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grandma robot telling generations of tiny skywalkers what happened and why. grandma robot telling stories and histories and both. kadee keeps her memories of Ekkreth stored on secure servers, to protect them from corruption

Sometimes Anakin still visits her and Artoo and Threepio. He looks different, of course: like a memory that’s been partially overwritten but not erased, like and yet nothing like a hologram. Kadee tells him stories about his great-great-great-grandchildren, and he always listens, even though she knows he can (and probably has) watch everything from his place with the ancestors.

She lives between the worlds herself, in a way. And most of the time Kadee likes that. In each generation she makes new friends, gains new family. She tells the same stories, but they’re new each time, because a story exists half in the telling and half in the hearing. Like her.

“I remember when I saved you,” she tells Anakin, her voice warm with memory (it’s been decades now since he installed the voice modulator, since she came to truly own her voice with her freedom). “When your life support failed, when we killed Depur. I kept you alive.”

She can hear the pride in her own voice, and makes no effort to hide it. Anakin is laughing, flickering with static on the edges of her awareness. Her photoreceptor registers him one moment and not the next, but she can always feel him. Like an electric current, sudden and alive.

“I still haven’t forgiven you for that,” Anakin says, but he’s laughing as he says it and she knows he doesn’t mean it.

He never wanted anyone else to die for him, but it wasn’t his decision to make, and Kadee doesn’t regret it. They both lived, in the end. And they’re both living still, even if his living looks different than it did once. That’s not so strange. Kadee has had countless upgrades herself over the years. They grow, and change, and remain themselves.

She kept him alive with her own power supply once. Now she keeps him alive with stories. The same stories that he told so long ago. The stories that set her free.

“Shmi built her first scanner today,” she tells him now, and watches as he grins and settles in with a look that says, Tell me everything.


USA Basketball’s unironic love of Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” is easily the most compelling storyline of the 2016 Olympics.

Melo’s silent anguish at the end tho…

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So I just read all of DAV (in about a day), and I just wanted to say, 1) Damn, well done. I now have feels about characters that I didn't even know had names before. 2) Now you've gotten me thinking about Anakin asking Kadee to record his final Ekkreth story just before Luke's fight with the Emperor, and Luke finding out Vader's role by listening with Leia to Anakin tell "The Story of How Ekkreth Stole Themself"

Hi new friend! I’m delighted you like the DAV ‘verse. :)

Also I love the idea of Kadee becoming a keeper of stories. Almost a Gan-Amu in her own right. (And considering how long droids can conceivably live, she’s probably still kicking around with the Skywalker Organa descendants generations down the line. Grandmother indeed.)

Maybe he doesn’t miss you after all, but I know he still thinks about you.

He’s driving down the road and he sees the exact spot where you wrecked his car. He thinks about the way you had tears in your eyes and couldn’t stop saying you were sorry.

He’s going through his closet and sees the shirt you got him for his birthday. He thinks about the way you were biting your lip as he opened it, just hoping he’d love it.

He’s walking down the grocery store aisle and sees your mom. She smiles at him, and she looks so much like you. He wonders how you and your family have been. He hasn’t heard from you in so long.

He’s looking for his old notebook and stumbles across the scrapbook you gave him. He could never bring himself to throwing it away. He can’t help but opening it, and his heart beats a little faster as he turns the pages.

He’s on your road for the first time in months, and looking at your driveway is almost painful. All he can see is you running out of your front door, smiling from the east to the west, jumping into his arms.

So maybe he doesn’t miss you after all, but I promise he still thinks about you. You were kind, you were caring, and you were brave in the way you loved him.

That is a love he will never forget.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #94 // It still matters even if it wasn’t meant to last forever

KD thought Stephen was white when they were kids😂😂😂😂

“I’m happy for you,” he told her.

She sighed. “Don’t tell me that.”

“What? Why not?” he asked.

“Because,” she said, “I don’t want you to be happy for me. I want you to say ‘forget him’ — that it’s supposed to be me and you. I want you to sweep me off my feet and take me somewhere far away so that it’s only us. I want you to say you still love me and you never stopped.” She rolled her eyes. “Screw 'happy for you,’ I want you to fight for me. I want you to win.”

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #104
exo in high school
  • xiumin/minseok:the kid who comes to school early to lift weights even though weightlifting is already one of his classes, really flirty with the younger teachers, his cologne is really always really strong
  • luhan:the kid who is literally always wearing a sports sweatshirt or t-shirt or jersey with his last name on the back, does the spinning pencil and the wiggly pencil trick a lot, wears basketball shorts no matter what the weather is like
  • kris/yifan:slipped on a wet floor during the winter and there's a security camera video of it on the internet, thinks he's suave but called the teacher "mom" once, doodles instead of taking notes
  • suho/junmyeon:the kid who stops everyone from leaving when the teacher is fifteen minutes late and reminds the teacher of homework no one did, takes control during group projects, laughs at all the teachers jokes
  • lay/yixing:the kid who is always asleep, face down, with his hood up but says nice things and notices when you're not at school, eats two lunches, let you cheat off his test
  • baekhyun:used a rolling backpack his freshman year, changes the background on all the computers in the library to pictures of nicholas cage, uses memes in his powerpoint presentations
  • chen/jongdae:the kid who always asks the teacher if you're watching a video that day and then asks to go to the bathroom, when you're not, he's always late and has an energy drink
  • chanyeol:the percussion section leader who goes really hard during the school fight song, paints his body for sporting events, always has his music playing really loud during class
  • d.o/kyungsoo:the kind of pretentious tenor who sometimes corrects the choir teacher but you know he's right so you only kind of hate it, takes reading shakespeare in class too seriously, takes over choir class when there's a substitute teacher
  • tao/zitao:the kid who performs martial arts to angry rock music for the variety show and sometimes at pep rallies, skipped school when you dissected frogs, gets scary during classroom jeopardy
  • kai/jongin:the really nice "popular" kid who went to prom all four years of high school and voted best smile in the yearbook, lets you borrow pencils or share his book, asks how your weekend was every monday
  • sehun:the kid who always forgets his pencil or book but always has a snack in class, came back after summer vacation between sophomore and junior year and got shockingly hot, frequently roasts the teachers and bows when he's asked to leave the classroom