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Korean dramas totally changed my views on skinship/physical contact. If we are not in love, I see no reason why you should be holding my hand, hugging me let alone kissing me. bye. 

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What is the name of drama that shows in your home background? They kissed with petals of rose around them.

I don’t keep any statistics but this is without a doubt the most frequent question I get - I always find 2-3 in my inbox each month. No wonder, since the swoonworthy level of that kiss is epic.

It’s a kiss between Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ji Won from Empress Ki, the end of episode 21.

I wonder if K-actors ever watch their dramas and feel what we feel. 

Like has Lee Joon Gi ever gotten the chance to watch Scarlet Heart; did he cry or almost break his screen? 

Or has Gong Yoo watched Goblin and felt the rollercoaster of emotions that came along with it? 

Did Soong Joong Ki ever watch DOTS and have hypertension when everyone thought he died? 

What of Lee Sung Kyung & Nam Joo Hyuk, have they gotten the chance to sit down to watch WLFKBJ and think “we invented love” “every girl out there needs a Joon young”

Has Park Hyungsik watched SWDBS yet and realised that he’s the sweetest and most beautiful man on the planet?

(anyone that feels like keeping this going, can)


ALERT TO SAGEUK GEEKS - JOO WON IS WEARING JI CHANG WOOK’S IMPERIAL WARDROBE FOR HIS CHINA STAY. And even the extras in the chinese scenes are wearing the armor and costumes from Empress Ki.

I think this must be some sort of occupational disease because I can recognize pretty much every location My Sassy Girl uses from other shows - Moon Lovers, Faith, Jang Ok Jung,… - it has become a sort of a game for me to recognize them and the costumes. This happens when you reach a point in your life where you’ve seen one too many sageuk drama. Anyway, now I’m tempted to re-watch Empress Ki again and gush over Baby Emperor’s bishie handsomeness and his undying love for Nyang.


“ Just promise me one thing , never think of helping me. The pain of you entering a dangerous situation is even worse than death.” - Wang Yoo (insp.)


#kdramawomensweek Day 7 - So Goodbye: Ki Seung Nyang (Empress Ki)

“From now on, I will go on with my own path. I will have my own way of revenge towards the people who killed my late father, my child, and my friends.”

Okay, it’s been, like, 2 years since I watched this so my memory of the entire drama isn’t at its best. What I definitely do remember though is Seung Nyang experiencing tumultuous times throughout 50 episodes and she’s had to shed her original identity to exact vengeance for all she’s went through. The above quote is a perfect summary of Seung Nyang’s resolve. After disappearing for a bit, her return hardened her into a woman who became a key chess player in palace politics and she ultimately worked her way up on her own until it no longer became just about revenge but to secure her son’s position on the throne.