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Hi. This isn’t my video, I found it. A black girl went to EXO M’s fan engagement / signing at KCON 2012 and she had an interaction with Luhan and Chen.

Luhan interaction: at 1:30 she said ‘I like your hair’ and he kinda blushed lol, touched his hair and said ‘thank you’

Chen interaction: at 2:18 I think she said 'I love your voice’ and Chen laughed saying 'I love it too’

[MUST READ] FANACCOUNT 121014: NU'EST and Manager~nim @ Westin Hotel, Autograph Scenario

I am one of the thousand people who did not get any voucher for KCON’s Autograph Session. However, I was able to get some of the Nu'Est’s members’ (Minhyun, Ren, Aron) signature.

It is unbelievable that my friends I stayed at the same hotel of the KCON’s artists. That having said, I took the advantage for me to say “Hi, thank you and goodbye!” to the artists and so I waited at the lobby right after I arrived from the concert. I did not want to miss EXO as I had to give them something~ That gift was from my friend who was really tired, so I stayed up all night night and waited for EXO. Too bad that I did not see them~

Hours passed and it was morning. I’ve already taken my bath and was ready to check out. I was just waiting for the artists. 

Every single “ding” from the elevator is haunting. After numbers of it, I can’t believe my eyes. Ren, my Nu'Est bias is right there just infront of me. After sleepless nights, I saw him and it’s just refreshing~ TT He came down with JR and Minhyun for breakfast. They all greeted the fans! I wanted to ask them for their autographs, but knowing that they’ll be eating, I decided to wait. Not to mention, I don’t have the strength to ask them for a sign! TT I am really, really shy when it comes to those things~ TT

I asked my friends if they think they’d sign it. I showed them my album, and my friends gave me the assurance that they would because it’s their album. My friends told me to always remember that “If you have their album, they’ll sign it!”

Some minutes passed and Aron and their manager (I didn’t know it was their manager at first) went next. And then Baekho went down last for his breakfast. Then, the 3 went back.

I really wanted to ask for their autographs, but I was so shy that I just stood there! Luckily, there were fans who asked for their autographs and that stopped them from going to their rooms. My friends really supported me to go for it as well, so I came up to them and asked for it.

It seems like they, specially JR since he was the one nearest to me, got really interested to sign my item just because I was the only one who had their album. Other fans had papers and notebooks.

JR enthusiastically reached for my album, but for some reasons, he was not able to sign it. It so happened that the fans were aggressive enough to get his attention. Therefore, while JR was confused on which one to sign first, Minhyun grabbed the album from him and then, he signed it. XD I can feel the tension that they needed to go up before they get more fans, so I asked Ren to sign it next instead of going back to JR. As Ren~biased as I am, I think that scenario was magical.

Ren took the album with both hands. And… And… And he looked at me in the eyes for a whole second or 2!!! (Do you guys think he remembers me?) He then bowed his head and took my marker. He started signing the album, but the marker’s cap was still on and when noticed that that was the case, he looked shy and it was really cute! TT He opened it and finally signed my album. JR talked to Ren. It seems like they needed to go. But instead of just leaving me, Ren paused for some more seconds, gave me back my marker and looked at me in the eyes, again! And he said “Thank you!” YES. He said thank you in ENGLISH. TT

Of all the fans who asked for their autograph, Ren gave his last autograph to me.

The 3 went back to their rooms. And I legit cried after that! TT

Same scenario happened and Aron and his manager were on their way to their room, but this time was kind of different because it seems like I was the only fan who wanted his autograph.

As shy as I am, I lost hope that I will be able to get his autograph because no one was standing up. But then, my friend really wanted me to get his autograph. Therefore, she pulled me from my seat and started dragging me to where Aron was. We ended up following him til the elevator, but we did not follow them til the inside of the elevator, ofcourse.

I asked him if he could sign it for me, but he asked his manager first before he could do that. It was really intense because the door can close in any second by then and the manager has not answered it yet~ TT I lost hope because of those, BUT. The manager put his hand on the door so it won’t close! He then allowed Aron to sign it! TT TT TT Aron took my album, but there were other people who needed to get in the elevator so Aron told the people it’s okay and that they can go ahead inside the elevator. And you know what else?! The manager initiated Aron to go out the elevator and even said sorry to the people that waited to get in!!! TT TT TT It was really, really heart~touching that the manager was like that, so I bowed my head and thanked him! I also thanked Aron, and geez! By that time, my tears were about to fall! TT He took the album with him and he signed it, leaning on the wall. And he a drew a heart on his cheek!

He gave my album and my marker back to me and then fans started to ask for his autograph as well.

I was not able to get Baekho’s signature because by the time he went back from his breakfast, we were composing ourselves for EXO. I got afraid that while I’m taking Baekho’s autograph, EXO might come out. I don’t want to leave Baekho and run after EXO to give them that gift, so I had to sacrifice Baekho’s signature. It seems like he needed to go back to his room right away, anyway.

Now the reason why this is a “Must Read” is because I want everyone to know how cool their Manager is! I even wanted to hug him. He was really nice and cool about it~ TT Also, I am a resident of the SMTOWN and there is no way that I’m fabricating this. Everything is written from my memories.

So Manager~Oppa! If ever you’re reading this, thank you so much for everything! TT 

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1. Favourite animal? I like cats.

2. Best food you’ve tried so far? Chiles rellenos are bomb

3. Most memorable song? View by SHINee (buy it on itunes peeps)

4. First EXO bias? Why? Technically it was Tao, but he lasted as my bias for like 2 seconds, so I’m gonna say Kris. I though he was a good leader.

5. Do you like the snow? Yes, but it never snows here :(((

6. Name something that makes you happy of being you. I guess the opportunities I’ve had to travel.

7. Favourite EXO moment? When I got to see EXO-M for the first time up close at KCON 2012. (it was a crazy experience and I almost died, but it was worth it.)

8. Do you believe in angels? Yeah

9. What is the difference between love and being in love? I have no idea.

10. you’s a cutie ☺️☺️☺️ aww thank you!!!

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Hey these you-tubers KPOPSavant have a video from kcon 2012 its a bap video and from the looks of it Daehyun is staring right at her trying to be slick lol what do you think.

s/n: he was definitely staring at her…and got caught xD


KCON 2012

We. Were. So. Freaking. Close.

Luckily, I’m small and short so me and my friend were able to squeeze our way to the front of the huge crowd.

My appreciation for Jongup has risen like 400%… he was so cute and kept on waving at us >.< lol everyone around us was screaming at zelo but he didn’t turn around 0-0

asdfghjkl see you guys at kcon 2013, right?

My Pictures of the EXO-M Photo Session

photo credits: me lol


This is my first time seeing this and this honestly made me so happy😊


Gifts I’ve prepared for EXO-M and BAP to give either at the airport tomorrow or at kcon! I’m so so so so excited to see them I can’t even. it’s like 4am and Demi and Lauren and I are still up preparing things and too excited to sleep and we have to be up in 2 hrs to get ready to go to the airport hella freakin early aslkdjalsjdlaksjdlkajsldkjas  i can’t guys. i’m gonna see them (hopefully) in 11 hrs or max 1 day omg alskjdlaksjdlakjsldkjalsdjlasd