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bts au [1/ ]

kim taehyung as the goblin 
jeon jungkook as the goblin’s bride
jung hoseok as the grim reaper’s lover
park jimin as the grim reaper

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We Have a Wedding To Plan

Can you do a Nam Joo Hyuk scenario where you get into fight and you walk out and he runs after you (Cliché but this is my type of angst 😹)

Requested by: @blood-sweat-and-taes

Type: Angsty/fluffy

I’m so sorry it took me so long. I explained a bit why in one of my last announcement. But mainly because I’ve been writing it over and over again. Every time I was happy with the result but I think this time is the right one!

I really hope this was what you wanted. 


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-GIF isn’t mine-  is he even real

You liked being silly. You were only acting “normal”, serious when you needed to be. But majority of the time, you didn’t care what people thought about you. This is one of the first thing, Joohyuk noticed when you guys first met. 

You were both invited to a party. He didn’t really notice you at first, he was only paying attention to the people he knew. But you being you, you were jumping and laughing every seconds. You don’t really hold back when you laugh. 

It was the second time he heard this laugh, your laugh. He was looking around the place without really knowing where it came from. And then, he heard it again and he knew it was your laugh. At first, he thought you were annoying and too loud. But he kept looking at you, he was curious to know what made you laugh this loud. 

You didn’t notice that someone was observing you. You were just enjoying the conversation you were having with your friends. At some point, you needed to refill your drink and you were starting to be a little bit hungry. You started to turn around to localize the food and drinks. This is when you noticed that he was looking at you. When you looked back, he immediately looked away. You didn’t really pay attention to it. You knew people looked at you because you were considered as “a weird and loud person”. You didn’t mind, you were used to it.

This is when you caught him looking at you for the third or fourth time that you started to really think about it. Why was he looking at you, you knew you were loud but not that loud. You started to feel a little bit self-conscious. You weren’t used to it. Whenever someone was looking at you, you would just brush it off and keep having fun.

But this time, something was different.

This happened seven years ago. At some point, a friend introduced you two and you started to have a small talk. 

Who knew a small talk could lead you to a relationship. You’ve been friend since this party and started dating a couple of months later. 

Your laugh was one of his favorite things. It was loud but real and honest. You weren’t trying to hide it. 

“What do you want to do this weekend?” Joohyuk suddenly asks. You were hanging out at your place. You both had a free day but you both decided to have a cozy and relaxing day at your place.

“I don’t really know, are you free all weekend?” you ask, looking at him.

“I’m actually free. We haven’t been able to spend a lot of time together so I just thought that we could go on a date or something” he answers, looking back at you.

“Sure. Why not, I really want to do something with you” you happily say, smiling.

“I missed you” he quickly answers before leaving a sweet kiss on my lips. 

Turns out that you got engaged this weekend. He had planned a cute but simple date. You knew he was nervous about something and obviously whenever you asked what was wrong he didn’t answer. 

You decided to brush it off but you were still thinking about it. It was on your way back home that he “randomly” wanted to go for a walk in the park in front of your place. And this is when and where it happened. 

His parents and your parents were more than excited. It was only a few weeks later that you both decided to look for a place.

“Where do I put this box?” Joohyuk asks, looking around at your new place.

“Hum, there. I think it’s for our bedroom” you answer, smiling. 

“I like the sound of it” he whispers to you the second he put the box down.

“What are you talking about?” you giggle.

“You said ‘our bedroom’ and I like the sound of it” he explains, leaving kisses on my right cheek.

“It does sound good but you know what sounds better?” you mysteriously ask.

“Our wedding” he winks at me. “Bringing all the boxes from the car to the actual apartment” you wink, kissing his cheek.

“Do you want flowers on all the tables or not?” Joohyuk asks you. 

“I’m not sure. Don’t you think it’ll be messy?” you ask, looking back at him.

“Depends on the type of flowers we’ll pick” he explains, smiling.

“Maybe we should take care of other details first and we’ll decide later for the flowers” you say, looking at your table plans.

