I haven’t done any art of my babies in a long time and the first thing I create is a messy painting that breaks my heart with feels.

Hiro’s face was a pain to paint tbh and you can see everywhere I messed up…but everything still turned out pretty good. Literally took all day to finish this. I think I’m finally getting used to watercolour.

- KC pawz 🐾

I know it’s not shaded and all that, but I finally did the line art and then i coloured it and it looks awesome still…I think, anyway.
It looks a lot better than i thought it might end up looking since i didn’t shade and add more details. who knows. maybe i will someday

but enjoy the finished doodle page of the hijack Tangled AU
requested by caged-angel

send a message for an art request if you want. my inbox is always open.

kcpawzart asked:

Sofi, I absolutely love your Hijo de la Luna characters and their designs. I always think back to when I first listened to that song and how beautiful it is and the story. I've been listening to it recently since I saw those character designs of yours. They're really inspiring. You're really inspiring. I love to see your work on my dash. I really do. Keep it up! :3

This is so nice of you to say c: Thank you so much! I’m just blown away that many seemed to take such a liking to the designs I made- and that they were familiar with the song! I remember showing my friends the piece and they’d not know who the group was, since they’re foreign and all. Makes me feel a bit closer to home <3
Please be on the lookout as I will be posting more soon enough!

I just stayed up until 2 am to watch all of Carmilla and I had to make a quick doodle of Laura and Carmilla on the back of my sketch book with crappy lighting and poor quality photo but look at them.

- KC pawz 🐾


I needed to keep myself entertained, so I pulled out my little sketchbook and started drawing some of ionahi’s different Jacks!

1) I loved the bandit jack design. It was pretty and cute and damn that scarf 💕

2) a whole page to her wonderful King! I absolutely love his design and I’ve been meaning to draw him for a long time💕

3) and finally there is a failed attempt at drawing the failed guardian…with no references, so clearly it’s not accurate. Not totally giving up on him tho, so I’m gonna fix/finish (maybe redo) it later 💕

Coloured in one of Ion’s outlines.
The post with her original outlines {x}

I haven’t been able to do much art lately because of school and stress
Since today was my last day of classes, I decided I’d try some colouring and I gave one of Ion’s beautiful line arts a soft, glowing look.

So, Ion, I hope you like this and don’t mind that I coloured it.
You are definitely one of my favourite artists and you’re art work is beautiful and inspiring.
Have a great day!

-KCpawz 🐾

So I just found out about Inktober and I think it sounds super fun so I’m gonna participate as well. I missed day one so here’s my drawing for day two. I’m gonna try draw something for Inktober everyday starting today.

So here’s some Hiro Hamada for my first Inktober drawing. Little nerd eating a pop tart.