kdrama s

  • Kdrama: "Let's go on a trip"
  • Translation: "This is the last time you will see us happy so enjoy"

The souls of your people are saving you. However, the blood of thousands are on your sword. The blood of your enemies, who were also descendants of deities.

You shall be immortal and watch your loved ones die.
You will not forget a single death. 

This is the award I give you and the punishment you shall receive.
Only the goblin’s bride shall remove the sword.
Once the sword is removed, you shall return to ash and be at peace.

Can we just talk about how sweet So is with the little girl when she bumps into him? This is before he realizes who she is, but even then, she reminds him of Soo. And he’s so kind to her (his voice, his hand on her cheek, his smile) and it’s like. 💔

It’s just a heartbreaking reminder that he is such a good person at his core, and that goodness has been buried so deep he can no longer show it. Except in this moment to an adorable child who is half him and half the love of his life, and he doesn’t even know it.

Just let me cry.