Klaus looked down at her in quiet dismay given what had happened Caroline knew deep down she deserved it if only a little. The look of apprehension he had before he went on ignoring her wasn’t meant for her but she saw it anyway. Not that she would mention it now in the middle of helping his sister Rebekah with the leftover boxes of her nearly empty dorm.

Caroline wasn’t sure of what to do other than to make sure Rebekah didn’t catch on that they weren’t their usual quarreling selves because as usual Klaus was useless  for help. The pair had never worked in silence before, in severe aggravation maybe, but not in a staggering silence that was more than off-putting for her. Fortunately Rebekah was adamant they get this done in the next hour so she could move into her new apartment that afternoon keeping them just the right about of busy.

So when Caroline bit her tongue for a full forty-two minutes before she grabbed for his arm, surprising him and herself Klaus should have seen it coming. He grumbled out her name as she dragged him around the old red brick building trapping him against the hard wall. Klaus blinked at her in shock as the disgruntled look about him all but disappeared.

Once she had him stalled against the brick with her arms draped over his neck Caroline struggled with words when she lifted her head. It reminded her of the quiet corner they had found themselves in the last time they had seen one another. The blonde watched the line of his throat as he swallowed words meant for her as his grasp became more firm around her waist.

A gasp escaping her as her nose brushed his then she felt him lift his hands to her arms actively dragging her off of his chest, “If you’re going to stand there and not say anything,” he cautioned with a mild tone, “I’ll leave Caroline.”

She frowned uncomfortable with her silence and the nice way he smelled after everything they had done that morning. Unsatisfied with her lack of reply and clearly reading her hesitation for indifference Klaus unfastened himself from her arms and tread heavily away from whatever moment they were about to share. Caroline let out an annoyed sound as he rushed away thinking about just letting him leave but that would not serve her purpose in explaining why she disappeared after kissing him and why it had nothing to do with him.

With a grunt she called out to him, “Klaus! Wait!” The blonde called as she chased after him.

Klaus froze at the feel of her fingers at his shoulder making his back stiffen just as he reached the end of the building. He turned his head looking back at her hoping Caroline wouldn’t notice the hope dawning inside of him at her sight and the image of her kiss swollen lips making him weak at the thought of chasing her kisses yet again. Klaus growled as Caroline pulled him into her against the wall yet again hiding in the shadow of it as Rebekah appeared from the front of the building searching for them.

This time however it was her pinned to the wall hiding in the crook of his body and wrapped in his arms as he grilled her once more, “Tell me why you left because I’ve been going bloody mad all week.”

“I like you and I didn’t expect to,” her answer was swift sounding blurted out making him chuckle softly against her cheek, “So I ran to tell your sister before anything else could happen. And then you wouldn’t talk to me.”

He stopped with a gentle kiss, “I’m sorry Caroline, I was sulking but I’ll do better.  I promise,” he murmurs between faint feathering kisses that have her mouth chasing his.

denielapple  asked:

Klaroline putting together ikea furniture

AN: I am so sorry I took a million years to write this but I do hope you’ll love the idea I came up with on a whim. Moreover I want to thank @kickassfu for being a big part of the reason this was so long and took so long.

Please help me thank the lovely @denielapple, for prompting me. Happy reading loves!

For the last few days he had been more than high strung, Klaus knew but it was Rebekah’s own fault. He also found it ludicrous that she would try to insinuate that his mood had anything to do with a certain blonde staying in his loft for the week as his frown deepened at the feel of his phone ringing in his pocket.

It was Caroline’s tone, he had it set that way for no particular reason at all other than boredom he always rationalized with himself. He sought out his phone as he picked it from his pocket muttering as he answered.

“I can’t believe this,” Klaus’ accented voice filled Caroline’s ear with an annoyed tone she hoped wasn’t directed at her. It was.

Ignoring him however was always her first instinct so she went for it, “Klaus,” she greeted him over the phone as she finished her signature off on the tablet reciving the packaged Klaus had asked her to look out for.

Lines formed on her face forming a grim look as the delivery men let themselves out with bashful looks across their faces. She had only looked away a second to slide on her heel when she heard the loud scratching sound across the what she presumed was an expensive floor job. Now she was left to explain the occurance to her, er, host? To Klaus.

Her eyes automatically rolled back when he spoke however using that condesending tone that truly grated her nerves from time to time, “Caroline, I thought we agreed you wouldn’t call me at work.” Klaus greeted her in turn.

With a deep breath Caroline took the high road, “Well I thought,” she paused reversing her decision when he made a deep sound in his throat, “You know, with my lady brain. That you would want to know your custom order bed just landed on your custom designed wood floors scratching the entrance.”

There was a pause so brief that she could picture the rubber band of his mind possibly snapping when he hissed rather darkly into the receiver, “I’ll be right there, Marcel!” He called to someone in the distance.

Klaus felt his hand twitch as Rebekah passed his office door on the way to her own unbeknownst to her Caroline was on the line for him. He held the phone between his ear and shoulder as he scribbled down a note focusing on the discerning tone the blonde he had thought about every day of his adult life about. Marcel stepped into his office as the line went dead on her end signalling his dismissal Klaus prerended the line was still active and dismissed the call of his own accord before he engaged with his colleague.

Caroline fought to stifle her laugh as she hung up the call, her eyes forcibly noticed the time registered on the screen. She was so going to be late for her interview, Caroline thought in a panic before she grabbed her bag to go. Staying with Klaus this weekend was not exactly her idea even though it had made sense logically to not get an expensive hotel room when his guest suite was available.

Or at least that was what Rebekah had said and Caroline had just been repeating it to herself since then. Klaus and herself only got along once, once, Caroline shivered as she wondered if she would ever suppress the memory of his lips. Of his tongue brushing hers, reliving it she shook herself from the sensation.

“Get over it,” she muttered to herself as she made her way out of the building pausing only to smile at the frontdoor man.

Having been drunk kissing and grinding against your best friend’s brother’s pelvis against a staircase during a college party wasn’t her best moment. Both of them pretending it never happened after that wasn’t far behind on things Caroline would like to suppress. Although now was turning out to be fantastic, she wished she would get to see his face as he set eyes on the scratch but alas she had a certain poacher to impress.

When Klaus opened his front door he called for Caroline only to realize far too late what day it actually was so the blonde in question was already gone. A heaviness overtook him in the solitude of his home as he took a deep breath only to catch her temporary, he reminded himself,  lingering scent filling his nostrils. His eyes then fell to the floor, the three foot long new feature marring his designer floor did not improve his sour mood.

Working efficiently Klaus removed his suit jacket and undid his tie as he reached for the house phone prepared for battle with the store manager. After an hour on both his cell phone and house phone he had untucked his shirt and removed his trouser socks and shoes but he had won a few small battles. The retailers had been overly friendly but untilmately unhelpful after the purchase had been made and the delivery crew he had hired to pick the custom bed up from the store had left the premises while he was at work which left him to duel with the delivery team.

He had been smart about the insurance policy but in the end was out still a hefty sum making him wonder why he got insurance in the first place. Klaus then checked the clock on the stove and he saw it was drawing passed dinner, long past the time Caroline said she would be free. He had hoped to scrape some time together to diplomaticlly discuss her position, he groaned at the censoring of his own thoughts.

His eyes shut he rubbed his face with his hand as he hoped to scrub away the desire to see her enter and smile for a brief moment before she realized that they dispised one another. Something that was easier to admit to whether it was false or not than to admit to the truth which was that he was irrevocably in love with Caroline Forbes. Klaus found himself in the kitchen looking through his fridge like a bored bloody teenager opening and shutting the door as he thought maybe something new would appear each time.

He was wrong so instead he reached for a lager and a tupperware container that had her name on it. He smiled at the yellow post-it that read,

‘Dinner for Friday-Caroline, p.s. DON’T TOUCH KLAUS.’

“Opps,’ he laughed in the quiet of his loft allowing himself a moment of reward as he shut the door to the fridge after he gathered another ale in his hand.

Caroline was fried after she had spent the day in a series of interviews. She had found herself arriving back his place late that evening after a dinner with her boss or hopefully her new boss. She was confident after a day of questions and scenarios that she would be one of the top people taken into consideration for the position but again nothing was offical yet.

She rummaged in her bag for the spare Rebakah had lent her hopeful that due to the late hour Klaus wouldn’t even be an issue. Her hopes diminished when the door opened and Caroline walked in to find Klaus holding a lager by the kitchen bar standing as if waiting for her.

He heard the key jingle from the hallway outside and knew it was her but made no move to leave his place by the marble island. Klaus ignored the fact that he might have had a drink too many to properly discuss what he had been planning on discussing. The soft buzz of his body reminded him of ears ago when he felt her supple body against his writhing with intensity. They had been interrupted but Klaus had hoped rather foolishly that Caroline and he would have time to sort out what had happened between them and how wrong had he been.

With visions of days before he faced her, watched as she slung her keys back into her bag unaware of him, “You’re in late,” he observed darkly from the other end of the long open concept living room.

What little of her smile was left was diminished as their stare down grew intense, “Okay, hi mom,” Caroline snorted as she made to avoid him by walking directly towards her room, “It’s barely ten so I think I’m early enough for curfew!”

He chuckled dryliy, “Adorable, really,” he said offensively as he perched his back against the wall, “The delivery team said you signed off so they’re not as liable as I’d like for them to be.”

Caroline felt that it was as if he was pushing for a fight. Looking poorly to her to take his day out on, it was then she grumbled under her breath about a perfectly good day ruined. The blonde counted the five bottles on thenisland and rolled her eyes when it all made sense.

Klaus hardly drank, a glass or two of burbon but after that he normally was fine so naturally this beguilled her, “That’s what you do with a package,” she reminded him of society’s code of conduct, “You sign for it!”

Klaus watched her, he felt like a predator wolf lurking out for his prey. Caroline was the perfect prey and he longed to see the face she made when he ruffled her perfect feathers. He lips seemed to pout, green eyes ablazed, her whole being sermed to light up so blinding like her own sun no need to tell her it was all settled.

Caroline felt her insides boil over at the near smirk he gave her as his eyes lit up like ready, set, go. The same deep, penetrated look he gave her that night, the exact same look he gaves her each time before the pair have them argue. Damn him, her mind shouted at her as he stalked forward talking measured steps until he was before her nearly pressing her to her door sending up all sorts of red flags.

His tongue darted out tasting the ale on his lips as he watched her closely, “Now I’m out thousands of dollars,” Klaus replied sounding indifferent.

Distracted as their eyes locked he spoke, “Caroline,” his tongue danced over her name as his breath lined with hints of his lager fanned her cheeks, “All over a bed.”

She sucked in a breath and realized her mistake a second too late when her senses were violated by his day old aftershave and delectable aroma that was always so perfectly Klaus. Her mind and body malfunctioning in a high degree as she fought to exhale her anxiety, her eyes darting from his mouth to his neck. Why, her every part of her asked and Caroline had no answer as he smirked and she had no idea which one of her reactions had caused it.

It was a moment suspended in time just like this that would forever be locked in his mind. Caroline was a vision, Klaus was big enough to admit to himself that he was a fan of every part of her. But this, fire, he named it, he sought it out only to recreate it as a sketch immortalized forever time and again.

Her eyes turned to slits, she felt her face colour, her body heat in a way that was not entirely unwelcome. So she was surprised when she missed her hand placed over his broad, hard chest. Caroline distinguished the surprise that lit his fearures before he could isolate them and stow such human feelings aside. And it did not stop her from being very close to telling him just where he could stick his, er, bed frame.

“A bed you haven’t stopped talking about.” Caroline rejoindered with a narrowed look of her own as she took in the picture he made, displeased expression doing nothing to diminish his handsomeness as his brows knit together in deep concentration.

His manicured thumb grazed her knuckles just so making her gasp before her fingers pulled her own hand away and she balked, “Why isn’t it set up by the way?” Forcing her voice steady.

Spell gone, the frission of the moment dispersed, Klaus’ eyes drifted from her lips to the door behind her tracing the pattern as he struggled for words if only momentarily, “The man I’m paying to set it up was unavailable until noon tomorrow,” his answer came in an unsatisfactory fashion.

All at once the light extinguished in his eyes but Caroline hardly noticed it as she spoke, “Klaus its a bed, do it yourself.” She told him before she scathed, “Moneybags.” Under her breath while her back leaned against the door.

Disdain, he read it so clearly on her face that it disappointed him, “You know,” he started to say lager in his hand as he gestured to her.

“Just when I think we’re seeing eye to,” he stopped himself always careful to never reveal too much just like the morning after their first kiss as he took a step back and then another leaving Caroline breathless, “Nevermind. Goodnight Caroline.”

Caroline’s hands at her sides clutch for purchase against the door as her mind and heart struggled in his retreat to figure out just what had transpired between them. Vaguely she heard him drop the bottle in the sink as he stormed to his office where Caroline was certain he had a layaway bed in the sofa. All this occured to her but moving, letting this moment go, frightened her to her core. So she waited, collected herself  before she slid into the safety of her room.

Klaus could not be enticed to sleep even after the generic Murphy bed had been pulled down and he had changed the sheets something was wrong with him. His secret turmoil spilling out in aggravated breaths and grunts as he removed his loosely buttoned shirt with rolled up sleeves and his tailored slacks. He sat up with a feeling of dislike as he muttered the nickname that had marred her lips as it slipped through before walking to his bedroom where it lay over the carpet that protected this floor.

Her first uttered thought after she realized she was awake was the curse word she heard Klaus speak not a moment later. She had struggled to get some sleep after their little tiff hours earlier preparing for bed in a mechanical fashion as she pulled on a light blue silk slip gown. A soft mournful yawn escaped Caroline as she found herself awake yet again in the middle of the night thinking of him. Maybe it was the fact that she was in his city, in his bed, Caroline felt her face heat at the false thought that escaped her when she heard another bang sound.

The side of her face rubbed at her pillow as she willed herself to sleep, to shut her eyes and stop listening. Why was he so enthralling? She scoffed at herself, “You mean irritatingly confusing Caroline,” her mind wandered out loud.

“I’m in far too deep,” she whined to herself rubbing her eyes knowing that sleep would never come for her now.

Earlier her tiredness has worn her into a slumber but now it seemed her body, mind and most terribly her heart was eager to figure out the noises that had piqued her ears interest. At the sound of a groaned sigh followed by a metal clacking Caroline began to sit up in her temporary bed. A deep exhaled escaped her as she looked around the room her fingers playing with the delicate necklace her father gave her when she was younger, the final gift he gave her before he  passed. Caroline felt her heartbeat under her chest as she copied the beat with her breaths.

She felt warm, almost too hot as she started to shove the floral covers off of her body in an effort to cold down. Quickly after she sat up Caroline realized that he too must have been bothered by the conversation between them and had in fact woken up. It was when she heard another term she wasn’t overly familar with followed by a grunt of the wood he was working on that the blonde knew what he was up to.

“Cheeky little,” Klaus sighed as Caroline listened quietly from her place on the bed.

With a deep breath she eyed the ceiling following the crown moulding as another groan escaped his bedroom floating across the vast loft through her door. It seemed to Caroline that he was confused, fustrated, that he felt now how she had felt before when she had spoken to him. She rationalized quickly however that she was thinking far too much about what had happened and comparing both situations was entirely useless becauae Klaus simply did not feel for her what she had always felt for him.

It was a sober thought to Klaus that he had her so near and yet it he had never felt more distant from Caroline. Often, more often than not, he had pondered why his heart was resistant to the charms of another more willing offer. Still, his heart persisted in loving a woman that would never have him he thought with a groan as he tossed away the wooden frame.

Caroline fought within herself, with her scattered, tired thoughts, that Klaus might feel something similar to how she felt. Be that in the situation from before or her ongoing battle with her heart to let him go as she brushed the hair from her face back behind her ears. She willed the idea away that Klaus felt something possibly similar to what she did as she leaned further down catching wisps of what he muttered.

“Calm down, Niklaus, you have a degree in….” She heard him as he bemoaned to himself possibly berating himself for his lack of everyman knowledge that she had mocked him for not having.

Caroline stilfed a laugh as she wrapped her robe losely over her shoulders tiptoeing to the door, “Niklaus,” she whispered into the dark walkway as she took quiet steps towards the kitchen.

Her idea had been to make him a tea, as a sign of peace when she almost knocked over the kcup box to find more than the few she had used missing. Caroline smiled to herself as she decided to make a coffee seeing as it was nearing four am. He cursed again sounding closer than he did in her bedroom.