“Do you think we should sit your uncle and aunt next to my uncle and aunt?” you ask, pulling you hair out of your face.

“Yeah, it’s a good idea. Your aunt and my aunt met few months ago and I think it went pretty well” he says, writing your aunts and uncles’ names down.

“Now about our parents. Should we have a special table for them or are they gonna sit with us?” Joohyuk asks.

“Our table? I think it might be weird if we don’t share the same table” you yawn.

“Okay, that’s it. We’re going to bed” he suddenly says, standing up. 

“What? But we have some much more to do. We can’t just go to bed” you panic.

“Watch us” he smiles at you. 


“Y/N, there’s no but. We don’t work tomorrow, we’ll work on the rest tomorrow okay? I’m tired and I know you’re tired” he explains, carrying you to bed.

“What are you doing?” you hear Joohyuk ask. “Taking care of some details, you know about the wedding” you explain, not looking up from your list.

“Y/N, it’s six in the morning” he sighs.

“And? Six or not, we still have a lot to do” you explain. “Don’t you think you’re getting obsessed?” he asks, yawning.

“Obsessed? Well I’m sorry if I want our wedding to be perfect” you roll your eyes.

“I’m not saying that I don’t want our wedding to be perfect, I’m just saying that it’s the only thing you’re talking about these days” he explains, sitting up.

“Joohyuk, the wedding is in two months. There’s still a lot to do. I want to make sure that everything is done on time” you say, finally looking at your fiancé.

“Don’t worry about it okay? I’m here, our parents will help us if we need help and we have friends. Don’t think about it too much okay? I know you’re stressed and so am I. But we need to relax a little bit more” he whispers, gently stroking your arm. 

“I can’t believe you. How could you forgot” you start to yell.

“I’m sorry. I thought it was tomorrow morning” Joohyuk tries to explain.

“Tomorrow morning is for the flowers. Today was for the entire meal and you missed it. Do you know how ridiculous I looked?” you say, yelling..

“I’m sorry okay, we’ll reschedule it” he calmly says.

“Resche- do you even know how busy our schedule is?” you quickly ask.

“Can you just calm down? I know you’re nervous, but so am I. We’ll figure it out” he starts to yell.

It was your actual first fight as an engaged couple. Getting married was complicated for both of you. You both had complicated schedules and it wasn’t easy to match both of your schedules.

“Oh are you? If you were you would’ve been there this afternoon. It would be a chance if you even remember our wedding date” you roll your eyes.

“Do you even hear yourself?” he frowns, looking at you. “How could I forget this? Do you think it’s easy for me to ask for random free days? Do you think it’s easy for me to come back home and to find you taking care about all the details? I want to help you, but you knew from the start that my schedule wouldn’t be easy” he explains.

“Do you think it’s easy for me to take care of it by myself? I want to take care of it with you, but if you don’t pay attention to what I’m saying there’s no reason for you to help” you answer, rolling your eyes.

“You know what? Let’s cancel” he casually says.

“Cancel what?” you frown, clearly annoyed. “The wedding” he adds.

“Cause I mean if you don’t want me to help, you might not need me to be there for the wedding” he explains, leaving you alone in the living room.

“Are you being serious right now?” you frown, following him.

“Why wouldn’t I be? Do you think I would joke about it? You don’t think I’m helping when I’m trying to but all you do is asking me to sit beside you and answer your damn questions. You always ask me stupid questions like “do you think it’s okay if we pick these flowers for the tables”, “do you think it’s okay if they sit next to each other”. Who cares? If you really want to get married, our wedding will be perfect and you shouldn’t be this stressed about it” he adds, looking serious.

“Stupid questions? So everything’s related to our wedding is stupid?” you frown, crossing your arms.

“You know I hate when you do that. I say something and you misinterpret it” he angrily says.

“You didn’t answer my questions” you seriously answer.

“Do you even know how to talk? Do you only ask questions? Don’t you have anything better to do? Do you even know what a ‘conversation’ is?” he frowns, looking at you.

“Can you stop for one second” you sigh.

