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I have something I must ask you. Because I really like you, we build a farm together, have a baby, and want to live as ordinary citizens, would you want to live with me?

Truth is that I’ve heard about this drama since it was aired (and the fact that it was Nam Joo Hyuk, huh. Of course I’ve heard about this). BUT I wasn’t really planning to watch it (at least not so soon). However, people talk about this drama. A LOT. So I got curious. And honestly, watching this drama was one of the best decisions I’ve made in 2016! I watched it on the last day of 2016 - how cool was that (but anyway). 

I thought it was just another (boring) drama with nice actors but this drama is anything BUT boring. I was so hooked (still am, tbh) on the first episode. But my favorite part? When Joon Hyung agreed to see a clinician (I was actually expecting that he wouldn’t.) I thought it was just another drama that will worsen the stigma by refusing to seek professional help BUT NO. At that very moment, when he agreed with his brother that he will do it, I know that I will love it.  And this drama is more than that so allow me list the things I love about it:

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“For those people who don’t understand a drama like It’s Okay, That’s Love, I feel like it doesn’t surprise me. It’s complicated, it’s not a normal plot where important things are ignored, they don’t hold back on the realistic sentiments that people have against the mentally disabled. It’s intricate and obviously, deep, beautiful and painful. Therefore, it’s only understandable that many would not grasp such a plot. “

HE WENT FOR IT!!! OMG… I’m so happy that he finally did something solid without a joking feel, but now I just know I’m gonna be a puddle of tears on the ground soon… :’(

” I would really love to see more dramas where females are the dominant ones. Like, most K-dramas are centred around the males and the ladies are usually just a helper to their man or they just need him to complete them. I just would love to see women who have a strong presence and are actually important for the development of the story.”

23/2/2016 (INFO) Corporal Jaejoong is having his army break ^o^


(iNFO) Our Corporal Jaejoong is having his army break now ^o^ . 

According to the eatery owner: 

He went to this restaurant last night, HE WAS REALLY HAPPY AND BOASTED ABOUT PLACING 2ND PLACE AT MUSIC BANK to the owner o(*≧□≦)o

and gave his signed album to the restaurant’s owner together with some sweet messages to his fans ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) :


TRANS: (1) “ Mommy, thank you always for being nice to me. I can’t stop coming here. Thank you for being nice to my fans”

(2) Trans: “ Place to come while I’m on my break! Thank you so much”

“Came by here coz it’s my break. I like here. Delicious”

(3) Trans: “It’s me Jaejoong”:

(4) TRANS:  Love you and miss you my Japanese fans! Thank you! (It Was his answer to Japanese fans who wrote on the wall^^) for sure he misses all of his fans ♡

(TRANS: crystalmoon64)

(* for your info: Jaejoong visited this same restaurant before his army enlistment (link))

“I still can’t get over SPLASH SPLASH LOVE. I DON’T WATCH HISTORICAL DRAMAS AT ALL, but this one just captured my heart. I watched this under my blanket and my chest was hurting from trying to refrain myself from laughing and crying from feels. I wish Yoon Doo Joon and Kim Seul Gi will get together again in a different drama someday OR maybe recreate this to a longer series. 10/10 would watch again. “