For a moment Caroline thought she had been caught out but Klaus was far too preoccupied across the apartment to worry about her. Gathering the mug she normally used knowing it would annoy him because it was actually his favorite. She worked diligently calling on her barista skills from her college days until the mug sat in steaming glory now ready with warm liquid perfection and she strolled through the loft freely.

Klaus really did have good taste, she thought looking at the decor of the room for the first time without feeling self conscious about being there. Caroline allowed herself a peek inside the opening of his office as her back brushed the back of the open door. His scent seemed to surround her, his essence flooding her with awareness as her feet moved to step away. Her soft steps were barely registered in her mind as she seemed to float to his bedroom coated in courage as she reached for the door handle.

“I will find you and I will kill you,” he promised the missing screw he had lost as he searched the pocket of his gray sweatpants.

This time Caroline did giggle making Klaus stutter in his idle threats as his eyes shut in embarrassment. What a picture he must have made on his hands and knees scouring the plush brown carpet he thought as he willed himself to look to her. Klaus bit his tongue minutely grateful he had managaged not to swallow it at the sight if her barely clothed leaning against his doorway.

“Klaus,” she sighed crossing her arms as she sipped from his mug unaware of what it did to him, “The tree is already dead.” She reasoned, “Don’t torture it.”

Caroline complimented herself inwardly for not gawking at his bare chest, only taking a sip of his coffee to hide her jaw dropping as he spoke from his place on the floor, “This is not a true screwdriver,” he proclaimed waving the silver tool that had come with the instructions.

“Did you google it?” Caroline asked as she skirted her way into the room as she tried for nonchalance.

“Caroline,” her name grumbled deep in his throat in reply as he watched her come to her knees next to him bewildered.

“Here, sip, shush,” she smiled as she held out his mug for him to take his hand reaching as he appraised her long legs beside him.

If she noticed as much she didn’t mention it which was fantastic because he had not planned on another fight, “Coffee?” He sniffed looking at the caramel liquid she gifted him as he imagined it was a show of peace.

She made a grab for the tiny screwdriver in his hand pointing it at him with it when she did, “Don’t pretend you bought that for me,” Caroline replied jovilly, “The k-cups were already half gone.”

He simpered edging closer to her on his knees until she could feel his body heat radiating in the leftover space, “No one can know,” he said in a conspiring tone.

She blushed even as her mouth fell open, “Are we sharing secrets?” Caroline asked him in near glee as a shiver slid down her spine.

“Well,” he paused dramatically to drink a sip of coffee, “I showed you mine, Love,” he flirted with a wink in her direction.

Frazzled didn’t begin to explain how Caroline felt as she made her way around him to take in what he had actually accomplished, with a chuckle she told him, “I’ll handle this side.”

They worked in a comfortable silence with Klaus on one end and Caroline working not so far away from him sharing the instructions. A look every so often shared between them lingered as they steadily completed the frame of the bed until finally they only had one section left. Caroline felt Klaus’ chest against her back as she struggled with the tightening of the last screw, his arms reaching around her to help her finish.

He didn’t know why it felt so natural to wrap himself around her though he wagered it was a mixture of lack of sleep and the lateness of the hour as he released the silver tool into her care. Caroline smiled as she turned her head to look at him as she rose up and lifted her leg up over the newly built frame. His eyes followed her to the mattress wrapped in plastic by his closet door watching as she gestured with her head for him to help.

Klaus flushed as he realized what she was silently asking, “How are you so patient?” He queried as he stood struuing towards the new mattress as she finished unwrapping it.

Caroline grinned as they lifted the memory foam mattress off of the carpet settling into a slow pace towards the bed, “How are you not?” She asked as her robe slid down for the fifth time that last hour, “You have siblings.”

Klaus smiled at her reasoning as he quipped, “Aggravating to a fault,” not expecting her reply to be witty or revealing.

The blonde nightmare qcross from him scoffed though she agreed with him, “Just like you,” she pointed out as they slipped the bed into place.

Klaus felt the concerned creases pf his forehead and eyes form at the acknowledgment of his usal behavior, “You find me aggravating?” He couldn’t help but ask.

Caroline walked around the bed, her fingers fussed with the silk rope around her waist that kept coming loose as she thought out her reply, “I find you,” she paused with a small blush he barely caught, “Frustrating.”

Intrigued Klaus caught her warm, soft hand without a second thought as she tried to walk to his door distracting her, “In what way?” He asked curiously.

She smiled at the feel of her hand in his looking down at their entwined hands, “I’ll keep that to myself,” she let out in a breath.

“I thought we were sharing secrets,” Klaus pressed with a swift motion of his hand tugging on hers to pull her body that much closer to his so he could catch the light going up in her eyes up close.

“Klaus,” she barely whispered as he set her hand over his heart as it had been earlier that evening so that his own hands could slant down her ribs to her waist pushing her closer.

“Caroline,” her name flitted across her lips causing flutters of delight to course through them as their eyes searched one anothers.

Her hands found themselves going up, up, up over his arms, her fingers pressing into his shoulders and neck. His stubble tickled her cheeks, his teeth pricked her bow lips as time seemed to once more suspend in a moment. A soft moan escaped her at the feel of his blunt teeth scrapping over her bottom lip but Klaus still waited. His eyes still searched hers, beseeched her permission even as he willed it to be so.

And so her eyelids fell closed as her lips felt his smiling ones slide over her own in feather light kisses before finally tasting the sweet cavern of his mouth once more. Klaus groaned making her laugh softly into their kiss remembering why she had woken up this morning in the first place as she tasted the lingering coffee and toothpaste flavor of his supple mouth. Her lips left his and began to travel his throat, nipping and kissing the expanse of skin there as she listened to the sounds she elicited in him.

His fingers gripped her waist massaging her tired limbs as his hand fought with the front knot of her robe causing her to gasp his name into his neck in response. It was a warning Klaus knew as her hard breath teased his neck spurring on his actions as her own hands grew adventurous over his tense torso causing his muscles to flinch where she touched. His mind went blank as her robe fell back exposing the soft creme color of her shoulders his mouth drying at the sight yet eager to taste.

“It only took nine years,” he uttered gruffly as she laughed, her laugh turning into a sigh when he snared her in for a deep plunging kiss that dueled with the memory of their first.

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Just My Luck

My contribution to Klaroline Arbor Day with special thanks to @lilbreck for helping me from the beginning of this idea to the last draft. With that said my mistakes are my own.

 I really hope you enjoy this because it really got me writing again and I hope you love it as much as I do. Thanks and happy reading as always! :))




“Just my bloody luck,” he mutters as he looks at the ever growing list of delays on the screen noting that his flight has just appeared on it.

The storm outside the building’s windows inflicting havoc on Klaus’ plans to go home early and get a few days of silence before his siblings arrive home next week. The idea is now less likely he thinks as he reaches for his luggage getting ready to duel it out with the airport representatives for a refund. Disgruntled he moves gruffly through the throng of people going this way and that when he sees a sight that stops him in his tracks.

Klaus’ lips stretch into a smile seeing her across the airport looking rung out and defeated a look he can confess he’s never seen on her before. It almost makes Caroline seem, human. Rolling his luggage behind him he preens checking his coat and rubbing the growing scruff over his jaw. It had to have been at least four years since he saw her last. His head shakes away the memory of the last time he saw her, the last time he touched her intimately. She’s biting her lip now, a death grip on her purse and luggage as he makes his way over still unnoticed.

“Caroline,” he utters from beside her as he pulls to a stop putting his luggage in front of him just in case this was a bad idea.

She wants to throw an adult tantrum and tell the customer service rep where exactly she can put her apologies but rationally Caroline knows it’s not her fault. It’s not anyone’s except this freak storm outside that she and the airport hadn’t planned on back in October when she booked the flight. Now said storm was delaying all of the flights she can think of to try to find a way home. So instead she stands there bags in hand thinking about getting a rental and seeing just how far that goes when her mother’s voice in her head warns her about the dangers of being alone in the middle of a storm.

Caroline beams, the defeated look no longer mearing her features as her green eyes shine realizing who has just spoken her name, “Klaus?” she cries excitedly pulling him into a hug.

She shivers feeling him press against her enveloping her with his recognizable scent, so welcoming and all together so new. Caroline holds onto him pleased to see a familiar face under the circumstances she finds herself in happily noting that he’s not eager to pull away as his hands drag down her hips when she leans back. They stare into one another’s eyes disbelieving of the reality as Caroline struggles to find her voice or any words at all.

Nibbling on her lip she’s encouraged by the look of fondness he gives her, “Wow, what are you doing here?” she asks never having expected to run into him here or anywhere for that matter.

“Same as you I would think, trapped by the storm,” Klaus gives her an easy answer as her eyes drag down his front distinctly lingering a moment too long on the cluster of necklaces he has around his neck leading down his chest.

One in particular he guesses recalling that he still wore the thin black leather cord that held the remains of the cheap broken locket she found one day before their trysts. Shagging his sister’s old sorority friend had never been at the forefront of his mind until he met her. And even then, ‘shagging’ was never quite the right word for what they were doing though neither was the term ‘making love’. From the moment they met it was like spark and timber, even now he felt the blaze between them.

“Pretty much,” she replies in kind taking him back to the present as she takes a step back her hands falling from his shoulders down his arms in an easy caress, one surely an old friend wouldn’t read into.

Klaus scratches his neck, his skin flaring as he reveals why he’s there, “I’ve just flown in,” he pauses, “I was on a connecting flight to,” Caroline nods.

“New Orleans,” she finishes for him with a soft incline of her head that makes her hair dip to one side, no, she was not flirting, “I had heard you had moved out there,” she admits.

Klaus’ eyes narrow, “Rebekah,” he gathers and she nods in response at the sound of her friends name remembering to call her later.

Desperately pushing down the memory of Klaus tied to her bed as Rebekah walked in quickly made her body pulse with an old feeling of embarrassment. Her hand covers her face as it heats, she should not be thinking about how good that day had been before Rebekah had ever known about their little friends with benefits deal. She scratches her brow trying to forget how much their group of so-called friends had teased them afterwards.

She smiles unable to stop, “Well you know we were always close. Even after,” Caroline reminds him with a point of her finger in reference to their brief time together.

Klaus chuckles in spite of himself taking advantage of how close they are as he leans his whole body closer mischievously, “After you threw my shirt in my face and told me none too politely to ‘get out’ for the last time?”

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You might've already answered this question before but what's your all time favourite Klaroline fic? Excluding your own, I've already read every single one of them (your an awesome writer btw)

Oh no anon you do not want that answer from me. It would be long. And there are so many titles/authors that are unavailable now. You new kids are totally missing out on some of the older fics I would have given my whole life to have either finished or published.

I can at the very least give you some that in my small opinion will have you drowning in feels and quite happy to be there. Under the cut for those not interested.

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👑 mafia au

With many million thanks to the ever kick ass @kickassfu who has put up with my gifs for two days and even read this over out of the kindness of her heart!

Thank you for being so wonderful and giving a damn about my writing when even I don’t.

Also you’re an amazing writer and I love you.

Please enjoy!




Caroline huffed at the rain coming down on the crowd that surrounded her probably ruining her blowout and her very, expensive Parisian shoes but she didn’t move. It was against orders. Even now she rolled her eyes at the image of Stefan waving her favorite gun in her face threatening to shoot her with it if she didn’t follow through. Pulling her umbrella out she tried to look as inconspicuous as possible which was hard for a girl with her looks.

No, she wasn’t conceited it was just a given. Caroline probably cursed her looks more than half the time but they got her further into the fold of her criminal family than running the books ever could. Being born into the mafia only got you so far that much she knew being born into the Forbes legacy, the rest a girl had to work for.

She was groomed to be the perfect mob wife, loving gems of every color, knowing who and when to strike but Caroline fought to be more than a pretty face. Caroline was on her own to prove she could get a hit no one could get, Silas, her father’s one true enemy, he had been such an easy read and her being a woman, he never suspected her. Misogynistic bastard.

In this life you were in deep or you were out in the cold but either way it was better than dead cold and sometimes buried. She had even managed to talk him into her trunk before she shot him, two in the skull; Caroline had preened shutting the boot of the car and driving home. When everyone had seen what she’d done they had celebrated until four in the morning and honestly Caroline didn’t remember half of it all she remembered was that she had slept with him, for the first time that night.

With her head bowed low she smirked at the memory as she watched waiting for her mark knowing this is where he would be having kept tabs on him subtlety all this time. It wasn’t her first kill but it was the first she’d feel bad about. He’d been a good lay once when she was young and eager but time had shown its pretty colors to the pair of them and his time was up.

They had sent her expecting results, Caroline always gave results, but she suspected they were testing her. Her loyalty, again, as if Klaus Mikaelson had anything to do with her loyalty to the family she sneered watching the windows as she saw movement inside of the brick building she was watching. It all seemed black and white to them and to them it probably was and it should’ve been to her too.

Klaus had left, joined a rival gang and mysteriously worked his way up a lot faster than she had, done a lot more killing than Caroline would care for having grown up with these guys. That’s where she knew she was still a little too green, these bastards wouldn’t hesitate to kill her but Klaus always would and her family was counting on that. The building’s door opened, the old bell’s sound alerting her to him drawing her away from her reminiscing.

He hadn’t noticed her but she would have to be careful tailing him as he traveled on foot switching sidewalks and back roads in case he was being followed. Klaus would always catch her when she was sneaking up on him in the compound pulling her into rooms they shouldn’t be in to play. She must have been caught up in thinking about these moments too much because he’d walked her right into a dead end.

He turned pulling a weapon from his jacket as he did pausing as he spotted her face under the umbrella, “Bugger, Caroline, you might have frightened me to death,” he uttered in relief.

“That was kind of the point,” she replied in kind treading closer losing her umbrella as he drops his weapon and she lifts hers watching his eyes flicker from her face to her gun.

“So they sent you,” he said betrayal hidden in his tone as he drops his only defense on the ground just like they had all expected him to.

“I’m sorry,” Caroline replied as she cocks her gun shooting him just near his heart watching him tumble to the cold wet ground clutching at his chest.

“You know I actually believe you this time,” he murmured in a weakening tone as she rushes to his side, “Seems fitting though. This is where you’d shoot me.”

She laughed but it was dry, as she holds him on her lap holding his hand to his chest thinking maybe he won’t die, “Here in the heart or at a dead end?”

“Both,” he breathed his eyes slowly closing as he clings to her, “If you would have just come with me,” he tried again but blood flows from his mouth.

“Good job Caroline,” Damon said appearing at the end of the road, smug as ever applauding her as Klaus lays dying in her arms.

“Funny, I don’t even need to call him closer, he comes like a good puppy,” she muttered just under her breath so only Klaus can hear her.

“You’re right, Sweetheart,” Klaus murmured as he reaches for his own gun nearby where he dropped it shooting the Salvatore before he could get another step in.

Another shot resounded in the air and Damon fell to the ground fatally wounded as Klaus ripped open his shirt, “Bloody blanks hurt,” he muttered pulling the bullet from his vest.

Caroline laughs, “Probably from the force of impact,” she said kissing him chastely, something she hadn’t done in years. “Come on, we can’t leave him out here exposed.”

“I’m wounded,” Klaus pouted pulling Caroline in for a proper kiss that was long overdue and lasted longer than both might have cared to admit after years of being apart.

When she first caught wind of this scheme Klaus was already aware of it, it seemed Tyler had been bragging about it in some bar not too long before Caroline had found out. ‘A lucky break’, he had called it when she had used her burner phone and dialed the number she swore she would never need. His voice, familiar and altogether strange had Caroline switching sides and going against her own family.

They talked almost every night, plotting out just what would happen, leaving nothing to chance so sure they would send her to kill him. Caroline had been proven right just three days ago before she had been sent to Boston where they knew Klaus would be alone. Everything went according to plan, everything but the residual feelings that had been exposed by the pair of them when she shot him. She tried to chalk it up to playing the part perfectly as they dumped Damon with a cleaning crew he knew. Her family by now had gotten wind of what she had done and Stefan would no doubt be keeping her gun if only to kill her with it one day and Caroline was planning on making it very hard for him to do.