“No you stop for one second. For one second, you’re going to listen to me. For the past month you’ve been bossing me around, “Joohyuk can you do this”, “Joohyuk can you do that”. I’m not a pet, I’m your fiancé. Sometimes I think that we’re talking about your wedding and not ours. Do you know how shitty I feel? Do you even know? This is why, we’re going to cancel it. I can’t do this anymore and we should just take a break a little while or even more. You’ve changed and I don’t think I like this new ‘you’. You used to be so carefree, what happened to you? Where are you? Where is the Y/N I fell in love with? Does she even exist?” he explains, yelling. 

I didn’t say anything, I just looked at him trying to see if he was really serious or just messing around. Turns out, he was completely serious. 

“We’ll call our parents tomorrow. I think they should know about this little incident. We’ll talk about the wedding tomorrow okay?” he calmly adds.

How could he be so calm. He yells at you and a second later he’s so calm. You waited for him to get ready for bed. You saw him enter the bathroom and this is when you decided that you needed to leave as soon as possible. 

You couldn’t stay any longer with him. You picked a bag and started to put a clothes inside. You tried not to cry but you couldn’t. You’ve been together for seven years, you weren’t expecting him to yell at you. You knew you were both stressed out because of the wedding but it wasn’t a reason for him to just ask you to cancel everything.

“Where are you going?” you suddenly hear Joohyuk. You were putting your shoes on. You were about to leave. You knew you should’ve left without putting your shoes on. 

You didn’t bother to answer. When you were done, you picked your bag and left.

“Y/N! Where are you going?” you hear him behind you. You were about to open the staircase door when his hand caught your wrist.

“Let me go” you finally say, crying.

He didn’t let go, he simply looked at you. He saw how broken you were, how broken you were because of him. He realized how stupid he was and how could he be so mean to his fiancée. He cared a lot about you and he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. For him, you were the only one. He didn’t even think he could live with someone else. You were his world and he just broke it.

“I’m sorry. I- I don’t know why I said that. I’m so sorry” he whispers, tearing up.

He saw how broke you were and it broke him. He didn’t want to hurt you, in any way. 

“I didn’t mean for it to happen, but I understand if you want to leave. You don’t deserve to be treated like this and I don’t deserve you” he quietly says, letting your wrist go.

You looked at him and you knew he was just as broke as you. The truth is, you didn’t want to leave. You knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him. You didn’t know you were able to love someone this much. 

You didn’t say anything. You looked at him walking back into your apartment. You didn’t follow him, you just watched. You knew you needed some time alone. 

It was now three in the morning. You were still walking around the streets. You didn’t even bother to look at your phone. Maybe he tried to call you, maybe he didn’t. Either way, you needed to be alone and to clear you mind.

You needed to be alone but you needed to be alone with him. This is how you happened to come back to your building. You slowly stepped into the elevator.

You took your time before stepping out of it. You also took your time before opening your door. You took your time before removing your shoes. You looked around your place, there was no lights. As if you were by yourself.

You silently made your way to your room. You changed into comfy clothes and looked at your bed. He was there, you could see him because he didn’t bother to close the shutter. The lights from the streets were bright enough for you to admire him. 

You silently lied down next to him. You looked at him, he was frowning and you felt bad for being the reason behind it. You decided to cuddle up to him. He immediately woke up and he looked at you.

He wasn’t sure if he was still dreaming or if this was real.

“I love you” you whisper, kissing his lips.

He didn’t answer, but you knew he loved you too. You knew it because he kept leaving kisses all around your face. He missed you. 

“I thought you weren’t coming back” he whispers, tearing up.

“Why would I leave when we have a wedding to plan Jagi” you slowly say, leaving one last kiss on his lips before falling asleep.

I really hope you liked it. Feel free to send feedback, I would love to know what you thought about it.

You can send me some requests, it’s still open.


Love you all xx

EXO as K-dramas

Xiumin: Cinderella and the Four Knights~

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He kinda reminds me of the main character bc she’s so cute and small and loveable, yet can body slam you into the ground if you test her.

