kd is not nice

Today in XM trying to cockblock Kaisoo and end up being obvious af

The story begins with Ji going first on stage

He immediately go next to his babe Hyung

But Xiumin isn’t buying this and ask him to move. 

Mission cockblocking KD : Plan A, separating them by switching their positions.

Ji : No thank you Minseok Hyung to feel concerned about us, but I’m good.

Ksoo also stopped facing and paying attention to Junmyeon and subtlety start facing the crowd so Ji can’t follow XM.
Mission cockblocking KD : Plan A, Failed

XM : Well, don’t mind your old Hyung. I’m just staying between the two of you. I never do that. But today I’ll do it.

Mission cocklblock KD : Plan B, Human shield

XM *is moving around, can’t stay still* : Nice. Now act natural Minseok no one will  notice you being on your mission.

Mission cocklblock KD : Plan B, Success ?

XM talks to them one after the other. We can imagine him warning them. 
XM : Now I’m here you can’t be obvious now, how bout that ?

KD : Hyung, you’re the one obvious here….

Thanks to @toomanyfeelsexogdi for the gifs <3 lob ya.

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do you think these tourgrams gonna be like showtime where Kaisoo can't make direct eye contact with each other?

hi! if they get shoved into the spotlight like second box, then yes for sure. kd are the type of couple who keep to themselves. remember that hug they did for their birthdays? they looked awkward. compared to their wolf era hug theres a huge difference. they like to be secretive w their touches and glances so unless theyre by the sidelines, theyll get very shy and flustered

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Am have u ever realized that kd have a gentle vibe especially during monster era until now. Like its all abt tension during overdose/lmr era but now whenever they're tgt or stand next to eo idk but they kinda exude gentleness. The stares and touches linger and did u see how their eyes soften when one of them is talking? TT No i aint dedulu they are indeed real

Yh. From my pov, 2015 n b4 is mostly passionate love (loool). Exactly like you’ve mentioned. It was mostly bout the tension they hav btween them which was really hard to ignore and unseen it! But then during the monster era till the present time, they re more consummate love asdfghjkl. Altho I do think at the end of 2015 (jp tour), something bout them changed. Perhaps, that was the starting point? There’s now a stronger bond and companionship. Everything just calms down. Stares and gazes turn softer and linger for a second more. The passion is still there but it is balanced by intimacy and commitment. And I can’t believe I’m applying Stern.berg’s triangular theory.of.love to kd. I’m done talking.

Have a nice day, anon :)

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Hey! Your Double Agent Vader 'verse is pretty much my new canon, so thank you for writing it! Quick question, though - when all is said and done is Kadee going to get to become a proper non-torture surgical/medical droid? I just think it'd be awesome if she ended up in the revolution on Tatooine, removing slave transmitters and getting to help in the way she was originally built to do.

She will!

She’s gonna continue being Anakin’s primary care physician (and finally be free to give him full and adequate care), as well as a leader in the ongoing droid rights movement. And she’s gonna go with the squad to Tatooine, where she’ll definitely get to put her expertise as a surgeon to work.

Also, as Darth Vader’s med droid she’s something of a cybernetics and robotics expert, and just as good at working on other droids as she is on organics. In fact I think she’ll consider herself a healer for both droids and organics.

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Maybe i got it wrong, but did Ji said he doesnt travel with Ks? it just made me wonder what kind of rl they have. On other hand, its a bit strange that Ks didnt choose Ji on anything... BTW, please dont think im dismissing KD. I fully believe in them and how real they are... it just something i notice and i think u may have some answer for that.. idk. Most of the time KD is a mystery to me. Love ur blog!

Hhmm there were actually a couple of fanaccs bout this. Idk if he mentioned bout he doesn’t travel w ks tho. From this fanacc, ji said that when they go out tghtr he feels like he didn’t go out w ks (I was a bit confused bout this part but my kr friend told me ji meant that he is comfortable w ks) and ks knows a lot of good restaurants.

Who knows ks might mention ji 2morow? //shrug. Ji is already too obvious I think it’s better for ks not to add anything to it. Ji has said so much for the past 2 days. N ks might not mention ji but his actions speak louder than words ;)

You don’t have to explain urself! I’m sorry that u feel that way. Kd is indeed a mystery~ Thanks for loving my blog. Have a nice day :)

tagged by my bro @rainywainybear thanks, this really seems fun!!!

Rules: go to the largest playlist you have, put it on shuffle and answer the questions with songs that you get.