Klaus had said she wouldn’t have to move up in ranks with him, that she would be at his side though he hadn’t gone into detail about what that would entail. Caroline had made it clear that she wouldn’t be a side piece for him or any of his men, and Klaus had vehemently agreed. As the day grew longer Caroline could only think about what Klaus had planned for her. What her new boss had in store for her and unfortunately they were the same man.

The car had stopped moments only  ago as she drowned in her thoughts as she vaguely realized that Klaus already on his way out of the vehicle when he ducked his head back in asking, “Are you alright?” his eyes holding hers so she wouldn’t lie to him.

“Big changes, that’s all,” she uttered undoing her seat belt to join him knowing the pressure had doubled on their backs just by being seen together.

Caroline had to prove she was loyal now; it wouldn’t be enough for everyone he worked with that Klaus believed in her. Still when she stood up on the sidewalk pretending not to be surprised when he held her hand without a second thought Caroline knew she had made as right a choice as anyone could in this life. Following Klaus into the dark old building she hoped it wasn’t to her death knowing this place wasn’t his main headquarters and she would have to wait to get back home, where ever that was now.

“Where are we?” she asked hesitantly as they climbed up the stairs of the building wishing she had worn more comfortable shoes for this day especially since she would probably be interrogated in a bit.

“My dwelling, no one would ever think to find a mafia leader here,” Klaus replied easily surprising her, something he must have noticed, “Tomorrow we go home.” He said almost reading her mind.

“Klaus,” she asked stopping short wanting to ask what his intentions were but unable to, “Never mind,” she said as they climbed up the third staircase and Caroline pulled off her shoes hearing him chuckle.

“Just in here Love,” he said unlocking the door as she caught up with him, “It’s not much but there’s a couch which I’ll take and a bed for you.”

Caroline’s face didn’t hide the fact that she was disappointed that much was evident by his confident smirk as Caroline turned around trying to hide the fact that he had gotten to her. She felt cold, her umbrella in the back of his car lying on the seat useless and they had run errands after killing Damon. Her clothes were sticky and wet making her freeze in the tempered room as he watched her slide her jacket and black top off of her skin.

Her head turned back to look at him, “I’ll need something to change into,” she told him watching as his mouth hung open watching as she stripped out of her camisole leaving her in a lacy see-through bra.

Klaus swallowed at her movements sensual and above suspicion, completely Caroline, “Shirts,” he uttered with a certain hoarseness to his tone as he pointed to the drawer that would accommodate her best as he gathered himself.

He heard her laugh as she walked to the drawer set opening the one he had pointed to as her free hand unbuttoned her jeans. Red flag, he thought. Caroline was toying with him, his mind screamed at him, after all this time she still had the power to bring him to his knees and he liked it. What had transpired today was merely more proof of it.

Klaus slithered closer pulling his shirt over his head as she straightened pulling her hair over her neck, “Could you help me?” she asked as his hands slid over her back to unhook her bra.

Caroline shivered, she didn’t want to earn his deference by sleeping with him and she certainly didn’t want his gang to think she would be lucky to fall into bed with either one of them. The thing was she wanted Klaus pure and simple. She would work for him sure, keep him close and maybe murder off any of the girls who thought they had a chance with him on the sly.

However Klaus, she couldn’t quite read, ever since earlier when he basically said she had his heart he’s been stand-offish at best so she took to teasing him, just a little. His resolve was strong but her will was stronger and she needed to get him to talk to her, look at her like he once did, as a woman not as another tool in his arsenal.

“Perhaps a shower?” he offered as she pulled his shirt covering her lithe frame from his eager eyes, Caroline shook her head at him as she moved past.

“Too much effort Boss,” she said but the way she said it had his head turning as she slipped out of her jeans and panties before crawling onto the bed giving him a view that made his fingers tremble.

Caroline smiled as she tucked herself into the sheets that smelled of him inhaling deeply as he watched her, “Comfortable?” he asked sharply.

“Did you need a pillow?” she replied in kind tossing him the one that didn’t smell like him, as she settled on her side watching him catch it and sit on the edge of the couch.

“Thank you,” he said punching the pillow as he toed of his shoes and wet socks planning on keeping his jeans on lest she feast her eyes on a familiar protruding member of his anatomy.

“Klaus,” she called his name in way that made his bones chill in pleasure, “Get in the bed, it doesn’t have to mean anything if you don’t want it to.”

He lay back so she couldn’t see the face he made, “I’m perfectly fine here,” he then told her rubbing his cock hissing softly as he rolled onto his side so she couldn’t see him touching himself.

“Fine, I’m climbing on top off you and we’ll both sleep on the couch,” Caroline cried as she tumbled out of his bed pulling the sheets with her and settling on top of him.

“Caroline,” he said in a dark tone she knew would have others shaking in their perfectly fitted suits but she just smiled relishing in the feel of his bare skin under her fingertips.

“Bed, now,” she ordered as his arms went around her waist sitting them up reminding them both that all she was wearing was his shirt.

He groaned looking as if he was in pain as he lifted them both up feeling Caroline wrap her legs around him, “You know I could have you killed for this right?” he asked.

“You know I could have really killed you earlier right?” she shot back as he pressed her back into the mattress pulling the sheets she carried over them creating a small bubble for them both.

“Why didn’t you?” he asked, a loaded question for sure, one they hadn’t bothered to discuss in the last few days or ever at least until now.

“I don’t want you dead,” she whispered as her hands cupped his face feeling exposed, feeling his weight on her, feeling everything at once so much that her eyes watered.

“I love you and I never got to say it before but I want to now. Every day if you’ll let me,” she confessed watching his every expression, every feeling she felt touch his eyes.

“I believe you now too,” he murmured before brushing his lips over hers with the briefest of teases as his hands pushed her shirt up leaving her naked under him.

“Really, no, ‘I love you too Caroline’?” she asks as he kisses her loving the feel of her body squirming underneath him as his hands roam over the tense muscles of her stomach.

Shuddering at the feel of her nails digging into his arms as he kisses her, “It was implied,” Klaus answered her as they twisted in the sheets fighting over who got to be on top.

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You’re drunk and want my name tattooed on your ass. This is a good one to do...

I want to thank @lilbreck for always being in my corner even when I’m being a dummie about drabbles.  I’ve often said that she pulls me out of my personal bubbles more than she knows and this story is for her just because of that reason.

It’s a little over 4k so I’m gonna go under the cut so it doesn’t take up a lot of dash space. Though I can only be so sorry about it being grammarly incorrect so please excuse them. I will make up for it later. This can also be found in my new drabbles page Granted Wish on Fanfic.net.



“No one says ‘just one shot’ and really means it Care,” Katherine cries as she grabs Caroline’s hand dragging her up on the bar stool and finally the bar top.

Caroline laughs as Kat hands her a shot glasses filling it up as the next song starts up in the rowdy bar they’ve been in for, oh, four hours now. Their small drinks clink and it’s down the rabbit hole for Caroline as she swings her hips bumping along with Kat to the beat of the song. She keeps her head up dancing knowing Kat will never tire as she sways putting on a show with her footwork making the crowd cheer loudly along with her.

Kat reaches for her hand as the bartender scoots them off in need of room to serve the guests the pair of them have been entertaining making Kat roll her eyes and Caroline acquiesce to his need graciously. As graciously as a girl filled with whiskey and tequila anyway, strictly top shelf, she was raised right after all in the small town of Mystic Falls. Kat seems to disappear into the crowd leaving Caroline to hunt for a stray chair or table to wait for her so she can go home before she’s too drunk.

Her head sways to the new rhythm of the song playing, it’s one she’s heard for years and for some reason it makes her smile as Kat comes back holding two waters and two beers walking like she’s in a pool of jello. Caroline smiles reaching out to help her as they find a corner of the bar close to the digital jukebox she finds herself leaning on to start in on her drinks. The water is invigorating as it hits her tongue, the lively bar crowd doing a lot to keep her body temperature running high.

“I figured one more wouldn’t hurt,” Kat states as she sips from her beer nudging a smile from Caroline as the blonde shakes her head sipping her drinks with glee.

Caroline only knows three words an hour later, ‘one more beer’ as she observes Kat chatting up the brooding guy she had had her eyes on in the corner of the bar with way too much gel in his hair. Miffed Caroline realized far too late that she wasn’t going to come back with a bottle of water like she said when she sees Kat grab for his hand. It’s a sign that Kat has decided to leave with him something that is confirmed when Kat throws her a sly look and Caroline reaches for her jacket preparing for her journey home. Alone.

Caroline mouths to her friend she’s going home, no need to mention how annoyed she is that once again Kat managed her to move past her three drink max only to leave her high and dry. She counts her drinks, eleven, including shots. They shouldn’t feel this good, she thinks as she pulls her leather jacket back on knowing she doesn’t need it in the hot California air even in the dead of night.

She makes herself focus, knows that with every tap of her heels on the pavement she’s that much closer to her comfy bed she never should have left. Looking back when she’s down the block she discovers that Kat was quick about her escape to as she is nowhere to be seen. Looking back so swiftly makes her sway so she grabs onto the metal rails of a tattoo shop she always passes on her way to work.

Before Caroline can think about it too much she’s slipping inside as her eyes devour the brightly colored displays on the walls and even the front desk. Her eyes release the sketches only to find a man with plump pink lips and dark blonde messy curls atop his head with blue searing eyes focused on three sheets of paper over the front desk.

“Hey, I’m Rose,” The woman with the spunky brunette hair said in a friendly tone as Caroline waved, “I’ll be with you in a moment. Feel free to look around.”

Caroline smiled knowing she was acting drunk because she was staring not at Rose but at the man Rose was talking to and eavesdropping was not above Caroline, especially when drunk. She caught her say his name, Klaus, it suited him even though it made Caroline’s eyebrow rise notably. When he realized he had an audience in her Klaus waved her over, Caroline shook her head but Rose also waved her back to them.

Rose’s eyes flickered from her to him as the corner of her mouth lifted, “Maybe you can help us out,” she says as she slides the papers Caroline can now see are sketches over to her.

“Currently,” Klaus speaks surprising Caroline yet again with his British lit though if he sees her shock he doesn’t show it, “I’m unable to choose between three of these designs. So you can see why I need you.”

“Actually, I don’t.” Caroline squeaks sobering at the worst possible moment because his eyes are so incredibly blue and pleading, “I don’t even know why I came in here.”

“You’re here now,” he replies smoothly as Rose disappears into the back office, “And you’re wearing the shirt of one of my favorite bands -One of my favorite songs.”

Caroline looks down at the cut up yellow and blue Beatles shirt Kat sneered at earlier that evening, “What song?” she inquired only raising her eyes as he makes a noise sounding faintly of amusement.

“With a little help from my friends,” he answered with a bit of intrigue in his tone as he closed some of the space between them.

She rolls her eyes even though internally she’s interested in where he’s going with this, “We’re not friends,” she reminds him hoping she can blame her flirty tone on the alcohol.

His eyes narrow in her lips, her smile, “Give me time,” he tells her as she looks from him over at the sketches he’s kept near this entire time.

“Are these yours?” she asks surprised when she sees his name just on the edge of the paper knowing the answer already before her eyes lock back with his.

“When you make something, it becomes a part of you,” he explains, “That’s why it’s so hard to choose,” Caroline has already surmised this but she won’t mention it yet.

“I like the lines of this one,” she whispers in awe as her eyes took in the thin lines of the antique compass following with the words, ‘Wherever you want to go’ wondering what it might look like in color, “It’s soft almost like they’re just shades.”

“Is that the only thing jumping out at you,” he queries making her blush as his words his breath tickles her cheek, “I suppose I should consider it.” he says her before she can reply.

Rose pops her head back in to find Klaus has just decided, “Great, “I’ll get Trevor to start gearing up,” she tells him reaching for the design as his attention goes back to Caroline.

“Do you have any?” he probes and for a moment Caroline is lost about what he means making her blush profusely when she realizes.

“I have two,” she admits as he smiles in her direction, “Teenage rebellion,” is all she’ll say after when his eyes linger on the star by her toes.

“And the other is?” he asks as his foot sets itself in front of her own closing the rest of the distance between them as she lifts her hand to brush her hair back.

“Just there,” he breathes over her wrist making Caroline inhale swiftly at the feel of his hot breath over her skin, “beautiful.” Klaus compliments her.

Without touching her Klaus has a way of making Caroline feel warm all over making her slow drunken brain short circuit when he speaks again, “You’re welcome to one of these designs.”

“When you’re ready,” Rose calls from the further end of another room making Caroline jump back from their close distance, not an easy feat in her shoes.

“Klaus reaches out catching her arm before she can dive into the glass display next to them, “Um, thanks,” she manages out as the heat of his hands seeps into her body.

“Where are you getting it?” she tests straight after making him the surprised one for once and mentally she gives herself some points for fortitude.

Klaus winks as his hands ride off of her waist only to set his fingers on the hem of his Henley and pull it over his head exposing the other images already inked into his flesh, “Can you guess?” he questions.

Caroline’s eyes shoot up towards the ceiling as he strides around her leaving his sketches and his shirt on the desk leaving her spinning with possibilities. When she trusts that he’s been stamped and seated her greedy eyes search for his sketches reaching for his shirt. An involuntary shiver runs over her at the feel of the still warm fabric smelling so fantastic she has to remind herself of what she’s doing.

She smiles as Rose comes back in to help her wagging her razor perfect eyebrows at her, “Decide on one?” she asks as she reaches back into her little office to grab a hanger for Klaus’ shirt.

“I don’t even know that I want one,” Caroline articulates as she gives up Klaus’ shirt to the brunette, “I mean, they’re beautiful.” She compliments, “And I thought you couldn’t tattoo people who are drunk?”

“You don’t seem all that drunk,” Rose replied as she reached for the two sketches making Caroline’s hold on the edges become harder to escape from.

“Thanks,” Caroline says feeling the bite of her challenging tone as her eyes lock on the one sketch closer to the right replying in a defiant tone, “I want this one.”

Klaus’ deep pink lips form a stunningly broad smile when he sees her walk into the back, “Jeremy will help you,” Caroline hears Rose say as she removes her jacket exposing her arms to the cold room.

“Couldn’t stay away,” he teases as she takes a seat on his side waiting for Jeremy to appear so they can discuss where and how she wants it to look.

“Bite me,” Caroline replies making him laugh and making Trevor throw her a dirty look as Jeremy comes around the corner waving at her with Klaus’ sketch in his hand.

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I'm pregnant klaroline

I hope you forgive me for this prompt took on a life of it’s own and moves rather quickly. I’d also like to thank @that-wandering-belle, who helped me immensely last night in deciding whether or not I should post it. Thank you.

Please Enjoy and Happy Reading!




Her lips were soft and tasted of the one glass of white wine she had for dinner, her body flush against his as they rocked against one another in the nearly empty apartment she had pulled him into.

“Is this place yours?” he had asked.

“Does it matter?’ she replied before sucking on his lip.

She was wild Klaus recalled, her movements reckless and her inhibitions very low. Now though she was panicking momentously and while he outwardly seemed composed he too was more than flustered, finding her again had not been part of the plan. After months, four to be exact, of thinking about her constantly like she was embedded in his skin he realized something.

Something he should have realized soon but he had been acting foolishly, wishing her presence in his mind away. Pushing the memory of her afterglow scent and the way his hands roved the plains of her body like molding a sculpture. He was never supposed to meet her, know her, and take her in the apartment that most definitely was not hers come to think of it.

Klaus had been in a neighboring town close to his pack with only a few wolves alongside him for protection when he had seen her. Enchanted he strode towards her asking her name only to have her rebuff him in front of his faction. He smirked enjoying her fire as she swiveled her hips with extra effort walking passed him, he turned ordering his wolves on a wayward errand leaving him to chase her alone.

He should have been focusing on the undertaking task of growing their parklands, the estate growing smaller with the pack only growing greater. They whole day had been about scouring the outlands to keep everyone close but far enough away that no one was breathing over the others shoulder, quite literally. He ignored this having mentally selected the areas he wanted to pursue finding a more stimulating challenge before him incased in a salacious blonde enigma.

His wolf longed to pounce and claim her as he followed her into the bar watching her give the same rebuff to another, lesser, man delighting him immensely. He slid into the stool besides her grinning as he waved to the spouting fool she had just finished annihilating. The blonde looked over at him with a turn of her neck riled at his sight but sitting down nonetheless.

He gazed at her amiably as he introduced himself, “Klaus,” as he waved away the bartender in a bid for more time alone with her, his wolf loathsome to share her attention.

