VOTD: Phosphorescent - ‘Ya Hey’ (live, Vampire Weekend cover)

Prepare yourselves for so SO much win encapsulated in five minutes and forty nine seconds. The heart wrenchingly dreamy Phosphorescent has covered up-tempo indie rock powerhouse Vampire Weekend’s “Ya Hey.” I never expected that the same guy who wrote the tear evoking “Song for Zula” would whip out a cover like this, but he did and it was brilliant. “Ya Hey” dominated alternative radio for months as a cheerful summer anthem and now we know it sounds just as on point as a stripped down, cozy track. I would kill to see Matthew Huock and Ezra Koenig on stage at the same time. Dear universe, please make this happen!

-Emily Hirsch

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Radio Waaaaavezzzz

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I Witnessed an Interview

I had the opportunity to take my first band into a radio station for an interview last Thursday since I’ve taken over radio duties at SideOneDummy. After weeks of planning, I had the honor of taking in The Horrible Crowes into KCSN for an interview with Sky Daniels. It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to set this up but with a little help (from my friends) it got done. After getting approval from management and scheduling with Sky, we were all set and all I needed to do was pick up the band and take them down there Thursday morning.

Along with Johnny B, we picked up the band (Brian Fallon and Ian Perkins) and their manager and loaded up my whip to head down to Cal State Northridge. After a little bit of trouble finding the place we met up with Sky. The offices were clean and everything looked new, kind of like what I imagined a radio station should look like. After a couple of introductions with the staff of KCSN we all entered the studio where the interview was going to take place.

The interview was a success. I always heard nightmare stories about bands cringing at the questions being asked and being stuck with a DJ who wasn’t knowledgeable about the band they were interviewing. I didn’t have to worry about any of this today as Sky was nothing but a professional in the way he conducted the interview with Brian and Ian. I felt proud and excited all at the same time as I witnessed the interview. Proud because I had helped coordinate this and excited because first and foremost I’m a fan of music and The Horrible Crowes’ album “Elsie” has easily crept into my Top Albums of 2011 list. Easy.

The band had an in-store at Fingerprints in Long Beach that night so after a quick stop at Norman’s Rare Guitars Shop in Tarzana we were on our way to the LBC. The in-store was amazing. The band played the whole album as well as their Katy Perry “Teenage Dream” and INXS “Never Tear Us Apart” covers. Even though setting up in-stores is not my gig here at SideOneDummy, I loved the fact that it happened at one of my favorite record stores.

One of my earliest and favorite music memories involves Fingerprints years ago when I was in high school.  I used to ditch to Long Beach to meet my girlfriend at the time and since I got there really early and had plenty of hours to kill, I’d always end up at Fingerprints browsing every section of the store. One of the albums I remember buying back in those days was the Rites of Spring “End on End” record. I had seen that record in some list in AP magazine and I was in the mood to take a chance on an album of a band I had never heard of so I bought it. After plenty of listens, I regretted buying that record because I just wasn’t feeling it at all. It was definitely the odd ball in my collection at the time so no matter how I had my CDs organized, I’m pretty sure you would always spot it at the bottom of the stack. Years later, it’s one of my favorite records and Fingerprints was the place where I later on bought one of my most precious records, Pavement’s “Slanted and Enchanted.” You can still find me in Long Beach often and I’m always convincing Lissette that we should walk off our lunch/dinner by talking a walk on 2nd street (the store has moved to 4th Street now towards Downtown LB) and my feet always tend to point into the direction of the record store.

So back to Thursday…the day was a success. I drove home tired, exhausted but happy that I was able to hang out with Brian and Ian and the rest of the band. A little Horrible Crowes interesting fact: the drummer Steve Sidelnyk was in Massive Attack at one point and was the drummer used for the “Mezzanine” demos. Pretty neat huh? I’m sure the owner of Fingerprints as well as my co-workers and I had one of those moments where you kinda stand back and think, “And THIS is why I love what I do.” I don’t think any of us take moments like that for granted.

Brian and Ian during their interview at KCSN.

Soundcheck for the Fingerprints In-Store.

Panoramic view during the performance. The app is called ‘Photosynth.’

Fingerprints made these in-store only posters for the show. I wasn’t even aware that Alex Rosamilia knew about “El Diablo” but it’s cool that people are still keeping that memory of what happens when Alex gets really drunk alive. The last in-store we had at Fingerprints was for Chuck Ragan and he wrote on it “Thanks for all the help.” Pretty sweet that this one has a little something special as well. “Good Luck With The Baby!”

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