My 2012 Favorite Korean Drama's

So 2012 is officially over!

But here’s my TOP 3 favorite Korean Drama’s for 2012!!  A must watch! :)

1. A Gentleman’s Dignity  

- At first I was hesitant to watch this drama because of the impression of the older men actors (Ahjussi) and thought that it was purely a comedy drama. However my impressions are completely wrong!! I realize that it’s all about friendship, love, decisions and NOT-YOUR-TYPICAL-AHJUSSI they are HOT AHJUSSI!!!. These hot ahjussi make me realize that they can still be cute, handsome and charismatic in the age of 40! Well believe me!! 

2. Reply 1997 

- I love the story of Reply 1997! It’s all about ULTIMATE FAN GIRLING MODE until the end and Friendship Also, I love the twist of Shiwon and YoonJe love story that makes me finish the drama until the end.  

3. Full House Take 2 

- It’s a completely different from the original Korean Drama “FULL HOUSE” I know nothing beats the original cast and story. But the Full House 2 Team pull-out the best they can. Everything end so well and nice with the different scenario but what matters most is Tae Ik and Jang Man start to fell inlove in the house with the same concept of Full House.