Her lips pursed in consideration before finally parting, “Caroline,” she stated as their thighs brushed together provoking a feeling deep within his chest.

Now while he observed her spirited pacing by the kitschy rooster timer on the stove as she held the plastic stick in her hands she seemed dissimilar. Caroline was far removed from the devil may care attitude she had carried throughout their adventure some time ago. However Klaus was just as riveted in her manifestation, feeling more than deprived of her presence over the last few months.

She stopped spinning long enough that he got a good look at her frightened bright green eyes, the worrying of her teeth over her lip biting. He longed to pull her into his arms and tell her just what he was but he knew how poorly she would react. Even now hearing the resilient beat of a heart deep within her more than an indication that she was pregnant and he was most certainly the father, his ancestral blood calling to him.

Being a coward was not in his nature and already knowing the truth was a rather large determining factor so Klaus knew what he had to do. His hand reached out his fingers grasping hers brings her back to him in a moment that seemed to defy gravity and all of time and space. Like a pull and tug he seemed to center her, relax her enough to take a deep breath before he spoke.

His brain clouding as he struggled to gather the words it took to explain that he was not only a werewolf but an alpha, and as such he could choose his mate. That he had chosen her without thinking, had bit her and marked her for his own on their first and only night together. How the feelings he had within him may not be matched by her feelings and that she might despise him, where were the words to explain that?

“Caroline,” he paused, her name on his tongue for the first time in months, “Remember when we were drinking and I confessed some things?” he asked treading lightly.

Her eyes rolled as she tried to tug her hand away, “Like that the guys following you around like puppies couldn’t disobey but didn’t work for you? Yeah, why does that matter now?” she demanded.

“Exactly like that,” Klaus hesitated knowing she was looking for words of comfort but receiving this news instead, “Remember how when we were rolling on the floor and I bit you just there.”

His fingers brushed her neck feeling her shiver under his touch, “Klaus the timer is about to ring, please be getting to the point,” she pleaded with him.

“I’m actually a werewolf,” he spit out feeling her stiffen, “And I can hear them, alive, inside of you,” he gestured to her soft bump of her stomach.

The more he heard the repetitious beating sound, the more contented he became, “You are pregnant with my children,” he said as the timer rang gratuitously.

She reached for the timer, her grip powerful, shattering the sound until the plastic device all but disbanded, “Wolf? Wait, children? As in plural?” she squeaked.

He nodded, “It’s entirely possible it will be a multiple birth,” he admitted a little more contained then he had been moments ago realizing he might be distressing her instead of helping.

Caroline seemed to drop all pretenses in front of him, the possibly crazy stranger she had sex with four months ago regarding at him with immense panic, “Are you fucking saying that I am carrying your were-wolf pups?” she cried hugging her stomach.

Klaus took a step closer, probably a stupid idea, he thought as he ventured forward, “Well, they would be ours Love,” he answered back realizing much too late what a horrible reply that was.

“Has a werewolf ever been killed by a human with a frying pan,” she tested in turn reaching for the first pot or pan she could find instead reaching for the skillet nearby.

“This might be a first,” Klaus said reaching for the iron skillet in her hand wrestling it from her fearsome grasp only to push her body closer to his, their eyes locking and erratic breaths mingling.

“You’re insane, this is insane,” her voice, her mind seems scattered coming to a realization as her hand falls on her neck resting a top the small faded piecing of  his teeth that bleeds like a freckle into a wolf’s mate.

“And yet you believe me, don’t you?” he queried, his eyes searching hers only to find the unrelenting truth that she did, a sight that caused his chest to tighten with emotion.

“I do,” Caroline sighed resting her temple under his as he massaged her scalp, rubbing soft circles, “Stuff has happened. Like extra force power, eating meat, weird cravings and I find everything, um, poignant!”

“You’re saying you’re erotically charged?” he asked delicately feeling her body warm even further as he gazed deeply into her eyes. “It’s a side effect prominent in an Alpha’s mate or so I’ve heard.”

“Alpha as in leader of the pack,” Caroline cringed as he lifted her up to sit on the counter of her small kitchen holding her pliable body to his own. “Question. Am I a wolf too?”

“No, err, that would a more complicated matter.” Klaus replied as he wrapped her legs around his hips getting as close to her as his wolf could get. “I could turn you if you like but after with a scratch.”

“I mean, I don’t know. This is a lot to process in less than five minutes,” Caroline admitted to Klaus who could only concede her point.

“True, but for now, you should rest,” he replied lifting her up in his arms, “Bedroom?” he asked as she held onto his back her head resting over his shoulder.

“Left door,” she whispered, her lips tickling his neck as he moved in the direction she had designated pushing open her door, “Will you stay with me?”

Klaus’ wolf rebelled, “Of course, I won’t be going anywhere,” he promised her as he gently slid her out of his arms onto the bed.

“No I know that, I meant in bed with me,” she clarified with a simpering smile that had him crawling over her to rest on the other side of her frame.

“Come here,” he offered as she rolled onto her side fitting against him with an easy sigh as her hugged her body to him cradling her in a gentle embrace until he felt her breaths evening out.

He made an effort to stay awake, to watch over her as she slept, a pleasure he was denied on their first night but when her wayward hand clutched his shirt he felt an odd sense of release. A feeling of contentment heartening him as he pressed closer into her and shut his eyes finding his first true sleep in months.

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kc + "it was Kol's idea!"

Thank you so much to the amazing @itsnotacrimetoloveyou and her wonderful prompt! This is obviously during the TO hiatus presently. Thank you so much for reading and being patient with me!

“Lizzie, baby, what happened?” Caroline asked forcing her tone to steady as she crouched down meeting jer daughters eyes.

“Josie made me do it,” Lizzie blabbed pointing at her twin sister hiding behind Kol.

“We took her powers but only a little bit,” Josie admitted in a small voice behind her vampire shield who only seemed to be heckling louder as the minutes passed.

Caroline stood up, her mind racing, where was Hope, how was she going to get the girls to put back her magic and what if Klaus. Her mind froze, “Okay I will not take the fall for this!” She panicked making Lizzie shrink back.

“It was Kol’s idea,” she gasped shutting her eyes quickly trying to silently panic so as notnto frighten her daughters over the very dangerous situation they were treading.

Kol however gave her mo reprieve, “Caroline! You rat!” He squaked lifting Josie up ontonhis him like a hen mother protecting her young.

Caroline took Lizzie’s hand silently asking with her eyes that Kol hand over Josie, “I’m sorry, but Klaus is calling back soon.” She reasoned knowing the hybrid would by skyping his daughter soon.

Josie came to her as she continued, “You’re immortal and I am so not! I’m a freaking headmistress of a school…stay calm Caroline.” She sighed hearing footsteps approaching.

Davina walked in holding a sad looking Hope, “No one is telling Klaus because this is going to be solved right now,” the witch said looking at Caroline’s twins.

“Awwww!” Josie cried earning a firm glare of silence from her mother.

“How?” Caroline asked feeling a bit calmer now that Davina was on hand to not only help with the situation but keep Kol in check.

“Hope will get her powers back,” Davina said softly squeezing the girl affectionately, “Josie just has to be reasonable.” Their teacher said woth a kind smile.

“No,” Josie cried, “She started it.” Her daugter said as she pointed over at the small redhead who looked rather mischievous now.

Caroline shook her head at how much Hope was like her father, “Well we’re ending it. Josie….” Davina told her as she crossed the room standing in front of her students.

You’re not the boss,“ Lizzie spoke up in defense of her sister even as her lip quivered in fear.

"Neither are you, young ladies,” Caroline said pointedly staring down each twin with each word.

“I panicked slightly,” Caroline said as she took an unnecessary breath of relaxation, “But yes I’m your mom and you’re going to give Hope back her powers and that is the end of it!”

Josie stomps her foot landing in a classic Caroline sass stance, “But she was mean.” The girl whines.

“It was an accident,” Hope finally spoke up explaining how it happened.

Caroline listened with a soft look, “Exactly. It was an accident,” she agreed looking at both of her daughters, “But you taking her powers wasn’t so give them back and apologise.”

Josie frowned but nodded, “Fine, I’m sorry.” She said looking from Hope to her sister as Caroline let go of there hands.

“What’s going on here?” Klaus asked as the laptop screen turned on behind them just as the girls switched Hopes powers back into her small body.

The air in the room whooshed dropping a few things from the mantel as Caroline waved behind her, “Nothing.”

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grandshoesandsanddad  asked:

Klaroline + nightmare

Am I avoiding my smut drabble by writing this? Yes, yes I am.

Thank you @grandshoesandsanddad for actually sending me a prompt today! And also for appearing back on my dash because I’ve missed you while you’ve been gone!

I was super excited that when I saw it in my inbox this popped into my brain. Full disclosure angst ahead but a hopeful ending.




He sensed it was nearly dawn when Klaus awoke from his slumber, her hand had collided with the side of his face and he half-tired in addition to affronted sat up brusquely to check Caroline over. He had learned over the years that the sprightly blonde fancied moving about when she slept. Something he teased her for mercilessly before she admitted embarrassment considering he was the first person she had ever domestically slept with.

Now however he was worried, sleep slipping away from the forefront of his mind as he caught sight of the sweat soaked blonde he called his love, his Queen. She moaned softly as Klaus scooted closer to her smaller frame wiping her brow, his fingers pushing back the hair matted over her warm face. He shut his eyes pushing into her thoughts hopeful she won’t be to cross to see him there considering he’s promised to not jump into her mind stream or ever compel her.

His vision is dark as he enters her dream though he hears her voice grasping her weak tone. He wants to go to her but his vision clears and he sees that she isn’t alone, he realizes quickly that it’s a memory he doesn’t recall because he didn’t live it with her. Her father is with her, he recognizes the man from photos Caroline has shared with him over the years.

He looks older, worried and then he does something that surprises and angers Klaus. He pulls on the shutters and the dark grim room was flooded with sunlight burning at Caroline’s back causing a blood curling shriek to escape her lips. Anger boiled within him forcing Klaus into action and he tore through the bars of the prison Caroline was held in pushing past her father knocking the older man into the ground the action causing the shutters to close.

“Caroline, wake up,” he cried as he rushed to her side falling to his knees before her weak body his hands going to her face cradling her head. “Just wake up.”

Caroline looks at him confusedly for a moment, recognizing him, realizing what’s happening, “How?” she whispers as her father lifts himself off of the ground rushing Klaus.

In a panic Caroline blinks waking without a second thought shooting up from their shared bed pushing the tangled sheets over her body. Her hands push back her hair wrapping it in a low bun and letting it fall away as she looks over at Klaus. He looks worried, his brow doing that crinkling thing as his eyes insufferably narrow further gazing critically at her, accessing her.

She frowns in their intimate silence not eager to speak or say the wrong thing she lifts one shoulder up shrugging at his curious regard. She licks at her dry lips moving into him, her arms wrapping around his waist and shoulder holding him hesitantly waiting for him to hug her back. His arms slip around her tugging her closer into him inhaling her scent and keeping her near.

“I guess now you know why I don’t like talking about my dad,” she whispers against his neck less than eager to look him in the eyes right now.

Klaus remembers her telling him of the day her father died and the things he had done to her knowing that she had forgiven him. Something only someone as strong as Caroline could do because frankly Klaus was not as evolved as she was. Seeing the night just moments ago, it was a vile thing her father had done, something Mikael would not have been above doing to him.

The difference was that her father had done it out of love having been brought up to hate vampires he sought to change, to fix his daughter. Mikael would have sought to destroy him. In fact the man had, cursing his wolf gene, cursing his family with immortality, punishing him for being a bastard. The reasons Klaus didn’t talk about his own father was a long list and Klaus never regretted killing the man.

Now however he focused on her, “Caroline,” he murmurs kissing along her slick skin coaxing her from her solemn mood, “Caroline,” he murmured again hearing her sob into his skin.

“It was an impossible situation,” he reasons when reason is no longer the issue, “You-you’re, I’m mucking this up.” He said hating that even after all this time he was still quite bad at comforting her.

“No,” Caroline sighs in reprieve, “You’re doing just fine,” she whispers, “Just holding me, keeping me here with you.” She confesses to him slowly moving her head back to look at him.

Her sad eyes gleaming as they peer into his somber ones, “That’s all I need, just you touching me, holding me like this.” Caroline says feeling him rubbing her back trying to relax her.

“I can do that,” he replies pressing his temple to hers brushing the tip of his nose with her own making the corners of her lips up into a soft smile of peace.

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First Kiss

AN: New tumblr update won’t let me post from my notes to my asks so we’re working around it! Sorry it took a bit but I hope you enjoy! Happy reading! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

For @arrenemris who was the first to prompt me and she is also extremely lovely to me so thank you for that!

Prompt was KC + first kiss

Klaus raced after the blonde as she whizzed passed their friends running from the mall entrance doors into the parking lot. He had only meant it as a joke but clearly he had touched a nerve he hadn’t meant too.

Caroline was always so wild when it came to their bickering as his friends called, Klaus loved it. Their sparring, today however he had taken it too far pointing out that her father was no longer in the picture. He had meant to add that she was better of than he was considering who he had for a father and now he was nearly out of breath. Damn cardio.

He caught her hand just as she reached her car, “Caroline, wait!”

“Leave me alone Klaus!” She cried as she pushed the button for the alarm instead of the release causing a noise to erupt and her tears to welt up.

“I’m sorry,” he said his breath penetrating her senses in their close proximity. “You know I like to ruffle your pretty feathers.”

“Too far though,” she said coolly not giving into his little joke and trying to get away as he took her keys before she could push a button to silence the alarm.

His lips brushed hers as he spoke, “ I know, allow me to aquit myself.” His eyes searched hers as he pushed the button himself releasing them from the horrible noise.

“How?” She breathed erratically, her cheeks as pink as her perfect lips.

An irrational tbought occured to him, “Just hold still,” he whispered as his fingers cradled her face…his lips tentative over her own until he was sure she was accepting and receptive of his mouth claiming hers.

Her mouth warm and inviting as her lips parted in a delectable sigh making his bones ignite as his hands stroked her cheeks and covered her hair as their lips dueled. Fire burned within him at the moans and cries she gifted him with just a kiss, a soft battle of a kiss that lingered as he held her against the side of her car making their pelvises grind amd meet in delight.

Her hands touching, scraping at his back over his shirt as he held her in his arms as he always dreamed he would from the first moment her green eyes blazed into his marking him as her own. Her deep breaths were punishing as she released him from their kiss making him wish to swallow those breaths whole and consume her but he cooled getting his head together.

Their would be time for that yet if her kisses, if that deep look in her eyes meant anything, yes, there would be time yet he thought as he caught her bottom lip in soft nip before laving it in affection. 

“That’s certainly a good way to start,” she uttered as she pulled her keys from him and grabbed for the door behind her simultaneously pushing him off of her frame.

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Coffee shop au first meeting klaroline

For the lovely @megansarah11, who always sends me prompts and I only wish I had more to offer than a few words on a tumblr page to offer her! Thanks so much lovely!



Caroline scrubbed down the counter glad that everyone had left for the night so they wouldn’t hear her muttering under breath about the stains that had accumulated over the course of the day. Owning the café called Expresso Yourself, situated in the middle of the city hadn’t exactly been part of her ten year plan. Actually Caroline didn’t even have a plan after she graduated college six years ago when he father’s husband had died leaving her with the place.

After her mother had passed in her first year of college she had come to the realization that she had no family left except for the man her father had loved until his last breath. The man who had barely mailed a birthday card since her father had died had somehow thought enough of her to leave her this place. It had come as a sort of saving grace for Caroline who had no clear plan for her future after breaking up with Tyler.

She had somehow made her life about being with him and when all that blew up in smoke Caroline had somehow managed to still graduate on time. With the help of her friends Bonnie and Elena she had come to Expresso Yourself living and breathing the company as they renovated it with most of her college savings in order to help the business to grow commercially. So far it had worked, so far, now there was a rival competitor opening up two blocks down and Caroline was worried.

She tried not to show it when Elena had walked in frantically waving her hands pulling her to the door to see the Mikaelson coffee shop sign going up more than a month ago. Caroline even tried to deny there would be a problem with another coffee shop opening up around the corner two weeks ago until she met one of them. Kol Mikaelson hadn’t exactly been friendly when he came in at least until Bonnie came in and he attempted to flirt up a storm as she swiftly rejected him.

