I hate going back to this lame video, god it’s a shocker….but I wanted to highlight how well KDS handled this interview and in a way took control. She’s a quick thinking, smart gal who can smell a rat from a mile away and I think Sam and Caitriona underestimated her ability to think on her feet and give her viewers something that made them question things. As KDS is speaking, Sam and Cait’s faces look as if it’s dawning on them that she’s not saying exactly what they expected her to. In defence of Sam’s remark that fans think it’s real and feel duped (that it’s not real) she quickly implies that it’s normal with great screen couples that people buy into the fantasy element of it and then adds ‘So let’s just let you believe what you want’. Right after she says this look at her face. First the smirk looking directly at Sam, then the side eye which to me says 'I know what I believe and it sure as heck ain’t what you two just said!’
Cait quickly rebuts the KDS 'believe what you want’ comment with 'which I just stuck a pin in and bursted it’ and Sam quickly finishes what he’s been trying say with 'What? You’ve acted it, you’ve lied to us.’
When Cait answers the initial question it’s like the standard response she gives during interviews or when asked about Sam, it rolls off her tongue….without engaging in any eye contact with KDS mind you…but to me it is all very casually said considering the context. Sam is so awkward, he’s dying, actually I think he shat his pants…a typical male who doesn’t like tension. It’s a walk in the park for Cait, this girl knows how to protect numero uno and handle herself. However, regardless of what was said (or not said) for whatever reason it was very important that they denied being together regardless of how lame it appeared. Since the video there has been a gradual media build up placing renewed focus on their relationship. Perhaps they aren’t together and felt the need to clarify this but geez…why put yourself through that kind of humiliation! Who does that?! Just walk the red carpet with someone other than your costar! For Cait to insult the intelligence of a feminist fanbase thinking we want them to be like Jamie and Claire?? It just makes me cringe…and Sam…the only thing I can think of is that he was trying to put the focus back onto their acting being so good that people think it’s real…perhaps with the idea of promoting Cait/Outlander just prior to GGs and to squash any rumours that might have threatened their chances…anyway the mind boggles but I certainly respect and admire KDS even more after this!

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Wait who embodies this trope of super butch lesbian who is actually heterosexual? I am so down to support your outrage but I can't think of any examples

KD Lang’s character in her cameo on Portlandia is what made me think of it- she’s not shown to be uninterested in women but she hooks up with a guy at the end. The most butch character in “But I’m a Cheerleader” is one of these too I think, but it is a very common trope to have masculine-seeming/GNC/butch women as the characters most interested in men sexually. I don’t watch enough things or I’m sure I’d have more examples.

exo in high school
  • xiumin/minseok:the kid who comes to school early to lift weights even though weightlifting is already one of his classes, really flirty with the younger teachers, his cologne is really always really strong
  • luhan:the kid who is literally always wearing a sports sweatshirt or t-shirt or jersey with his last name on the back, does the spinning pencil and the wiggly pencil trick a lot, wears basketball shorts no matter what the weather is like
  • kris/yifan:slipped on a wet floor during the winter and there's a security camera video of it on the internet, thinks he's suave but called the teacher "mom" once, doodles instead of taking notes
  • suho/junmyeon:the kid who stops everyone from leaving when the teacher is fifteen minutes late and reminds the teacher of homework no one did, takes control during group projects, laughs at all the teachers jokes
  • lay/yixing:the kid who is always asleep, face down, with his hood up but says nice things and notices when you're not at school, eats two lunches, let you cheat off his test
  • baekhyun:used a rolling backpack his freshman year, changes the background on all the computers in the library to pictures of nicholas cage, uses memes in his powerpoint presentations
  • chen/jongdae:the kid who always asks the teacher if you're watching a video that day and then asks to go to the bathroom, when you're not, he's always late and has an energy drink
  • chanyeol:the percussion section leader who goes really hard during the school fight song, paints his body for sporting events, always has his music playing really loud during class
  • d.o/kyungsoo:the kind of pretentious tenor who sometimes corrects the choir teacher but you know he's right so you only kind of hate it, takes reading shakespeare in class too seriously, takes over choir class when there's a substitute teacher
  • tao/zitao:the kid who performs martial arts to angry rock music for the variety show and sometimes at pep rallies, skipped school when you dissected frogs, gets scary during classroom jeopardy
  • kai/jongin:the really nice "popular" kid who went to prom all four years of high school and voted best smile in the yearbook, lets you borrow pencils or share his book, asks how your weekend was every monday
  • sehun:the kid who always forgets his pencil or book but always has a snack in class, came back after summer vacation between sophomore and junior year and got shockingly hot, frequently roasts the teachers and bows when he's asked to leave the classroom

KD Clutch

Here is a semester project in the 2012 Mechatronic control systems engineering module at San Jose State University. This is a Proportional-Integral-Derivative controlled (PID), 6 degree of freedom (6-DOF) Stewart platform, which basically means it has six axes on the top plate. This prototype uses 6 radio controlled servo motors instead of the traditional use of hydraulic jacks or electronic actuators. (this video has sound)


A PID controller continuously calculates an error value as the difference between a measured process variable and a desired setpoint. The controller attempts to minimize the error over time by adjustment of a control variable, such as the position of a set of servo motors or actuators,  to a new value, given by a weighted sum:

where Kp ,Ki , and Kd, all non-negative, denote the coefficients for the proportional, integral, and derivative terms, respectively (sometimes denoted P, I, and D).

  • P accounts for present values of the error , and is determined by the direction and magnitude the correction needs to be applied (e.g. if the error is large and positive, the control variable will be large and negative),
  • I accounts for past values of the error (e.g. if the output is not sufficient to reduce the size of the error, the control variable will accumulate over time, causing the controller to apply a stronger action through P), and
  • D accounts for possible future values of the error, based on its current rate of change. This part determines when and at what rate it needs to reduce the magnitude of its action, e.g as the ball fast approaches the desired set point at the centre of the plate.