrenaline and eye-popping visuals in its depiction of complicated people. It has romance, battles, humor, strong women, amazing men, and arguably my favorite drama hero of all time. Oh, and the heroine - a hard-drinking archer who becomes the hero’s best friend - is definitely my favorite heroine of all time. And oh, the gorgeous understatedness of the OTP!

You will like if: you like epic fantasy.

Hard to find a general MV so have a snippy one: 


2 Faith/The Great Doctor (2012, 24 episodes) - posted about this recently. Another fantasy x period drama hybrid which takes a real individual and builds a fantasy story around it. Our heroine is a materialistic modern plastic surgeon. Our hero is Choi Young, a real life 13th century warrior/general. He is tasked with bringing the puppet Korean king back from China but the Queen is wounded on the way and he goes through a time-travelling magic portal to find someone to save her - he lands in modern Seoul and, as you’ve figured out, the heroine is the one he drags back with him. It’s a gorgeous gorgeous love story which also has cool fights and awesome secondary characters, plus a dollop of politics, but the focus is firmly on the love story between our pragmatic heroine and Choi Young, who basically just wants to die when the story starts - he serves masters who have no honor, feels he has nothing and no one to live for. The love story starts slow but payoff is way worth it.



You will like if: you like period romances.

3 Gaksital/Bridal Mask (2012, 28 episodes). Set in 1930s Korea during the Japanese occupation, this follows a Korean who is working for the Japanese as a police officer catching ‘rebels’ and other ‘malcontents’ and how he slowly transforms into a masked vigilante hunting the Japanese. It was a smash hit for a very good reason - it has cool action and really complicated interpersonal relationships, and the whole story is anchored by the pretty complicated/messed-up lead character. Also if you like your romances dysfunctional, this is for you.



You will like if: you like period superhero stories with comic book sensibility and a dark side.

4 The Three Musketeers (2014, 12 episodes) - a very loose reimagining of the Dumas story set in period Korea. Our two main protagonists are a rookie officer (think d’Artagnan) and a sardonic, complicated Crown Prince (a take on Athos that I like more than the original, tbh). Together with 2 other musketeers they thwart conspiracies etc. There is an awesome love story too, even if it’s secondary.

MV (I could only find one about the quasi love quadrangle, sorry):


You will like if: you like a smart, funny, tense adventure story.

5 The Princess’ Man (2011, 24 episodes). The gorgeous period romance about star-crossed and almost-doomed lovers. I mean, they were hopeless even before her father massacred his entire family and overthrew his King, not to mention did his level best to murder him. Our heroine is all steel integrity but I especially adore the hero, who goes from laid-back, funny intellectual to a feral wreck to a functional and determined (though still way messed up) leader.



You will like it if: you like period love stories with a smattering of politics and revenge.

6  Arang and the Magistrate (2012, 20 episodes). Fantasy-horror-romance about a lady ghost seeking answers about her death and a ghost-seeing magistrate.



You will like it if: you like period supernatural mystery romance with ridiculously pretty people.

7 The Slave Hunters/Chuno (2010, 24 episodes) - my husband watched and loved that one and he never watches dramas. This one revolves around three people - a former aristocrat fallen on hard times who now makes his living hunting slaves, a high-ranking general convicted of a crime he did not commit and turned into a slave (my favorite drama hero of all time btw), and a noblewoman who is actually a runaway slave. The story is set in motion when the former general goes on the run to save the son of his dead prince, and his fate tangles with the other two main characters. It’s probably one of the smartest, best acted dramas out there and one that actually focuses on the dispossessed.



You will like it if: you like dramas discussing social issues, awesome fights, incredible characters, dudes with abs.

8 Empress Ki (2013, 51 episodes) - about the life of the title character or, more specifically, how a Korean tribute woman becomes a Yuan empress. There is a love triangle between her, a Korean king and the Yuan emperor. Most of the fandom went for the latter, btw. It’s the only long one on the list, but it’s worth it.

MV for my otp:


You will like it if: you like awesome heroines, palace intrigue and pretty angsty men.

9. Hong Gil Dong (2008, 24 episodes) - the only other drama my husband has ever watched, this is a Korean take on Robin Hood. It’s deliberately anachronistic (hero wears sunglasses) and has slapstick bits that remind me of Stephen Chow movies, but it gets more and more serious and awesome as it goes on.



You will like it if: you like Robin Hood, tongue-in-cheek humor, heartbreak.

10. Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010, 20 episodes)

An adorable delight about a girl who cross-dresses to attend a University and her adventures and romance. It’s pretty and smart and funny and romantic and I kinda have a crush on the hero who thinks he is falling for a man.



You will like it if: you like light-hearted and optimistic stories with cross-dressing, love and friendship.


“It was like he was my younger brother and I felt like protecting him. However, once we started filming, I always admired how he totally changed. That’s how good an actor he is. Once filming ends, he immediately turned back into a cute child.”

- Jin Se Yeon about Joo Won )


Joo Won as Gaksital / Gangto / Sato Hiroshi.

This drama is no doubt one of the best k-drama I have ever seen. Watching it constantly put me on the edge of my seat since it is very emotionally draining and the roller-coaster ride that drama gave me is simply unforgettable. Until today, I have yet to find a drama that could give me that kind of excitement again. ;_;