No valid excuses really as this is already like 2 days late but I had no idea about AAC until this morning so here’s my go at it right now!

ASTRO AUGUST CHALLENGE 2017: Day 1: Who is your bias?

y o o n  s a n h a ♡

the very first and foremost reason why he’s my bias is because of his smile

all else aside, it’s his smile that made fall at first sight and it’s that smile again that reminds me every single time just how lovely, pure, playful, adorable, and simply radiant he is! seeing him grin never fails to make my heart skip a beat and seeing him happy never fails to make me happy too :))

i also love his voice! it’s bubbly at times yet soothing at others and for his young age, sanha’s vocals stand out immensely & are extremely stable! watching him have fun with the members and really enjoy performances makes me one proud af mom aroha

guitar (man don’t even get me started)

dance (tbh i was really surprised when i first saw sanha dance! as tall as he is, he manages to dance so smoothly! all the pre debut i-teen performances had me like :0)

aegyo (no explanation needed, y’all already know)

the fact that he is strangely quite flexible LOL

yoon sanha loves french fries 

he is such an evil maknae at times

yet it’s so evident that he cares so much for all the people around him, whether it’d be astro members, or aroha, and especially for his family.

he is SUCH a dork (a talented dork don’t get me wrong)

really, a dork

but he’s a beautifully wonderfully and absolutely ENDEARING lil dork and i truly wouldn’t have it any other way.


It’s Monday, back to the office with all that angle🤤👌🏼
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Fishing by Luthigern
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Photo by Thomas Earl

WOULD YOU LOOK AT HER OH MY GOD <3 Nolluska did the best breathtaking job on her face gosh <3

So yeah, Kendra, Goddess of Wisdom is partially done - her wings need a paint job and I have Bory Zeus claws on my way :B

But she already looks so pissed at everything and espcially at Pazuzu… cause those two don’t ever get along.

@seed-arts Wol/LUTS KDF body/Soom Nor wings
Faceup: Nolluska
Wig: Iplehouse
Eyes: Chocodecadence
Outfif: AyuAna


I thought it’d be fun to do a comparison of Solenn and Lilon in the real outdoors vs. my fake indoor nature scenes~ I think I did a pretty good job mirroring the composition from memory for Solenn, but then I plonked Lilon down in what turned out to be the most regrettably bright patch of sunlight in all of the BWCAW and got destroyed by mosquitoes, so that was a rush job ^^;


Martin Fabian shares his most excellent and entertaining insights as to the use of primary and secondary guards in German longsword fencing.