130825 Kaisoo @ KconLA

okay so I reblogged a Kaisoo clip from KCON13 (This was 3 years ago.) and I realized omg I have been there! So I checked my folder (good thing I still have it) and skimmed through my pics. I’m not surprised that Kaisoo was inseparable but I guess I didn’t notice this back then since I haven’t shipped them as hard as I do now. 

so i will start at the ending part of KCON where every artists started crowding the stage for the last bow/goodbye to the fans. 


Ksoo’s hair was reeeeeeeeeeeeed OMFG and Jongin’s was silver/blondish but it was more blond looking in real life but not as blond as Kris’.

now they were at the extended stage. 

Ksoo was now by the edge of the stage, Idk what Jongin did there but im guessing he was picking up something thus Junmyeon and Kris’s also looking down.

hmmm Jongin spotted Ksoo and look where he was aiming for >:) (and how sweet Jongdae and Sehun this was so rare HUHU)

boom Jongin’s by Ksoo now, goals achieved. 

This was after they blasted the confetti, i think I started taking pics of other members that’s why I skipped but anyway Kaisoo’s next to each other STILL.

Kaisoo still by each other. (Lu—han made Ksoo blow the confetti off his hand it was so cute huhu)

Look at Ksoo’s hair omg -_______- it’s not only me who wants this back right?? huhuh

so now we can see some movements, Ksoo started walking to the crowd, probably just wanted to greet some sunbaes on stage, you can see Jongin there like “where u going bebe”

opps maybe ksoo didnt wanna greet the sunbaes or maybe he did, so Jongin took the initiative to walk first. At this time I think they were being instructed to walk back to the main stage to say bye bye :((

OKAY now Jongin noticed Ksoo’s not by him so he was like “okay bae really where the hell are you?”

OMF THIS IS PROBABLY MY FAVORITE PIC OF ALL WHY BECAUSE, HMM it’s enough that Jongin was facing away from my camera but you can still visualize how he looks at Ksoo, like if you’re a Kaisoo shipper YOU know how Jongin looks at Kyungsoo, all the time. all the fcking time. So this pic is just too ncdisjbdsjsjksoa cute, (with bonus chan-baek)

Jongin: Babe is secured I can breathe now.

opps where did he go again?


must let bae walk in front so I see him

@ the main stage. 

24 frames of inseparable Kaisoo. Did you notice the distance that would turn into small space and the next thing you know they’re by each other again and again. It’s like they were magnets. They have some magnetic force that attracts them to stick together. I like it when Jongin seemed to be alarmed whenever Ksoo’s not on his sight. It’s cute, and sweet and it makes me want to believe in love. 

I’m just glad i was able to add this to Kaisoo moments.. all pics are mine. You can do whatever you want with them if you decided to save them lmao just credit me if so.


“After KCON’s M! Countdown What’s Up LA Concert ended, EXO went to a restaurant in Korea Town, LA. My friends and I were eating at the restaurant next door when we saw a big black van pull into the parking lot. We went outside and saw that EXO were leaving the restaurant on the second floor. Luhan and Chen came out first and then Jongin and Kyungsoo came out next. Jongin had his arm around Kyungsoo’s shoulders and they looked close (like they were intimately having a conversation) as they walked down the steps. The group posed for pictures outside the restaurant before they went into their vans.”

source: moonchunsa

Kris audio masterlist

Here is a compilation of Kris’ audios outside (and including) the songs that EXO have released in the past two years! I’ve remixed these clips to HD and tried to remove the background audio in some of the tracks, but I got a little lazy towards the end. 

Thank you for enduring two years for us, Wu Yifan. ♥

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(fancam) 130825 kcon 2013 ♡ hunhan @ 0:08 & 1:37