Tonight is was kind of hard to deny considering this morning had been their opening and it had been intense from what Elena had said. Caroline had made sure not to put herself through watching her so called loyal customers walk past her glass door towards the rival company and had slept in. Tonight she had to work past eight to work on inventory. Having dismissed the small staff a while ago she was alone struggling with a stain that had been there for three years but Caroline was too frustrated to do anything but scrub at it.

“There will be nothing left if you keep rubbing at it,” a british-lit voice sounded in the small space of her café making Caroline jump. “I come in peace, promise.”

Caroline reached for the first thing she could grab, a spoon, was there nothing she could use to defend herself back here, she asked herself looking at anything that wasn’t bolted down.

“Klaus Mikaelson, my brother owns the, er, other coffee shop,” he continues moving passed the door she swore she had locked as Matt had left earlier.

“Forbes, Caroline, owner of this shop,” she said wiping her hands on the towel by the cappuccino machine, “I reserve the right to call the cops,” she tells him as he approaches the counter.

“As is your right,” he agrees dropping his large hands on the counter top as Caroline hesitantly moves back towards the counter that separates them.

“Feel free to take this the wrong way but what are you doing here,” she asks with a smile that makes him chuckle, a sound Caroline could get used to.

Scratching his nose, he replies, “I volunteered to smooth over any discomfort my brother may have caused the other day when he stopped by to gloat.”

Klaus shifts from foot to foot in a sign of nervousness giving her confidence,, “And it took you thirteen days to walk in this direction,” she jokes leaning on her hands as her elbows rest on the counter.

He leans down resting on his arms meeting her eyes squarely, “Ah, no, actually I was a little wary myself at meeting you,” he confesses as to why he was putting it off.

Her chin juts out curiously watching his face color as she forces back her tired yawn, “Why’s that?” Caroline asks him.

“Well, you’re beautiful,” he discloses rubbing his neck, “I saw you once in passing while we were setting up. Your face is kind of difficult to forget.”

“Is this your way of smoothing things over,” Caroline asks moving around the corner getting riled up as she tried to push down the flattery, “Because if it is, I’m too smart to be seduced by you.”

“Well no actually,” Klaus straightens walking towards her as she exits the other end of the counter stopping just short of her, “But that’s got to be one of the new reasons I like you,” he asserts.

“Well, good,” Caroline divulges unsure of what to say because he’s even more handsome up close and he smells so good, woodsy and so unlike the sweet doughnut smell she’s used to.

“I was actually hoping you would join me for dinner to help smooth things over,” he asked taking a step closer into her personal space.

Caroline shivered under his look of intent, “Okay, but I reserve the right,” she stops short running out of steam, “I’ll come up with something.” she replies with a salacious smirk.

“I’m sure you will,” Klaus agree with a smile, “Are you done for the night? I could walk you home,” he suggests casually looking around.

“I actually live in a sort of renovated apartment upstairs,” she discloses, “It made sense when I first started the place,” she informs him delicately.

“Unfortunate,” he tells her, “For me, I would have loved to spend some more time with you,” he replies as the timer shuts the café lights off for the night.

“Well I could walk you to the door and lock it, behind you,” she offers undoing her apron and setting aside on the counter. “Or you could stay after I lock it.”

paigemarie007  asked:

Sentence prompt: you're watching way to much of that murder tv nonsense, sweetheart.

Okay so I got way excited on this one and it got a little dark. But big thanks to @paigemarie007 for sending the prompt!



Living with two of the seven in the Mikaelson family was bearable, most days, but with the heat in Mystic Falls at an all-time high in the dead of summer, today was not a great day. Lately Kol had been irritable and with Bonnie away for work that week he was impossible crowding both Caroline and Klaus with his pestering and his presence. Klaus on the other had was becoming slightly more concerning, working all day and crawling into bed with her at odd hours of the night.

Her mind was over-analyzing things that much she knew she trusted Klaus and was secure in their relationship. The fact was that she just wasn’t sure about what he was getting up to every few months and the summer heat wasn’t helping. Neither was the fact that she had so much spare time now that her event planning business was gone along with her business partner, Alaric, who had left her in the ruins.

That had led to a fight with Klaus because she didn’t want to rely on him after having to sell her mother’s house in order to pay off the debts of her former business partner done in her name. In the span of twelve hours she had woken up, dressed for work and found out that her partner had been under investigation for some time. That he was in the wind now and Caroline was in serious trouble if she was involved at all.

Pausing the Murder ID channel she walked into the kitchen reaching into the freezer Caroline pouted upon realizing Kol had stolen the last Klondike bar out of the freezer and left the box inside empty. She began plotting six different ways to make his day just a little bit worse when she heard a noise in the garage. Reaching for Kol’s bat by the back door she exited the house armed when she quietly toed her way into the garage.

A lone figure stood in the corner by the garage door pushing the button to close as Caroline breathed a sigh of relief dropping the bat down. She surprised him, his back going stiff before he realized it was his girlfriend who had caught him. The last thing Caroline needed to know was what he had done just the night before and what he’d been doing all morning.

Images of Alaric’s dismembered body flooding him as her pushed his hands into his front pockets as Caroline approached him with a smile gracing her lips. She kissed his lips making him grin as he wrapped her in his arms, he truly didn’t deserve her especially after what he’d done in recent months. Carefully disappearing and killing off each and every single person who had had a hand in destroying her life and business hadn’t been easy but it sure had been fun.

His thoughts swarmed him, “Klaus?” her melodic voice asked garnering his attention once more with her utter perfection.

Kissing her forehead he nodded replying, “Yes?” eager to take her to their bedroom and distract themselves for a few hours before Kol spotted them.

Caroline kisses him briefly before turning her head back behind her, “Why’d you get a freezer the size of André the Giant?” she inquired.

He halts, hopes she doesn’t feel him harden against her as he loosens his hold on her keeping his tone breezy as he answers her, “Because I can’t keep burying the bodies in the desert.”

Caroline rolls her eyes expecting exactly that answer, “See, that’s a joke but I was watching Snapped the other day,” the other day being just a few minutes ago.

Klaus stops her right there, “You’re watching way too much of that murder tv nonsense, Sweetheart,” he assures her not wanting her to worry or get an idea of what he’s been up to.

“I love you, but if you question my viewing habits again,” he cuts off her threat with a kiss biting on her lip in the process making her moan softly in response.

“How about I take you to our bedroom,” he cajoles lifting her up in his arms bridal style, “Take off this poor excuse of a top and these,” he offers, his thumb brushing the hem of her shorts.

Caroline laughs encouraging him, “And I kiss your neck here,” he says pressing a kiss to her neck, “And here,” he adds kissing lower down her collar.

“If you must,” Caroline says flipping her leg in the air as he walks them out of the garage, with one last curious look at the fridge Caroline let Klaus sweep her away.

It wasn’t until Caroline was sure Klaus was spent from their lovemaking that she snuck out of bed with a flimsy excuse to get a glass of ice cold water. With haste she moved to the garage looking over her shoulder to make sure Klaus hadn’t followed as she wrapped her robe around her body. Slipping inside she shut the door behind her and ran to the large freezer pulling the lid open.

A gasp escaping her at the sight, her stomach dropping, the chemical smell nauseating, “Caroline,” his voice behind her was surprising making her jump in awareness.

“Is that Alaric?” she whispers as the freezer door slams shut behind her, her grip slackening in her shock as she turns to face him.

“I saved him for last,” Klaus answers her grimly shutting the door behind him and adjusting the sheet around his waist before stalking in her direction.

Caroline clutched at the fabric of her robe, “There was something beautiful about the symmetry.” He said thinking about how Alaric had taken everything from her and he had simply returned the favor.

It was unfortunate that by the time Klaus had found him, Alaric had burned through most of Caroline’s savings but he did manage to get one thing from the man. One thing before he died rather pitifully, Klaus had been concocting a story about how the left over money had come to be found but now it seemed unnecessary. He now was apprehensive that she would be frightened of him, of what he had the power to do but looking at her now with the shock lessening he found no fear in her eyes.

“I think I could go another round,” she tells him as he reaches her his hands lifting her by the waist to sit her on top of the freezer.

“Do you?” he asks parting her legs with a smirk as she tugged off the sheet that covered him as she nodded taking him in her hand as he groaned against her mouth.

“Right here too,” she sighs into his mouth just before he kisses her wrapping her legs around his waist as he slides back inside of her making them both groan at the feeling.



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The Professor & The Grad Student

This comes with special thanks to @garglyswoof because without her help today this would not have been possible. Thank you….





Klaus tugged at the tie strangling his neck as he watched Caroline make herself more comfortable in the corner of his office on the dusty old sofa enraptured in the law text she was reading. The same place his TA usually made into a home after a long day to catch up on homework.

When Kol had suggested he help Caroline get more comfortable in New Orleans, he had hesitated remembering only the rambunctious teenager with ringlets of curls from his youth before he left for University, now a professor and her a grad student. Things had well, changed.

He shut his grade book unable to focus on anything but the way her legs curled into the sofa, “We could just meet up after my last class Caroline,” he suggested without a second thought, “Pull some strings with the library and get a room.” Hopefully not draw a line he could cross with a snap of his willpower.

The blonde looked up at him shock barely managing to keep the feeling from bleeding into her face, “What about your class hours,” she asked him with a hesitant smile instead, “I don’t want to get in the way of anything important,” Caroline assured him as she dropped her long leg onto the floor.

Klaus shut his eyes to keep from following the line of her calve to her ankle and tautly stood up, “That’s strictly for Mondays and Wednesdays Love,” he said confidently. Caroline arched a brow at him, her smile pursed as her eyes narrowed playfully on him and his mussed hair, dimpled cheeks, wicked smirk.

She shut her own book and tossed it into her bag moving to sit so she was staring directly at him as she wrapped her hair up into a ponytail, “Just what does an Art major know about Law?” She asked curiously leaning forward prepared to drill him with questions if need be.

Klaus came around the desk leaning against the front, his hands clasped before him, “I do have a minor in Ethics, Caroline,” She rolled her eyes as she stood up, reaching down to grab for her bag and Klaus had to look away to keep from looking where he definitely and platonically should not look.

“And have side study sessions with that clot professor Saltzman,” he added in reminder hearing her groan as she stood up walking closer to him until he could feel the heat coming off of her. She bit the corner of her lip to stop a biting remark but then he looked far too smug to let it go just then.

She tilted her head shoving a finger into her chest, Hard, she thought, unsure of where the thought had come from she blushed barely stuttering out, “Which has nothing…” she trailed off as he spoke up effectively cutting off the rest of her sentence with his own berating commentary.

“Has everything to do with that book, considering I helped edit it,” and yeah he had every right to be smug because she had in fact forgotten that little fact. His hand came over her single finger pushing it down and off of him making Caroline shiver at the feel of him even with such a childish act.

She smacked his arm, the words strong flashing in her brain, just what was happening to her today, “Fine,” she mumbled out barely dodging his hand again as she took a step back, “Just text me when you get the room,” she says a little miffed with him even though he’s helping her out.

Which was kind of big for him, helping out was not one of his strong points and that side tutoring class must have been a requirement of the job, Caroline was sure of it, “I have class in a bit, but I am available after four,” she informed him as she reached for the door and pulled it open to walk outside.

He hated to see her leave but he loved to watch her hips go as he called to her backside, “I don’t have your number,” Klaus smiled shrugging as she turned her head over her shoulder to look back at him. Her eyes were light and dancing but the rim of them was a dark green he’d later spend hours recreating.

Their shared look lasted longer than necessary, “I have yours,” she educated him in a turn of events as Klaus walked closer to her practically leaning into her as he held onto the open door. His eyes searched hers making her smile up at him not that he was much taller than her especially in her new shoes.

“How?” she felt his question on her lips as she took another steep step back to slow her speeding heart down because until this moment Klaus had never affected her like this. Okay lie, she did have the hots for him that summer before he left for college but then she never saw him again, never until now.

These last few months had been good, moving down here had been an experience after her mom had passed and Stefan had all but let her down romantically. She felt brave living here, only knowing one person and barely at that. Klaus was extending an olive branch, and she was gonna snatch it.

“Kol gave it to me,” she said in words just above a whisper as she gripped her book bag for dear life feeling crazy exposed to him like an open wound, “Just before I moved here, just in case,” she added almost too embarrassed to admit it and yet unable to help the truth from coming out.

Klaus actually frowned at that, “And you never text me before because?” he inquired and Caroline really and truly figured that would be his follow up question. But how could she admit that she had spent many a lonely night writing out a message and then erasing it before burying herself in her school work.

“Too taboo, I guess.” She answered and he wanted to ask why, positively ached too but he didn’t he just let her walk out of his office mumbling something about texting him before her class. He waved watching her go, her phone in hand as he felt his own phone vibrate in his pants pocket.

He looked down reaching for his phone to see what she had typed, “Don’t lose this number if you value your life,” it read making Klaus laugh uncharacteristically before he shut the door of his office and went to the phone on his desk and dialed the extension for the library straight away.

At four he text Caroline the room number he had acquired for a good two hour hoping he would only need one but knowing she would probably pepper him with questions until the last second. His phone vibrated again and once more he checked it smiling when he saw it was from her.

“On my way,” it read making Klaus’ heart jump as he walked into the library already signing in saying hello to the noon librarian Camille. She smiled up at him but he barely paid attention to her after she shut the sign in book on his way upstairs to the room eager to beat Caroline there.

He had just spread out the old notes he had searched high and low for in his office, ones he thought Caroline might find useful considering they were the bulk of the book she had been reading earlier. She smiled as he heard the knock at the door and got up to unlock it and make sure it was Caroline.

Caroline grinned flouncing into the room as Klaus locked the door again making sure they had privacy even in the tiny room with no windows. He heard a gasp from behind him and smiled, “Is this the original book?” she asked him, Klaus nodded happy to have impressed her.

Klaus could tell she was far too excited as he rolled up his sleeves and untucked his shirt settling nicely into the chair next to her. Caroline had removed her sweater from earlier he realized as she rattled off questions left and right. She paused when she caught him reaching for her book as it fell from her bag.

He looked up at her and she swore she blushes a million shades of red before he managed to sit up and flip the book open to a page, which page she was unsure of. Her stomach flipped in the best way as she looked at her friend’s brother in a new light. How? Her brain asked. When? She searched herself.

Caroline felt it was ridiculous, there was no way she was attracted to him. None. He was Klaus! A shy college professor -not her professor, but still. Her mind raced. He was helping her out. But as he handed her back her book she crossed her legs squeezing her thighs tightly to alleviate the pressure there.

Klaus handed back her book unsure of what to make of the scowl on her face before she looked up into his eyes and muttered a breathless. “Thank you,” to him before looking away. His eyes zeroed in on her breasts squished together in that perfect top before they fell onto the bulge in his pants. Helplessly.

Maybe she needed to give study group another try, she thought as she bit her tongue between her teeth trying to focus on the page in front of her instead of Klaus. And his delicious scent, his hand squeezing her shoulder softly to garner her attention. Whoa, snap out of it Forbes, she told herself.

He did a low whistle when her tongue darted out of her mouth as she started to focus, his hand darting to his pants rubbing once, pulling twice before he thought he had to get out of there. Helping Caroline wasn’t against the faculty rules but it was against his set of rules he reminded himself as his hand darted out.

His hand felt good on her, she thought as his thumb rubbed at her collarbone. She should stop this but instead her eyes hooded and she looked directly at him with blatant desire. His eyes dark and mesmerized making Caroline walls clench around nothing as she once more bit her lip.

Klaus had no idea why he was stroking her, just that it felt bloody fantastic to do so, his thumb reaching up to release her lip from her blunt teeth making him nearly moan in pleasure as her hot breath tickled his digit sending hot waves of need coursing through to his throbbing cock.

She felt a slow heavy throb deep in her belly, felt herself growing wet with anticipation. Yup, she was attracted, more than attracted, enthralled. She squirmed in her seat under the look of his eyes and the way his hand dragged across her side teasing just beside her nipple making her moan softly.

“I shouldn’t be doing this,” he murmured as he felt her back arch, her chest placed encouragingly in his view, in his hand so his fingers pinched her nipple over her shirt just so. “No bra,” he wondered aloud closing his eyes as if he was in excruciating pain, and he was. Then he felt her hand on his knee climbing.