Suho: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo~

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Ahhh everything about this show is so light and airy and beautiful, it reminds me of his personality. He’s also very sarcastic and sassy, much like all the main characters in it (cough cough Joo Hyuk)

Lay: Legend of the Blue Sea~

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This show is so beautiful and extravagant, just like him. Also it may just be me but he totally looks like Lee Minho and I’m in love with them both, so win win.

Baekhyun: Scarlet Heart Goryeo~

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Not only bc he was one of the princes in it, it really matches his personality. It’s light and comical at times, but it really captures your heart when you get deeper into the story and get to know the characters more.

Chen: Cheese in the Trap~

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This drama was really witty and beautifully written, it was just really fun to watch. He also reminded me of the main character bc they’re both so cheesy (can yall tell I really love Nam Joo Hyuk?????)

Chanyeol: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon~

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The characters were so funny and cheesy to the point of them almost being annoying, much like yours truly.

D.O: Suspicious Partner~

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Though I haven’t finished watching it, the plot is mysterious and the characters are all smart and have a strong personality, which I love.

Kai: the Heirs~

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A classic, and it’s soooo jongin style. I can totally see him being that mysterious kid in school with them, with millionaire parents and designer uniforms and everything.

Sehun: Goblin: the Great and Lonely God~

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This show had every single genre wrapped up in one beautiful show. The deeper you get into the show, the more you start getting attached and emo…basically me and Sehun.

Day-Dreaming - Park BoGum (M)

A/N: Confession, idk how 2nd rounds rlly work tbh. Most men need more time to recuperate ig, but whatever it’d fiction^^
Finally Bogum, right?
-Admin Finn

**Gross smut ahead**

Word Count: 486

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His release dripped down your thigh, the sensation making you shudder as his thrusts slowed, your slick essence coating his stiff length.

Pants echoed through the dim hall as you both recovered from your highs. Your tired figure slumped against his own in the hall as his lips pressed to your temple. He noticed your flushed cheeks, your sensual expression of satisfaction.
You drew back, your legs trembling gently as you found your balance.

“Can we go again?”

Your gaze met Bogum’s in disbelief, your lips parting in astonishment.


His soft lips stretched into a small grin, his fingers intertwining with your own before pinning your hands to the wall behind you. His lips met your own before trailing to your neck, his lips pressing messy kisses to the delicate skin. A small giggle escaped you as his hands released your own, a small hum leaving him as his fingers trailed over the sensitive skin of your waist. He tickled you gently, the swollen head of his member brushing your stomach.
Your giggling ceased as your gaze met his own, your earnest gaze making the eagerness within him escalate.

“Let’s go again,” you prompted, smiling sweetly.

He lifted you, pressing you to the cold wall suddenly. Your legs wrapped around his waist, your nails digging into his broad shoulders.
Clumsily, he guided his length to your entrance, slowly penetrating your heat once more. Sighs of content were exchanged as you both murmured quietly. His brown orbs swam with adoration as he watched your lashes flutter.
He began slowly, rocking his hips into your own, burying his face in the comforting crook of your neck. Your lithe fingers wove through his black locks, tugging in an attempt to quell your loud gasps.
His hips rutted sharply into your own, the delicious friction causing the dry wall to burn your skin. Your still sensitive womanhood spasmed as his hips bucked mercilessly into your own.
He cursed quietly, a muffled groan escaping him shortly after. Incoherent chants left you as your back arched from the wall, your chest flush with his own.

Your release crippled you, your back arching sharply as an agonized cry left you. Your vision was blinding, your thighs quivering as loud strings of moans left you.
Sloppily, Bogum suckled on the delicate skin of your neck, breathing through his nose heavily as he chased his own high once again.

Your thoughts were interrupted as your neighbor waved to you, his bright smile making your heart throb erratically.

“Day-dreaming?” he questioned, sifting through the mail in hand.

An awkward laugh escaped you as your gaze dropped to the pot of flowers before you, the rusty pale of water in your idle hand.

“A bit,” you admitted, returning the smile bashfully.