kdragonkwon  asked:

Hi there! You said to let you know if we wanted pages rather than infinite scroll - I'm hoping you could use pages because infinite scroll has a tendency to crash computers once the submissions list is longer. I was also hoping to ask you to tag the names of the members and not just the pairings? So that for example I could look at all Seungri fics at once and not have to go through all the pairings he's in. Thanks for all your help and I love love love this blog! KDK x

Thank you! We’ve changed it to use pages and we’ve added the tags. 

Thank you and all the rest of the followers. This is a new blog and we’re just starting out, so any input from you guys will definitely help this blog grow and help get more fanfics to more VIPs.

kdragonkwon  asked:

Is it 'why do we follow Zach' time? You're probably asleep now though... anyway, I follow you because you are an utter fuck who murders me with Ravi at any given opportunity to the extent that I had to make a Ravi sideblog for my feels. You're also the only VIXX blog I follow because you blog all the things I want already and you have a tag on your blog just for me. I feel so special ;-; Your tag for me is the best place on the internet, and I love you even though I swear at you all the time <3

KDRAGONKWON….. this is her guys, this is the gurl that I murder with Ravi… <3333 LOL Awwwwsdkfhklsdjhfdjk I love you <333

You’re my wife~ and you’re one of the best people I’ve met in the fandom, and you helped me get to see VIXX along with ooakmonster;;;;; <3333

*murders you again*

dafuq-bro  asked:

this seems dumb, but what's kdragonkwon?

HAHAHA it’s not dumb, don’t worry ^_^~…. She’s my really good friend, whom I kill with Ravi 24/7…I’m about to kill the shit out of her with a really bad good Ravi spam here soon…

I’m literally talking to her right now and she’s laughing and dying because I showed her the collarbone gifset…

Basically, I dedicated her tag to mainly Ravi(with a sprinkle of other members)…