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top 6 movies or tv shows? 😊

let’s do it with kdramas:

  1. master’s sun (veeery good one)
  2. i need romance 1 (fuck the ending tho)
  3. emergency couple (choi jin hyuk!!!!!!!)
  4. kim sam soon (a classic)
  5. scent of a woman (seriously watch it)
  6. bubble gum (very underrated slice of life drama)
Who needs Kdramas when WooGyu's real everyday life is an overdramatic soap opera?
  • <p> <b>Woohyun:</b> Eat with me hyung<p/><b>Sunggyu:</b> I've already eaten, I'm coming to pick you up now.<p/><b></b> *Woohyun leaves to eat lunch*<p/><b>Sunggyu:</b> Where are you?<p/><b>Woohyun:</b> I went to have lunch. Be back soon.<p/><b>Sunggyu (on chat with INSPIRITS:</b> Woohyun's making me wait for him.<p/><b>INSPIRITS (on chat):</b> Just leave him.<p/><b>Sunggyu:</b> No, I'm a gentleman and if I leave he'll sulk (and I don't want to be on the receiving end of that)<p/><b></b> *Sunggyu waits*<p/><b>Sunggyu (on chat):</b> I'm bored. I'm angel Gyu. Archangel Gabriel Gyu. Hyun is mandu - disrespect.<p/><b>Sunggyu (on chat):</b> But Woohyun is a good person. He's cool and an awesome singer.<p/><b>INSPIRITS (on chat with Woohyun):</b> Sunggyu is mad at you for making him wait.<p/><b>Woohyun (on chat):</b> It's ok I'll buy him beverage and he won't sulk no more. (Mandu's got it under control. I know his buttons)<p/></p>

If anything can make me swear softly under my breath it’s watching anything where Gong Yoo is smiling and doing The Thing™ 

There’s nothing wrong with SWDBS.

Argh. Seriously, people these days are so damn annoying about every little thing. When SHR was airing, people went crazy because of the forced kiss (a classic asian drama gimmick that can be found on basically every drama). Then, there was the age gap issue on Goblin and now, Bong Soon needing to be saved turned into a major complaint motive.

Please. Pretty please. Just stop already.

The drama needs some sort of conflict for it to justify the rest of the episodes. And who are you kidding? It was clear she would end up losing her powers at some point. Why would they come up with the whole “if you hurt someone, you lose your powers” shit if they weren’t going to use it in the story?

And it was obvious Min Hyuk would have to help her when such time came. But it doesn’t mean she’s become all helpless forever. It was that precise moment!! She had just lost her strengh, it would be completely unbelievable if she still managed to win against an armed man all by herself. She was weak, weak in the “I’m not feeling well” sense. What’s more, don’t forget Bong Soon is a small sized woman.

Now there’s going to be some character development. Before, when she had her supernatural strengh, she thought she didn’t need anyone. And after Min Hyuk’s trainning, this mindset of hers became even stronger. Bong Soon now is going to have to deal with the fact that doing everything by herself isn’t the answer to all her problems. There are people there for her who accept her just the way she is. With or without super powers. And that’s the message of the show.

That you don’t need to actually be special or have supernatural powers to become special to someone else.

And the thing about independent woman and all. The key to independence is also to be able to ask for help when you need to. Or else, such all called independence might turn into simple arrogance.

A woman doesn’t lose her capacity to deal with her own things just because there’s a man by her side to back her up. An independent woman is actually much stronger when she has someone to share her achievements and her life with. And that’s the beauty of marriage and romantic relationships in general: you’re great by yourself, but you’re even greater when you find someone to be awesome with.

I feel like a Kdrama whore

Here’s why.
I’m super in love with Ahn Minhyuk.

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But then I met Young Do….

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And then there was Sun Woo….

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…And then I met Chef Kang….

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…And then there was the amazing Jung Hoo

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…And lastly there’s Chang Min…

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And I just don’t know how to feel anymore…