okay my largest playlist is simply called “cool music” guess why

1. This song describes your personality: Get the fuck out (Skid Row)

2. This song describes what you want/wish from your life: Scared of girls (Placebo)

3. This song describes how other people perceive you: Cocaine cowboys (Crashdiet)

4. This song describes the love of your life: Passenger (cover by Middy Cruz)

5. This song decribes your life at the moment: Skin (Dead!)

6. This song to make love to: Don’t tread on me (Damn Yankees)

7. This song to dance your heart out: Floral and fading (acoustic, Pierce The Veil)

8. The song that will make you cry: Lie for me (Kissin’ Dynamite)

9. The song about your future: Zutter (T.O.P & G-Dragon)

10. The last song you will ever hear in your life: Sound and Vision (David Bowie)

11. This song describes you in your next life: The hunger (Tim Skold)

12. The song that makes you feel better: Some kinda hate (The Misfits)

13. You end up listening to just one song for the rest of your life: One of a kind (Placebo)

I tag @taeyang-ish & @it-doesnt-make-a-difference

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And imagine their morning routine (after kd FINALLY made it out of their bed), and they’re giving their dogs breakfast, then they get dressed and take them out for a nice stroll in the park. And kd is holding hands and enjoying the quiet morning as the dogs are running along ahead of them T^T and maybe they’ll stop at some cafe to have smth hot to drink before returning home, where they continue their day cuddling on the couch and doing movie marathons ;;;;;;


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Why kd don't travel together alone like cy & osh, osh & JM, osh & hzt, ji & tm, ks and the actors hyungs? travelling together alone should be fun for them, and they will have a lot of time alone.

Is this related to ytd? I think there was a mistranslation coz the only fanaccs I read, ji didn’t mention that he didn’t travel w ks. He mentioned that when they go out tghtr it feels like they’re not tghtr. From my pov, nothing is enough for ji when it comes to ks. Short vacation, long vacation. He just wants to spend every day every hour w ks. Lol.

Idk what u guys expect from kd. An open vacay w pics and fanaccs? They already hav lots of restriction as it is. Let’s just enjoy all the kd moments. Have a nice day :)

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Jongin looks so hot on stage but I think he is such a cutie on sheets. Personally I believe he tops but I don't see him being all sexy and hot like he's on stage. I think he is more of the "making love" type

ooooh v interesting perspective anon 👀👀👀 i mean, he is definitely capable of going all beast mode everytime they do it but i dont think he would just bc hes naturally not like that…i also think the reason why people stereotypically think that way is bc of the air he gives off when dancing, and ofc his looks on stage which would partly not be possible without their coordis. personally, as an ace i never find people hot even if i squint but bOYYYYYYYY let me tell u if anyone were to be labeled hot, ji would def be one of them… i do think kd switch but cmonnnnn itd be a lie to say ksoo doesnt stereotypically fit the physical aspect of the bottom image i mean cmon man hes smol and has a v nice booty. kd like it vanilla w/ some spanking here and there dont @ me

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Hey there, do you mind if I request for a masterpost? kaisoo intimate moment when kai touching ksoo's thigh. btw I love your blog and all your post, hv a nice day..

Hi anon! Not at all~ I’d be happy to help :) 

Ohh I like the way you think ;)  

(!!credit to gif owners!!)

Typical bts kaisoo. Nini being sneaky. 

During this ep of showtime, they were very touchy of each other’s thighs ;)

Soo removed Jong-dae’s hand, but was perfectly fine with Nini touching his thigh instead :—-)

Soo’s resting his hand on nini’s thigh, very comfortably!

That time Nini randomly held Soo’s hand during a radio broadcast, I’m pretty certain he’s rubbing Soo’s thigh here as well ;)))

Nini touched the upper part of Soo’s thigh when he sat down!

Subtlety poking soo xD

Technically not the thigh, but upper thigh/buttocks lol 

Another round of kaisoo being far too intimate when they whisper, here featuring Nini placing his hand on Soo’s lap as he leans in 

Ancient moment, when Soo dragged Nini down by his thigh xD


Technically Soo touched Nini’s D here, but I’ll throw that in anyway ;)

(I know you asked for Nini touching Soo, but I couldn’t help myself hehe~ hope you don’t mind :) Have a nice day anon!!)

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Approximately, how big is Kaisoo in SK? Like the amount of people knowing/suspecting/analyzing/liking/supporting them?

another(?) anon “How big do u think kaisoo is in sk. Like round off to nearest whole number”

Well, i can’t say how many people supporting KD in SK, bc tbh i don’t know the exact number.

But from what i’ve heard KD fandom in SK is bigger than the international one.

According to kadi union there are 243 “groups” that are “supporting” them (or liking the couple enough so these groups agreed to be affiliated with kadi union) – some of them are famous fansites (individual/separated fansites and couple fansites).

It seems that KD union has the biggest number of “groups” that are alfiliating with them (which is 243), if we compare this union with other couple’s union.

Also according to a friend, there are actually quite a lot of smaller KD “groups” (fansites) that aren’t registered to this union. And apparently there are some non-exo L who also ship KD (or sense the “atmosphere”(?) between KD) there.

Ah dont forget those endorsers (brands) too, like Lotte lel (hm Lotte is involved in a scandal but still managed to pair KD together, nice priority Lotte). They like KD too.  Lel.  

It seems lots of people adore KD …well, I am not surprised.

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Hello! I feel like there are less of kaisoo moments nowadays or is it just me? :((

hi! i think people are only thinking that way bc we’ve been fed well weeks ago more than we usually do, so the moments this week are paling compared to last week’s. don’t fret though, its expected that they always won’t have moments, its not obligatory on their part. not having moments does not also mean they no longer like each other, and im saying this because i see a lot of shippers who doubt them easily. kd are still here and well. have a nice day!