Story regarding Jungkook and his free plain t-shirts... LOL

This is translated from a letter by a representative of a male brand company known as Cut-Factory to Jungkook..

The company held a plain T-shirt event awhile ago on their Facebook page and there were many people tagging this particular person in the comments.

“It’d be good if I could give this to Jungkook”
“I want to buy this for Jungkook”
“So I’m not the only one who thinks of Jungkook”

^ comments like this.

The company representative saw so many people mentioning Jungkook and hence he wanted to find a friend of Jungkook in the comments to give the T-shirts to him but he didn’t find any. (& then he thought that maybe Jungkook was bullied in school LOL) The representative then got more and more curious of who “Jungkook” is.

But… he realised that Jungkook is a idol after that
(Bc the representative is 30+ years old and he doesn’t know any other idols after H.O.T ㅋㅋ)

After that he went on youtube to watch Jungkook and although it’s kind of weird for a male to like a male idol, he’ll still show support and concern for Jungkook. (He also saw videos of Jungkook liking plain T-shirts ;;)

And hence, the company decided to give each colour of every shirt in their company to Jungkook according to his height and size as well as sweaters~ 😹💕💓

facebook post: Cut Factory

translated by jeonsify via 澡澡猫儿

Why Park Bo Gum is Such A Beautiful Man

He has a sweet boyfriend image

and so much swag! 

He can play the piano and sing.  

He’s not pro with cello but he still looks good playin’ it. 

He gives warm hug to his bro.

He’s good even when he’s bad. 

He wud be the best view when waking up. 

He swings that wand with bravado.

He knows how to enjoy his food. 

And sometimes he can’t wait to eat his food.

He doesn’t drink or smoke, he keeps his body with healthy lifestyle. 

He haz those deep clear eyes that you want to dive into. 

He is cute and adorable as a boy,

yet hot and sexy as a girl. 

He automatically grooves with his feeling. 

He enjoys his time and dances the stress away. 

He glows with excitement like a moonlight. 

He turns to positive thing when he’s down. 

He folds his blanket after woke up. 

He looks good as a delinquent student…

and even better as a fresh office worker. 

He can play evil role perfectly on screen. 

He’s friendly and kind with fan service in real life. 

He’s not really confident in driving and feels better with taking a subway. 

He automatically sets table for his seniors. 

He enjoys rice really well and even earns nickname Bap Bo Gum (bap = rice) 

He is perfect for many food commercials from rice, chicken, ramen to pizza

He lingers in our mind with that playful smile. 

He’d be your dreamy date at the amusement park. 

But after all he’s just a human like us who gets panicked on a scary ride

and needs a good night sleep. 

So that’s why we love Park Bo Gum. With so many good things in the future, this young talented actor will always be our favorite. 

See ya on the next project. 


Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 18 Preview

“I have become a monster in Soo’s eyes. I will not let him get away with this.”  

I’M NOT OK AND I WON’T PROBABLY BE OK EVER AGAIN! I just can’t handle this show! It’s too much of everything. They are following the original version of the novel almost to a tee, but the thing is that the events from the novel applied to the korean adaptation make it 100 times more heartbreaking because Wang So’s character and motivations ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THAN THOSE OF THE ORIGINAL 4TH PRINCE (whom I hated). 

“You are not allowed to go anywhere. You are my one and only queen.”

So is never selfish or arrogant with HS, and even after taking the throne, Soo is his priority, not the throne, he STILL WANTS TO MAKE HER HIS QUEEN AND NO OTHER WOMAN WILL DO FOR HIM. HE IS STILL FIGHTING FOR HER, TO PROTECT HER AND TO BE WITH HER, STILL FIGHTING FOR A CHANCE TO SPEND THEIR LIVES TOGETHER; but the whole world and history is against him. His enemies show him no mercy and that’s why he can show no mercy to them either, otherwise his reign would be an incredibly short one. He lives in the 10th century and he must use weapons and punishments which were used during that era - probation and house arrest simply weren’t an option during that time. And these people really DO DESERVE THE WORST - TO DIE. The Hwangbo sibling duo THAT IS DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF THEIR OWN BROTHERS, and now So is being pushed into marriage with a woman who is responsible for him having to kill Eun, who is responsible for his own poisoning,…His mocking, disgusted smile while YH is hugging him is very telling of what exactly he thinks of her. It’s always been clear that WS is the smartest of his brothers and he is well-aware how they are trying to manipulate and control him because people have been trying to do that to him his whole life.

And there is Wook with his petty ego and selfish need to hurt Soo for loving WS, for chosing him, and his brother for taking HS away from him. Even CR deserves her punishment, for poisoning a king, because in the end she knew exactly what she was doing. And of course, HS finds out about her beating EXACTLY WHEN SHE IS FINALLY WEARING SO’S HAIRPIN IN HER HAIR (the writer is a sadist). PREPARE YOURSELF, BECAUSE AFTER ONE FINAL, HAPPY MOMENT  ALL HEARTS WILL BE BROKEN TOMORROW WHEN SOO PUSHES WANG SO AWAY BOTH EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY.

English subtitles: