BC Racing Coilovers

One Wednesday morning, after jacking up the car and taking off the wheels, I realized I was in over my head. I pressed on. I have never undertaken such a big job. I failed. I skipped steps I didn’t know I was supposed to take and my driver side fender paid the price. 

Today I took the VT in for some work, first I had the MBRP exhaust mounts adjusted because it was bumping against my rear cross member and making way too much noise. It was embarrassing. The hangers were cut, and adjusted, and some of the piping was turned. 

Back to the suspension. I drove the newly adjusted ride to Racing Trenz and had Yi go in and fully adjust the coilovers. I was 5 mm lower on the front and 7 mm lower on the back passenger side. There was no preload on the driver side to make up for my weight, in addition to the 5 mm discrepancy I think that was the cause of the wheel jumping into the fender and causing so much damage. 

Yi went on to add a couple degrees of negative camber to the front wheels. Needles to say, if you don’t know what you’re doing, save up for the install and get it done by someone who knows what they are doing. Yi set the whole thing up in about 2 hours and fixed my fender. I love that shop. I’ll try and get some photos of the car correctly lowered this weekend. 

The car rides really well, it’s just as low as it was before, but now it has more play and the springs are soft. I love it. I couldn’t be more happy with it and look forward to a nice long drive this weekend. 

In addition he installed some NGK Laser Iridium plugs which give a nice little crisp throttle response.

This car was meant to look like this. Haha.