Caroline couldn’t process what she was doing fast enough, and by the time she had her hand was over his thigh reaching for the trophy right next to his pocket. Her thumb teased his cock causing it to jerk as Klaus scooted closer spreading his legs to her, his head lolling back as he continued rubbing her nipple.

His eyes shut for an instance as he thanked his stars they were in a reserved room in the library with the door locked as his hand reached up for her ponytail and drew her head back. She sighed as she rubbed him harder through his trousers focusing on the zipper making Klaus whimper as his hips lifted.

“Touch me,” she begs softly as his lips graze hers and his free hand is separating her legs in a perfect caress.  His returning smile has her dripping on the seat as his hot calloused fingers work their way up her thigh. He bites her lip in wanton sucking it into his mouth making her cry out.

His leg tucks into her chair pushing her closer as his hand reaches her hip playing with the scrap of lace she calls underwear beneath creasing the fabric of her skirt. His kiss is dirty tucking into every cavern in her mouth until their tongues duel with no clear winner. Then it’s her who’s standing, who’s taking.

Her thighs are warm with arousal as she stands taking his wandering hand with her making him tug at the lace of her thong until it’s at her ankles and she neatly steps out of them. His hands pull her closer flipping her over onto the table as his thumb finds her puckered clit rubbing a soft circle there.

His tugs off her shirt as he catches her ponytail as her head falls back as he presses his body against hers, making her feel every inch of him firmly between her ass cheeks. She groans panting his name as his lips reach her earlobe biting as his hips rub against her and she pushes back into him creating a delightful friction.

“Touch you?” he sighs, “I’m going to mark you,” his dark words glittering over her skin delving straight into her bones as she feels his hand leave her to undo his shirt and pants. Where was her preppy, slightly annoying professor now she wondered as she felt sparks growing deep inside of her.

Caroline’s nails were digging into the table as Klaus untucked himself from his pants rubbing his cock against her wet folds. He groaned into her back kissing her spine biting and sucking as she pushed her hips back into him riding him softly before he had even entered her.

“Condom,” she whimpers knocking over her purse in the process finding one tucked inside her makeup bag, “Thank fuck,” she hears him murmur. She smiles sliding up against him once more before ripping at the packet with her teeth and rolling over to slide it on Klaus laughing quietly as she pushes hands away.

“I want to,” she tells him, Klaus finds himself unable to speak, his throat hoarse from excitement as he feels her hand on him rolling upwards pumping, making cum drip from his crown. His own hands slip to her sides, down her ass lifting her up onto the table spreading her legs wide as she covers his cock.

He kissed her, once, letting himself sink into her touches, her tongue strokes and the way her hand grips his cock squeezing once before she lets go and he lifts her leg up over his hip. “I…” but his words never escape him as he pushes inside of her and gets lost in her warm heat gliding in and out of her with ease.

“Faster,” she cries against his mouth until he pounds into her with extreme force so she knows she’ll be sore for the coming days as her nails scratch down his back making him hiss into her mouth. His hand reaches lower towards her forgotten clit rubbing over it until her thrusts are as manic as his.

She moaned shamelessly as his other hand held her ass softly nudging its way down the middle until she jerked when he pushed against the tiny knot of nerves. Klaus smirked against her skin circling the puckered hole making her cry out and revealing to him what she truly wanted. “Next time,” he swore.

Caroline whimpered nodding before going boneless in his grasp feeling him drag out the storming feeling in her body as he pumped inside of her until he roared with release. His pants became soft breaths as her head fell between his shoulder and neck and he grasped onto her tighter and spent.

Caroline felt absolutely wrecked, sweaty and naked rubbed up against her best friend’s brother, her arms up hands in his hair hoping he was just as destroyed as she was. His fingers skirted along her spine, his palms pressing into her sides up and down warming her in the cold room.

“It’s unfair how beautiful you are, inside and out,” he murmured along her shoulder pressing kisses in between words anywhere his mouth could reach reveling in the salt and taste of her skin. Caroline smiled against his neck sucking softly making sure to leave a mark for him to find later.

She smiles so brightly it hurts his heart, “I was about to say the same thing about you,” she whispers as her hands run down his chest over his arms and pleasantly surprising tattoos. One day she would ask if he designed any of them, if he would design one for her maybe.

“Liar,” he murmurs before kissing her fully grasping at her ponytail, seriously, she thought, was this a kink of his, as she kissed him back all too happily. His grip was firm on her hair tugging her head up so he could kiss her neck, his tongue gliding over her throat irresistibly as his other hand pinched her breast.

He groaned as she ground on him sinking back down on him once more feeling her body light up against him like this wondering how she’d gone so long without kissing him, “We should get cleaned up,” she sighs a few minutes later not really wanting to move as she reaches for her bag as he’s still inside of her making him moan out at the feeling.

Klaus looks as if he’s considering it, presses her down as she tried to stand up and counters her idea, “Or I could spread you out on the table and make you come again on my tongue,” he suggests making her shiver, something he’s definitely aware of as he cradles her face to his, his nose nuzzling hers.

livingdeadblondequeen  asked:

Klaroline Drabble based off the Bowie/Inman set you reblogged where Klaus acts like how Bowie did

Based on this post here.



For @livingdeadblondequeen, Please enjoy my endless ramblings.



Caroline watched from the side stage as Klaus took the center waving to the hoard of fans chanting his name in the illuminated stadium. She held Bonnie’s hand in the air as the starting cords of ‘There goes my Love’ blasted through the room. She waved and danced feeling like a normal twenty eight year old on a night out with her best friend instead of the world next big one as she was labeled.

The next song started, bleeding into the cords of the last, “He’s magic,” the blonde shouted to her friend who laughed as they danced with each other.
Caroline leaned in to her ear so she could hear her over the music, “He’s incredible! The crowd is insane,” the blonde added as she span Bonnie with her hand.

Bonnie nodded as the crowed sang along with him when he asked by pointing the microphone at them, “He’s the biggest star in the world,” she shouted back at her friend.

“I can see why,” Caroline said in a normal voice so Bonnie didn’t hear as they danced the rest of the chorus until the band and the crowd grew quiet.

Klaus walked straight across the stage tugging up the sleeves of his Henley, “This isn’t daunting, he joked as Kol moved up with his guitar, Bonnie squealed at her side.

Caroline thought she might go deaf as she saw her best friend’s boyfriend strumming the guitar as Klaus riled up the crowd, “This song, it isn’t mine but I’m going to sing it for you anyway my lovelies.”

The crowd grew loud all at once, chanting his name again, it was intoxicating to Caroline, an entirely different experience than she’d ever lived. As a model she knew something about being surrounded by people fawning over you but this was, wow. As much as she loved her job Caroline enjoyed her privacy, looking out at the cameras in the crowd it was all overwhelming.

Caroline looked over at Bonnie, “Is that what he calls them?” she asked clapping her hands together, “His fans?” when she noticed Bonnie was blowing a kiss at Kol.

“Yes,” Bonnie laughed as she answered at the annoyed look on Caroline’s face, “He’s british and good looking, he can call them anything he likes and they’ll swoon!” she cried.


She found herself across the world the next day after a long flight, she still smelt of stale food as she stood in the makings of a runway. Katerina, this news most in demand designer had requested that she be the lead model in her shoe after her cousin Elena dropped out. She looked around dropping her bag on one of the white benches near the front as she watched the workers flit back and forth.

She slid out of her sneakers and reached for the heels the designer had set aside for her to practice in, they were gorgeous, the blonde would have to talk to her stylist about getting these. Enzo would be easily talked into it she thought as she slid on the silk jewel encrusted heel doing up the ankle straps quickly as Katerina stormed the stage waving everyone away. Caroline raced to the side stairs hugging the beautiful brunette, both happy to see one another after so long.

Caroline pulled away still holding onto Katerina by the waist, “Flowers on the runway?” she asked as the brunette flipped her hair back and they walked down the runway with synchronized steps.

Katerina lifted a bare shoulder easily as her top slid down her arm, “The models are the butterflies,” she said wiggling her fingers at Caroline, “And you’ll be the grand magnolia!”

Caroline smiled as they turned sashaying their hips exaggeratedly, “I’ll be a flower? I always preferred gardenia’s,” she told the designer earning herself a smack on the butt.

“My show, my rules,” the brunette said sticking her tongue out at the blonde before Caroline chased her back down the runway.


Klaus would never admit to being talked into going to a party, not on one of his only nights off where he may have planned to spend the night alone, painting. Enzo had insisted, he said he wouldn’t hear of the world’s biggest rockstar in sweats unless he was at a gym, the rest of what he said was too graphic to be repeated even in his own mind. They had met at a shoot Klaus did when promoting his last album and had struck up an unlikely friendship.

He arrived at the dinner promptly causing Enzo to frown as he was the first guest, he told Klaus not to take it personally, Enzo usually hated the first person at a party anyway. Klaus pursed his lips at that accepting the drink Enzo handed him keeping to himself for most of the night. That was until she caught his eye, unknowingly she had coaxed him from his corner into the livening party.

Klaus was absolutely taken with her from the first moment, he’d recognized her from billboards he’d seen in Paris, Rome, Tokyo, she was a vision in real life though. He heard her speak and it was like feeling the sun on his back after a cold winter and when their eyes passed, he felt in love with her all at once.  The singer bit his lip at the corner as he watched her out of the corner of his eye listening to his friend Marcel recount an old story.

She smiled shyly at him the next time their eyes locked casing warm sparks of feeling to burst through his chest as he tipped his drink to her. He let out a shaky breath as he turned his head away, she had an extraordinary warmth about her, something Klaus hadn’t experience in a long time. His confidence grew the closer he got to the other end of the room where she stood by the appetizers.

Her smile was breathtaking, her voice a melody he was born to put to words and sing for crowds around the world, Klaus knew that now. Enzo crowded his vision, blocking Caroline from his view as they conversed about something he couldn’t hear quite yet. He rounded the corner of the drinks table finally able to listen to what they were discussing as he debated on introducing himself properly.

“Enzo, please,” he heard her say, “I can serve myself,” she told him slapping his hand as she grabbed for the crab cakes and Enzo added a few more shrimp.
Enzo waved off her words with a jut of his hip, “If you serve yourself, I’ll have left overs,” he countered with flair that had Caroline’s mouth gaping.

“I’m almost the weight I want to be before fashion week,” she reasoned knowing that most designers weren’t exactly pleased with her genetics, i.e. her quote on quote ‘birthing hips’.

Klaus gawked, his brows rising into his hairline as he found himself approaching her, “I think you’re perfect,” he compliments her ignoring Enzo’s salacious grin.

The blonde looks up, pink touching her cheeks at his words, “You are?” she asks as Enzo fixed her hair from the back before she swatted him off.

He smiled as Enzo made himself scarce nodding at Klaus from a distance, “Klaus Mikaelson,” he answered her question relinquishing his glass in favor of her hand.

His mind had three words, spark, match, fire, as her hand slid into his, Klaus felt like a completely different person with her hand in his. He caught the hitch in her breath, a whiff of her flowery scent, the way her chin lifted elongating her perfect neck.

“Caroline, Forbes,” she said with a pause as if catching her breath, “I remember you from a concert I went to once with a friend,” she said conversationally.
He tilted his head fascinated, “Might I know this friend?” he asked her as he reluctantly released her hand from his grasp letting it fall.

“Bonnie Bennett,” she said with a warm smile, clearly she was very fond of her, something that didn’t surprise him because Bonnie was loving girl, what did was that they had yet to meet.

The stunned look at her admission slid away into a pleased smirk, “My brother’s fiancé, I wonder why we haven’t crossed paths sooner.”

“I work a lot,” she blurted out, her shoulders slumping slightly as she twinned her fingers in front of her stomach wringing them out of nerves.

Klaus let out a grunt of agreement, “Something we have in common,” he replied as he rubbed his neck no longer sure what to do with his hands.

“Ha, it would never work,” Caroline remarked as she sipped on the champagne Enzo had imported, no doubt, moving to step away from the conversation.

Klaus side stepped her, “Now don’t say that,” he asked of her, his hand reaching out to stop, to keep her from leaving that much longer.

Her hand reached out brushing his as she moved it aside, “It was nice meeting you,” she told him with a soft reluctant nod that made his chest tighten.


Tap, tap, tap, tap, his pencil hit the notebook again before he shot it straight across the hotel room grumbling about the perfect way to describe her. It had been weeks, weeks and he had yet to see her again, missing her was driving him mad. Just when he came up with a new line he reached for his pencil face palming when he realized what he’d done to it.

Klaus stood up to get it just as Marcel let himself inside his room with a grin that bothered the singer’s  sullen mood as he shook the man’s hands. Marcel pulled him into a hug before pulling back to clap his hands together. The man’s face fell as he took in the state of the room, most rockstars trashed their room during a party but Klaus, Klaus did it because he worked better in clutter.

“She’s in my head,” he admitted reaching down for his pencil and tucking it behind his ear as Marcel moved over a stack of newspapers to sit on the white sofa.

“You could come with me to fashion week,” he offered the singer as he opened the one dated for that day looking at the sports section.

Klaus looked up at the idea, “What week is that?” he asked as he sat on the ottoman by the coffee table where he had been hunched over working.

Marcel laughed, “The week you’re performing back to back in Ontario,” he replied ducking as Klaus threw him the pencil he had just picked up.

“You know Marcel-“ Klaus said as he got up only to have the man jump over the sofa and use it as a shield against his friend and partner.

“I know that look don’t finish that sentence,” Marcel said to him, it was Klaus’ warning look, “I’ll work something out.” He promised.

“That’s why I keep my best mate on the payroll,” Klaus said smirking for the first time in a long time as Marcel handed him his pencil and Klaus felt his muse spread her wings to enlighten him.


The cameras flashed unexpectedly in her face but the blonde kept her face frozen as they continued with the end of her interview for fashion week. She’d sat for hair and makeup for two hours in order to have a sit down with Shadow magazine for twenty minutes. The interviewer was an intern for the recently debuted magazine and the women bonded over their love of fashion before she was asked to finish out her interview promoting tonight’s show.

“Paris, is for lovers,” Caroline said waving at the camera with her best smile the cameraman called cut and her smile became normal sized in an instant.

She said goodbye to the woman and took a step off of her chair as Bonnie appeared at her side, “And yet every time we’re here we’re working and alone,” she sighed mournfully as they hooked arms.

Caroline rolled her eyes, Bonnie was far from alone, “This press tour is exhausting, I thought models were only to be seen, not heard.” She muttered in response.

Bonnie shook her head at her throwing her a knowing glance, “Caroline, that hate speech reeks of bitterness,” she told her aware something big was bothering the blonde.

The model pouted resting her head on the brunette’s shoulder, “I’m exhausted and lonely,” she pouted looking up at her best friend sadly.

Bonnie let out a laugh, “What about Kol’s brother?” she asked Caroline squeezing her shoulder affectionately. “I had heard you were steadily dodging his calls.” Her friend prodded.

“I was not,” Caroline defended, Bonnie’s big brown eyes made her think she was going mad for not accepting Klaus’ advances, “I just, don’t have time.”

Her best friend rolled her eyes more than aware that Caroline was carrying a bit of a torch for the musician since the first night she’d taken her to a concert. Bonnie was also fairly aware that accents were like beer goggles to her, something Caroline tried to forget because it reminded her of the time when she was drunk and hit on Enzo in front of his Damon.

“He’s on stage every night,” Bonnie said breaking her thoughts into pieces with her logic, “So are you and he still found time to drop you a line.” She pointed out to her.

Caroline groaned, “Bonnie stop making sense,” she cried as they walked back to her hotel room from the reserved room downstairs they had been interviewed in, “It wouldn’t work.”


Marcel tried to reach Klaus on his cell while he was at the gym working out some stress on a machine he liked to call The Excercist, he saw the light of his phone flicker and pulled to a stop. Right when he picked up the phone it rang again, ‘Marcel’ name blinking across the touchscreen. The sweat wouldn’t let him pick up the call right away only aggravating Klaus further.

On the fourth ring he managed it, Marcel’s voice shot right out of the receiver reeking of delight, “She’ll be back in London straight after your break from tour,” he informed Klaus.

He found himself grinning at the news, the look foreign in the mirror of the gym. “She has an apartment near your old block,” he added making Klaus’ mouth twist.

“You’re certain?” he asked his friend as he gathered his gym bag grabbing for his bottle of water on the bench nearby downing it as Marcel spoke.

