There was a post going around a kcon Facebook earlier about me. The original poster believed I was faking in my wheelchair because they saw me walk.

People started replying with pictures of me they took (creepy) and one even proudly posted that she was talking about jumping me with her friends at an ihop I was at after the show. I also received multiple death threats and my job’s address was posted. Along with this, a girl described how she was going to hurt me because she saw me hugging Sanha in a video.

Surprise! My legs work. Please educate yourself on disabled people. Most wheelchair users are still able to walk. Things like canes and wheelchairs make it easier for us to get around. Which is the reason why I use it for moving around big conventions like the LA convention center.

I suffer from mps and tendonitis. If I stand for too long or walk too long I have a sharp pain in my leg and side of my body. It is very uncomfortable and I can faint from the pain alone.

I’m sorry that I wanted to go out and enjoy myself, and I’m sorry that me actually using my legs pissed so many of you off. I’m terrified to go back next year thanks to you guys! :) :)

I did not know they would place me in the front of fan engagements, which some of you think would be a spectacular perk and a motive for me to fake a condition. However, being in a wheelchair is embarrassing for me and I would never want an idol to see me like that.

You guys had no fucking right to come at me the way you did, to post pictures about me and post the address of my job on Twitter.

Also, a lot of you had the audacity to make up stories about me, saying I was rude (I literally am the most polite person ever and I kept to myself and friends the whole time) and that I was bragging about my spot in the fan engagements. It’s sad what lies you guys make up for gossip and attention.

You all need to realize what you post can go a long way, and it can affect someone’s actual life. Now I have to deal with threats and terrible words and pictures of me floating around the Internet.

Please watch this video to educate yourselves so you don’t hurt someone like you did me:

And if you guys could please reblog and spread my response, and stop spreading the false ones on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. That would be great. I also made a post on Twitter (https://twitter.com/tellthemblockb/status/760997518029180928) (I’m sorry it’s messy I’m on mobile right now) so please retweet it if you have an account. Also please call out anyone you see spreading false information about me. Thank you so much.


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