“I wouldn’t be coming to you with this if I hadn’t fact checked myself,” he assured Klaus, “The night guard said there was a loft available for viewing.”

Klaus didn’t think, “Buy it,” he told his friend trusting him with the details as he walked towards the back of the entrance in order to avoid the media on the front end.

“I thought you might say that,” Marcel chirps from the other end enjoying himself too much, “The papers should come in the morning, oh Klaus?”

He rolled his eyes as he slid into the back of the car, “Yes Marcel?” he asked as the car sped into city traffic dodging the few paparazzi on the sidewalk.

“It’s across the hall,” he told Klaus before the line went dead and Klaus clapped a hand over his mouth to keep from smiling at things finally going his way.


Caroline rubbed her face on the sleeves of her fuzzy pink sweater as Bonnie’s car pulled up at her building, “I’m going to miss you,” she whined as the brunette hugged her from the side.

“It’s only going to be a few days,” Bonnie promised as Caroline held her, “Then we’ll be back at it and bored of each other. I promise.” She told Caroline who moped anyway.

“Still,” she said as she reached for her purse, “Okay bye, love you,” she said knowing Bonnie was eager to get home and make up for lost time with Kol.

“Love you more,” the other model said as she hugged her again before opening the door for her to get out as the driver dropped her travel bag on the sidewalk.

Caroline waved as Bonnie’s car drove away, she didn’t turn to her building until the car turned the corner and couldn’t see the car any longer. She thanked her lucky stars that she had been careful to keep only the samples she really couldn’t live without because her bag was heavy. She smiled as she held the handle happy about the wheels at the bottom that made it easier to drag to the front lobby.

“I trust you had a pleasant trip Ms. Forbes?” the night doorman greeted her with a tip of his heat as he helped her with the door.

Caroline nodded, “I did Gerard, thank you for asking,” Caroline said happy to see a familiar face as she waited for the elevator Gerald had been kind enough to call for.

“It’s a pleasure ma’am,” he said as the metal doors slid open and Caroline waved at him in goodbye as she pressed the button for her floor.

She yawned into her shoulder as she rode the elevator up, her eyes drooping as they slid open once more “Home,” she sighed in relief as she found her door,

“Don’t hug the door Caroline, get the key,” she told herself as she reached in her bag.


Klaus paced by the door anxiously, Kol was certain they would be home tonight, he had guaranteed it which is why he had done what he had done. He shook himself of his nerves, she would be here, the second he told himself this he heard her talking to herself outside. The tension that seemed to sit on his shoulders vanished as he opened the front door of his apartment.

He was met with the sight of Caroline unlocking her door as she spoke to herself, “Good evening Caroline,” he greeted as she reached for her silver travel bag.

Though delight flooded her, Caroline was surprised to see him here in her building, “Klaus? What are you doing here?” she asked about his unexpected appearance.

Klaus pointed behind him over his shoulder, “I just bought the loft,” he replied walking towards her real slow, afraid he’d frighten her.

“Are you on your way out?” the blonde asked him as she held onto the knob of her door turning it and pushing the door open behind her as she watched him.

Klaus looks from her to her travel gear, “Did you need help with your bag?” he asked standing right in front of her, breathing her in, reveling in her light.

Caroline smiled at him like she missed him, honestly she felt like she did, “The big one would be great,” she answered him softly as she pushed her hair back.

“After you,” Klaus murmured as he lifted the bag into his arms, she knew it was heavy but Klaus didn’t seem to mind so much as she walked into her place.

He entered the apartment right behind her, Bonnie had come through earlier with her spare key helping him to woo her best friend. Her living room was charmingly decorated just as he had imagined, soft hues unlike the sparkling light that lit the cities of the world. Now however, the walls and every surface imaginable in her living room were covered in white flowers.

Klaus cracked a smile as he saw the side of her face before she looked back at him, her eyes filled with elation, “Oh, wow,” she gasped in jubilation, her words drawn out.

He observed her reaction with heart-felt glee, “I heard they were your favorite flower,” he said scratching his forehead as she turned to look at him.

Her hands reached out to him, “You did this?” Caroline asked him sincerely thrilled as she hugged him, Klaus froze, letting her embrace him.

He barely moved to hug her back when she disentangled herself from him and walked around the room sniffing, touching, admiring every flower in sight. Her grin was permanent and it hurt her cheeks, they literally ached as she crushed a bouquet to her chest looking back at him. She hid her face in the flowers as her face heated, he was utterly yummy to look at and hard to deny after this gesture.

“I had some help from Bonnie,” Klaus admitted to her making Caroline laugh, of course, that’s really why Bonnie had insisted on getting her home as quickly as possible, other than meeting up with Kol.

Caroline had no idea where to go from here, at a loss for words she offered, “Did you want a glass of wine?” as she walked towards the kitchen.

Klaus looked after her, “I would love that very much,” he called as he moved to walk after her and nearly tripped on the bag he had set down by his feet.

The model re-entered the living room with two glasses of wine, her hand shook as she lifted one to him, handing it over, she blushed under his affectionate stare. Her whole demeanor is silent, her eyes drifting to his lips as he drinks the glass feeling like a school girl. He wanted to sweep her off of her feet and he had, but now he was just standing there, why?

She looked away from him to a flower on the table closest to her it’s just bloomed and enticingly striking, “I think I love this one the most,” she said stroking it gently.

“It’s quite lovely,” he agrees, his choice of word describing it takes her back to the first time she saw him, when he called the crowd his lovelies.

She smiles again, wider this time as she looks at him, “So are you,” she compliments setting down her own glass without taking a sip.

Klaus gaffes, “No,” he shakes his head, “I’m impetuous,” he describes himself rubbing his chin, “Horribly lonely, falling for you,” he nearly whispers.

Caroline shuts her eyes, “I think it’s time to say goodnight,” she utters lightly, “I have a headache,” she tells him as she turns away from him.

He’s lost her, he felt it, the moment he said how he was falling, “If you insist,” he concedes with a harsh sigh that tires his body.

“I do, I really do,” she insists staring down at his shoes instead of his eyes, distressed over what she feels for him, too frightened to take a step forward.

He nods once, “I’ll see myself out,” he says to her swallowing audibly as he turns on his heel to give her the space she seems to require.

Seeing him walking away alarms Caroline more, her hands go up, “I’ll walk you.” she tells him walking behind him to the door only looking up when his head turns to look at her over his shoulder.

“Pleasant dreams Caroline,” he says, his tone above a whisper, disappointment quelling from his pores as he opens the front door to let himself out.

“You’ll be here in the morning?” she prompts holding onto her door as he walks across the gray carpeted hall to his door.

Klaus looks back again as he opens his door, “Every day this week,” he promises to her even when he’s unsure of whether or not it will make a difference to her or not.

“Then it’s back to America?” she asks, words spouting with impatience from her mouth before she could help it, not that she would.

Klaus waits, finding the correct words, “For the time being,” he answers her, “I have a place in New York,” he supplies with a worried look.

Caroline unexpectedly beams at him, “I’ll be there next week too,” she informs him slipping out of her apartment to better talk to him.

He nods, he nods so much his head might fall of he thinks as he answers her, “I heard,” he says shortly unsure of how this particular conversation will go.

She chews on her lip, more out of habit than to attract his lips there he notes but his eyes do go there and he does undoubtedly wonder what her lips taste like as her lips move, “Klaus?” she sighs.

“Yes, Caroline,” he murmurs out a reply entranced once more by the way she speaks his name, the way she colors his usually gloomy world with the flecks of light in her eyes.

“Could you come back here?’ she asks of him using her hand to wave him over, her nerves no longer relevant seeing how Klaus could fit into her life if he let him.

“Is there something you needed?” he pressed as he let go of the knob of his door walking towards her, his steps quiet on the carpet, his strides long and fluid.

He stops short, just so his lips nearly brush, just so their breaths mangle, so she can feel the heat of his body mix with hers when she sighs, “Yes, this.”

And she kisses him, without remorse or fear, with unadulterated bliss, exhilaration flooding her veins as their bodies fit against one another. As he lets her kiss him, lets her taste and bite until she’s coaxing his mouth apart and tasting his breath, sliding her tongue against his own. He groans as she runs her hand into his hair her nails scraping as he carries her back into her loft shutting the door behind him with his foot.

The Cursed Immortals

I want to thank two unbelievably supportive friends for helping me with this story because it was a great undertaking to write up in a whole other world and I couldn’t do it without them.

@lynyrdwrites, who worked it over in one night and basically helped put together the ending the next rather selflessly too.

@alovelikethisneverdies, who is my writing rock and pushes me into writing things that i don’t think I’m capable of.



Caroline hears them long before they sneak up the drive climbing the walls of ivy to scramble across her lawn as quiet as possible. She rolls her eyes thinking about the long phone call she’ll have to make when Damon the leader of the Scooby gang steps on her azaleas. At the edge of the maze garden they split up as Caroline removes her robe and stalks down the stairs from her bedroom.

She feels the fabric of her night slip clinging to her flesh as she eyes the sparkling chandelier with vexation. The blonde vampire loses her expensive slippers before stepping on the cool marble flooring of the first floor as she hears Elena and Stefan on the third floor by her bedroom barely managing their level of silence. Her perfectly filed nails dig into her skin as she hears him, Klaus as he calls himself now enter through the front door.

With glass filled with bourbon swaying in one hand she fluffs her already immaculate curls smiling as his eyes widen at the sight of her. His adams apple bobbing at how hard he swallowed Caroline sipped from her glass knowing it would cause her strap to fall over her shoulder down to her arm.

She hated how much she loved his attention even after all this time they’d spent apart. Caroline tips her glass to him swaying her hips as she went to sit on her throne, or rather the lone stud embroidered broad back chair by the lit fire. She sat delicately crossing her legs gesturing for him to take a seat/

“Is that the only way you know how to break an entering? I expected more from you,” she simpers setting her arms on the rests.


Klaus stands tall his shadow looming by the parlor as he watches her make herself comfortable his body taunt from the sight. Something that happens each time he’s near her, this tug at his heart a pull from his mind he can’t seem to put his finger on.

He moved her five years ago eager for a new start after his novels started to get published but his friend’s had noticed he wasn’t aging. Stefan had asked him to give Mystic Falls a chance And Klaus had been far from his best friend too long so he gave it a go. Everything was good up until two months ago when she had appeared at the Mayor’s community Christmas party buying him free drinks and shamelessly flirting all night.

Klaus had been flattered up until Caroline stabbed Damon damn near his heart, not that the bloke didn’t deserve it for one thing or another. After things escalated they had figured out Caroline had a game plan of her own and they were determined to stop her which led them here this evening. Something was amiss with Caroline as in she was missing.

It was as if she was dust in the wind, no activities of a dangerous nature, no threats, no jokes about his bunny diet. Klaus had yet to admit to even himself but he kind of missed her lurking about dropping expensive pencils in his loft or appearing in the least likely places. 


So he smirks giving into the need to banter, “From a vampire half your age?” he utters striding toward her.

Her chin lifts, Caroline’s mouth parting in a seductive pout, “Age has nothing to do with knowledge, experience, or attraction.” she informs him sipping from her glass.

Klaus makes a noncommittal grunt as he finds a seat across from her, “You’ll find I want nothing to do with your attraction,” he replies with irritation.

She bites her tongue between her teeth a sight that has him stirring down below before she speaks, “Oh Nik, so sweet and durable, I might just keep you on a leash.”

He tangles his fingers in his lap, “I have no reply to that,” Klaus tells her at a severe loss for words while his body gave into baser instincts.

Her legs uncross shining under the flickering light of the cackling fire, “No, but your body does, it tells me a great many things Niklaus,” smiling to herself as he sucks in a breath.

Klaus struggles smelling her arousal, “We’re getting off topic Sweetheart,” he remarks, his voice raspy as her fingers dance along the lace hem.

“You came for the ash dagger,” Caroline responds tucking her feet under her, “I’m not giving it to you so while we’re just sitting here let’s have a chat,” she says.

He straightens in his seat growing annoyed, “How’s this for conversation then? Ancient or not I’m still going to kill you,” he promises though his words hold no weight.

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you?” she asks, “Death is only the beginning, besides I’m already dead. You killed me.” she tells him and unlike his earlier words hers do hold weight.

Klaus blinks, his mouth parts, it closes, it parts, his mind doing that thing where it tugs at him when she’s around, “I’m sorry?” he probes.

“There’s a big black hole,” she begins and already he can tell he’ll have to stomach more than he might be able to handle.

“An empty space in the back of your mind you fill with stories, Stories like the ones you write in your novels,” Caroline says implying that she has read his works but also something more.

He leans his elbows on his thighs leaning forward to rest his head on his knuckles, “How do you know that?” Klaus asks disconcerted.

For the first time that night she looks as exposed as he feels when she speaks, “Because I lived those stories with you, you asked me to remove them.”

At this he shakes his head, “You said yourself, I’m younger than you, how could I possibly..” he doesn’t end his sentence because Caroline frowns.

“You said that, I never did,” she corrects him, “You turned me, and time alone, time without you has made me this way.”

That bomb hits him hard and he takes it, running with the theory, “I’m an ancient so make me remember it if it’s true,” he pushes.

Again she shakes her head mocking his simplicity quietly, “I’m afraid I can’t do that,” she replies swinging back the rest of her drink and setting the crystal glass aside.

“Then why tell me this now?” Klaus demands to know as he stands speeding to her, standing before her seeking the truth.

“Because it’s important you know why I’m doing this,” she reasons with him not bothering to stand up as she meets and matches his expression.

“…Burning the town to the ground,” he grumbles reaching for the glass besides her crushing it in his grasp, “Why can’t I remember? What did you do?” he yells.

The blonde’s voice is even as she speaks, “A very powerful witch, the original witch, cursed you to punish me. After you forgot you were never meant to remember.”

He notes not one quiver which only pushes him harder, “Why punish you?” he asks harshly gripping her shoulders tightly.

“For existing against her wishes, Nik, the original witch was -is your mother. I’ve been drawing her out.” Caroline shouts back at him her mind and body strong.

“All this time?” he asks letting her go to pace by the fireplace, “This -thing between us it was real, you really were protecting me?” he breathes.

“You hardly needed protection but yes,” she growls flipping her hair back as she stands up keeping track of the three bodies upstairs.

“And my friends?” Klaus asks carefully cursing the plan they had set up for this evening, mostly because it was his.

He’d been going stir crazy without having Caroline around and had convinced them that they needed to check out her home. Klaus silently pleaded their hearing wasn’t as good as Caroline’s and apparently his own though he had yet to register one thing.

Caroline knew they were there she showed as much by pointing upstairs, “They declared war first, I only came to find her and I found you instead.”

His tongue darted out licking the seam of his mouth, “And I turned you,” he speaks but he speaks only to himself, asks himself, “Did I despise you? Did I love you?”

“A little of both” Caroline answers for him, “Not to worry, the feeling was mutual. We were born in a time where love was fleeting much like now.”

“Explain,” he beseeches slowly walking to her no longer surprised, no longer afraid, more eager to figure out his feelings for her and somehow she senses this.

“The first time we met I clocked you in the jaw,” she laughs softly re-living it Klaus can tell by the look of her eyes, “My hand hurt for days after.” He watches her hand flex as if in memory.

“We fought constantly,” she smiles sadly, “It only got worse after learning we were to wed.” Caroline says practically jumping in her seat. All at once memories sprang forward in her mind, her hateful stare the day they married, the night he drunkenly asked if he could join her in their home.

“I’m the cause of the scar on the left of your collar.” Caroline informed him,” You came into my bed one night sloshed and I cut you with the blade you gifted me.”

Klaus sits on the rest of the sofa listening to her recount their story, “I didn’t know it was you not that it made me anymore sorry. You entered without my permission.”

He hums as a moment of incredulity strikes him, “Why should I believe you?” he asks trying to push the ever present, ever persistent ache of his head to the side.

“You already know what I say is the truth, I can see it on your face.” her presence dominates, her shadow growing over his by the flames while she stands from her chair.

Klaus expects her to touch him that much is evident to her but she can’t bring herself to so instead she baits him with truths. With mannerisms, private jokes, stories, afraid to let him go and knowing it’s for the best right now because not everything is ready. Everything she’s worked for so long to coordinate and if he remembered her at all he’d know how much of a control freak she truly is, even now.

“I recognize everything you think,” she tries cringing at the look on his face, “Feel, how you use your words, the way you lift your brows, tuck your hands behind your back, smirk when you know you’ve bested a foe.” Caroline replies.

“I know what you look like when you cum, I know you.” She articulates as the heat between them grows stronger both nearly forgetting they have a listening audience.

“Then tell me of you, your weaknesses and strengths for I am at a loss,” Klaus gripes struggling with his new reality because yesterday all he had to worry about was his deadline and his limited blood bags.

“I trust my Nik,” she responds honestly, “I don’t trust you, I won’t be revealing any of that,” the blonde communicates to him without remorse.

“What if I don’t want any of that back?” Klaus asks because there must be a chance that he can walk away without and consequences, surely,” I have a life here, a damn good one at that,” he tells her.

“I never planned on forcing you back into my life Niklaus,” she groans her own irritation rising to the surface, “I simply need her to give you the option of a choice.” Caroline persists.

A wave of relief flooded him at her words, “You would do that?” he questions drawing closer to her the idea seeming more intimate than sex.

“I’m complicated, not evil,” she clarifies taking a step back not as eager to be close to him as he was to get closer to her.

He bristles, his egos feathers rustled, “Your attacks say otherwise,” he rejoinders accounting for her previous moves on Elena and Damon.

“A girl does have a reputation to uphold, I can’t have baby vampires thinking I can be put down but I never killed them.” Caroline reminds him putting her chair between them.

Her hands play with the silver studs of the long back of the chair in lieu of looking at him, “I wondered about that,” Klaus laments.

She purses her lips biting her tongue, measuring her words, “It would have been easy but they are under your protection,” the other vampire explains.

He ignores the dig at his friends focusing instead on the obvious, “What would it take to make me remember?” he articulates.

“A night no one has seen in nearly a thousand years,” Caroline responds, this time sounding more like the force of nature that he had found himself under the mistletoe with.

“Like the one in three days’ time,” he realizes quickly asking, “And the moonstone?” Klaus follows her from the room making a serious effort to look at the back of her head and not the bouncing of her skirt.

“You simply touch it and you’ll know me,” her head turns as she speaks her eyes watching him in his struggle, she smiles her own ego soaring.

“I have until then to decide,” he murmurs as she takes a step in the direction of the stairs sliding into her feathered slippers.

“You do, now I’m sure you have a lot to think about so why don’t you ask your friends to come out from their hiding spaces in my home and leave,” Caroline states expecting him to be gone soon.

Something she sees as a fact as she takes the stairs slowly picking up her robe hearing each of them disappear one by one speeding off into the night. Caroline figures they’ll most likely regroup at the grill where almost all of her minions will hear them.

Meanwhile she’ll be upstairs finishing the bottle she started earlier very much alone in her bed. Evil, she thinks. She reaches her door slipping inside her darkened room unsure of why the French doors are open, until it all because clear.

“You stayed,” she sighs finding his towering frame from behind the flowing curtains she felt her near dead heart jump to her throat.

“I forgot something,” Klaus remarks shutting the doors to give them a semblance of privacy while he gravitates to her unable or unwilling to help it.

She frowns muttering, “Forgive me if I don’t find that funny,” as he laughs softly his nose brushing hers with their bodies fully level.

“Did I want to forget you or what I’d done?” he enquires while his arms wrap around the center of her waist pulling her to him roughly.

“It wasn’t about me,” Caroline tells him, the knowledge of his stubble scraping against her sensitive lips not escaping her for a moment.

“I thought as much,” he affirms as his lips taste hers gingerly his hot breath igniting her bones, pushing a sweet heat down in into her belly as he walks her backwards.

“Klaus,” she cries into his mouth as he nudges her onto the bed crawling after her his mouth chasing hers as he nestles himself between her legs.

The world seemed to shimmer as Klaus hovered over her, the moment ascending in time, expanding perfectly as her head hit the pillows. His familiar eyes watching her from above as she gripped his sweater over his heart the heat of his body making her body tingle, a whimper escaping her lips without permission.

He smirked as his hands glided down her neck and shoulder over the silk fabric that would a moment later become scraps on the wooden floor.
His lips devoured hers drawing sounds from them both while he pressed the hard planes of his clothed body over her exposed flesh.

He groaned feeling her heat pressed up against the rough texture of his black jeans rubbing over the metal of his zipper. Caroline’s fingers clung to his belt looking for the strength to undo it as he kissed her mercilessly. His touches matched the fever of his lips as he gripped her hips pressing them both impossibly close while Caroline wished to remove him of his clothing piece by piece.

It had been so long, she thought, since he had touched her like this in a moment of passion that demanded her legs be wrapped around his waist rutting angst him. His fingers kneaded her thigh rousing a deep shudder as her nails dug into his shoulder blade.

Klaus feels her under him, a quivering mess, Caroline, she was his, his to touch, he thought as his hands slid over the curve of her ass squeezing gently making her cry out into his mouth. He squeezed with more pressure next feeling her purr as he moved his hand closer to her center from under her ass. Her leg twitched as her experimentally rubbed just under her opening.

“Nik,” she cried against his panting lips, “Please,” she moans needing more of him, his touch, his drugging kisses, all of him. All he would offer.

The rough pads of his fingers from working with his brother’s after they married, the sweet taste of his lips along with the mesmeric feel of his tongue dancing with her own. She paws at him begging him quietly to remove his shirt so she can feel his bare chest against her own as he does this their faces inches apart Caroline smiles.

His nose brushes hers as if finding her again, her heart whispering that it is so as his movements become more delicate. The tips of Klaus’ fingers tracing the side of her breast his thumb caressing the rosy bud until its tight and at its peak.
He’s helpless in his effort to keep from tasting her, his head dips low taking the mound in his mouth sucking until he’s satisfied.

His free hand pinching the other breast making her squirm as he blows over the saliva the cool air causing her to shiver before he repeats his ministrations on the other breast. She moans softly as he shifts his boots hitting the floor along with his socks as Caroline finds his belt her fingers working deftly rewarded with the sound of the metal falling apart.

He groans as her fingers dip inside the line of his jeans grazing the taunt muscles making him buck against her. She feels him firm as his base, her fingers holding him as his eyes squeeze shut, his forehead dropping to her own as he pants harshly.

Klaus’s voice is strained as her name tumbles from his lips as she drags her hand down his shaft thumbing his head before sliding back towards him. He curses colorfully when she does it again his rocking his hips only adding to the hot friction Caroline created within him. His hand presses against her center causing a strangled moan to tumble out.

“I need you naked,” she whispers against his mouth Klaus only nods unable to do much else with her hand wrapped tightly around him feeling devilishly good.

“I don’t think you heard me,” she sighs as her hold loosens on him making him sag against her as she breaks the button of his jeans and drags his zipper down.

He helps her dispose of his jeans neither registering the sound they make as they hit the ground a second later too wrapped up in the feeling of their bodies pressed as one. He takes her quickened breaths in, her blown out pupils glazed over in lust with ruminants of something like love.

He looks at her in awe, Caroline’s waved mussed over the pillows, her skin sheen with sweat, how he craved her, he thought as his lips brushed her neck. His eyes nearly yellowed at the sound of her blood rushing back and forth through her system. Her scent familiar, heady, Klaus felt his fangs drop as he nipped at her collar.

Her neck stretched invitingly as her hand held him in place by the ends of his curls, her breath hitches, it’s the tiniest of noises but it’s all Klaus needs before he’s tasting her. He feels her writhe under him as her wet heat rubs his hardened length igniting a fire within him causing sparks behind his eyes as he drinks.

Caroline bites her lip to the point of breaking, his mouth leaving her neck to chase the drop of blood before he’s letting her taste her own blood on his tongue. Her stomach leaps with hot anticipation as he pushes onto his elbows still immersed in kissing her swollen lips as his fingers trail over the soft hairs over her entrance.

“I wonder how good you’ll taste here,” he murmurs against her mouth. Klaus’ thumb glides over her clit applying little pressure enjoying her overall reaction before doing it again.

Her head falls back in rapture, as his finger circles before pressing a little more firmly making her gasp as he drags his hard cock across her moistened swollen lips. Caroline feels her muscles clench in response as he leans back on his knees, his hands massaging her inner thighs all the way up hooking at the bend of her legs.

Klaus pulls her body across the sheets closer to his taking appraisal of her perky breasts bouncing with each breath. He watches with astonishment as her fingers dig into the comforter as his darkened gaze trails from her face. Caroline feels it burn down the valley of her breasts over her navel to her bare centre where he licks his lips.

Her face grows hot as the quiet laughter deep in his throat escapes him, “Later,” she growls impatiently compensated with the low timbre of his chuckle as his hand grips his cock.

Her lips chase his as he uses his hand to angle himself inside of her not yet decided if he’s done toying with her for all the trouble she’s caused him. His body more than eager to punish her for it if only loving this creature wasn’t part of the equation, and he does love her. He can recognize that now.

Klaus holds his length as he sets his body over hers leaning on his elbow as he pushes inside of her feeling her warm walls welcome him. Collectively they groan as he waits his other arm pushing under her body angling her clit perfectly against him so it brushes with each thrust. She cries into his neck as he pushes out setting a grueling pace she all but matches in her haste to catch the stars.

He sighs her name hoarsely against her lips as he uses his elbows at her shoulders as a way to level himself above her his hands tangling in her curls coercing her lips to his. A wave of unknown longing hits him as she cries his name, her lips soft and lush against his own as her walls begin to quiver around him.

A soft silent cry of eagerness overtakes her as she feels Klaus fill her each time working her body up and loving her like only her Niklaus could. She senses tears budding in the ducts of her eyes as she kisses him, it’s impossible that after so ling he’s here, solid, in her arms, filling her so completely. Needy noises escape her throat without consent as the tension builds deep within her core as her walls clench around his cock.

She chases the bright lights as he rocks steadily against her compelling her body to fall apart underneath him with abandon. His words of encouragement in her ear as she bites his shoulder drinking from him as he uses body to draw out the tiny quivers of aftershock before he’s coming with her. Klaus clings to her, his cock twitching with nearly every breath she exhales by the scar near his collar.

Finding his mate

just got an idea for an AU where Caroline’s long lost grandmother gifts her an old house in a little town called Mystic falls…

Originally posted by s-a-e-c-u-l-u-m

and on the day she shows up she literally crashes into the truck of Klaus Mikaelson who keeps on driving.

Originally posted by the-girl-in-the-meadow

later she meets him again at the only grocery store in town and had serious words with him getting them escorted out of the building.

Originally posted by schillerndebilder

Klaus as it turns out is an Alpha, a wolf (still unmated, no his mother doesn’t remind him of that constantly)

Originally posted by biteinthenight

…And doesn’t do too badly with the ladies in and out of town. Except with Caroline, she seems to be immune to his er, charms (dimples and more)

Originally posted by josephmorgan-originals

….even after another heated exchange between Caroline and him at a bar in town with a few witches involved,

Originally posted by skyangel22

namely Bonnie who’s never been a fan of him…

Originally posted by klopehybridss

Caroline becomes fast friends with Bonnie after such incident and starts debating on whether or not to stay in the little town of Mystic falls the longer she stays and the more words she crosses with a certain er, man(who has not been on her brain or in her latest dreams).

Originally posted by klaroline-secrets

More and more though she seems to catch on that Klaus Mikaelson seems interested in her staying for the long haul, but why? Surely he’s not interested in her, they loathe each other right??? RIGHT? That’s what she thinks until this happens

Originally posted by seriouslyniklaus

…sparking new feelings inside of her she’d rather avoid so she does in fact avoid Klaus at all costs even while settling into her new home until one night…

Originally posted by ancient-egyptian-witchcraft

when Caroline finds herself face to face with his wolf and recognizes his eyes instantly….”Klaus?!” she cries, her words brushing his face, little puffs of air escaping her mouth and running over his fur.

Originally posted by one-cold-day

Klaus nods before backing away slowly running away into the night as Caroline realizes two things.

1. Bonnie is a real witch apparently (Bonnie having told her so but she brushed it off as a joke).

Originally posted by vampire-diaries1864


2. She’s falling for a werewolf.

Originally posted by fhreya

cue her running inside for a really big drink to solve at least one of her problems, her shaking hands…

Originally posted by basegoddes

the next morning is quiet and she expects him at any moment but he never comes, prompting Caroline to figure out just where that were actually lives in town and when she finds him…

Originally posted by parallel-outlines

….he’s wounded…. and while she helps him heal they have another fight….

Originally posted by beyondmysky

this time about her staying the night out of safety neither having broached the subject of his were-ness despite his pack members running around town like her minions doing her bidding for Klaus…

Originally posted by lifeofvampirediaries

. that is until several days later when he utters the word “Mate.” in his sleep and Caroline catches it while watching him sleep.

Originally posted by vd-gifs

“Who’s your, uh, mate?” she asks during a cleaning spout making Klaus still for longer than a second before he pretends to ignore her…almost starting another fight before she drops it…

Originally posted by rollyjogeer

he’s not strong enough to fight with her anyway. So the days pass and it’s like they’re living together. Going for walks…. Even sharing meals together

Originally posted by josephmorgan-originals

Until Klaus is healed completely and Caroline tells him she’s leaving town, that it’s the right thing to do in this situation. He tells her it’s the cowardly thing to do, make no mistake they fight again.

Originally posted by niklausxcaroline

And Again….until somehow they end up wrapped up in each others arms

Originally posted by redinmyledger

The Flower Picker And The Soul Collector

She senses him behind her before he steps in stride with her the glow of her aura changing colors.

A flurry of emotions overwhelming her as he watches her walk from building to building her school books in hand.

He’s chosen the appearance of a an older man, blonde and perfect to everyone else but she sees him as he is.

A devilish grin and sparkling blue gray eyes that look right through her young persona as well showing him her true face.

The sidewalk stops and he blocks her from retreating to the other end of the street where she’s safer from him.

He moves with her teasing as she tries to get past him their bodies burning at the contact even under layers of clothing.

“Stop following me!” She commands him using her books to push him from her path and swirling around him.

With a swift glide he’s besides her once more biting back a grin as she grumbles to herself using some choice words about him.

“I never follow my queen, I stand beside her.” He reminds her as they dance around each other creating a heat and cold storm.

The sky parting in colors between them as they stare each other down waiting to see who will give in first.

They’ve gone rounds of him losing and calling it an impasse or her losing and making him think he’s wrong.

Today isn’t any different, it doesn’t matter that they haven’t seen each other in weeks, “Don’t you have passing souls to play with?”

Hades laughs a dark laugh that thrills her bones as much as she’d like to deny it up here, “Are you still mad about ‘86?” He asks.

“The 16th or the 19th century?” She responds with a question both enjoying the give and take dynamic.

“We had a spat, I’m over it already.” He tells her his words teasing as their glows continue to shift colors.

Persephone shakes her golden blonde locks shifting on her feet, “I’m not -you ruined my season,” she retorts.

“How was I supposed to know those lilies would cease to exist before they were discovered by mankind?” He growls tired of that broken record.

She looks at him exasperated as their surroundings clear of people due to their severe weather change.

“You didn’t think,” she almost shouts as it rains on her side and ices on his, “That’s the point.”

Her books disappear along with her persona and he sees her in her true form covered in cream and gold robes.

Her crown of flowers sprouting threatening thorns heightening from her righteousness, “You just acted and tried to justify yourself like last fall.”

He frowns knowing she’s right as he appears to her in his form, “P. Please come back, I promise winter will be warmer,” he entreats.

Her aura turns blue and he knows she’s warming to him as it turns a tinge of pink and orange.

“I’ll need at least another season to think about it,” she grumbles as his saccharine lips form an incredible grin.

Her persona reemerges with books in hand before he can think about holding her even for a brief moment because it’s forbidden.

He follows her lead switching to another persona, some kind of Adonis, as she watches with a horribly hidden amused look.

“I just crawled out of the underworld for you,” he dramatizes because she knows he took her route, “Could I at least get a hug or kiss? A smile?”

Persephone shakes her head shooting him a smile as the weather clears and the flowers bloom again, “Come here,” she gestures with her finger.

He takes a step forward leaning the rest of the way until she reaches towards him and presses her warm lips to his.

His eyes seal shut as her lips devour his taking control leaving soft kisses on his lips as she begins to pull away.

'Go’ she mouths as he stills by her side knowing his brothers and sisters are watching from the clouds.

“Until then my Queen.” He utters softly, his eyes focusing on her pink parted swollen lips as he disappears until fall.