Series of KCMoments

  Part 1 of 7.

When she first met Klaus she thought she had never met more of an egotistical bastard, he was good-looking and knew how to talk to a woman. But to Caroline that was the point, he was too suave, it wasn’t real so she shut him down.

“Talk to me about something real and then maybe,” she said softening the blow as he sat next to her ordering a seltzer. She crossed her legs on the bar stool intent on ignoring him but he had a different intent, he turned to look at her with a grin.

“You just made a mistake,” he said, “I’m very endearing and soon we’re going to be great friends.” He almost promised making her scoff. Caroline had no clue what he was going on about but she did know she was being drawn in. Soon enough he had inserted himself into her life.

It didn’t take long to realize Klaus had serious intent, even as their friendship kindled their intimacy did too. He would lean in more than necessary especially in the elevator, touch her when he passed her ‘accidentally’ or move in to hug her when no one else would just to hold her close.

He would swing by to see if she had plans, invite her out to movies and meet his family, “You have a real way of making yourself comfortable with me,” she remarked once when he brought his own label maker to the volunteer event she had set up.

Almost two months in neither was certain exactly of what was happening but she knew she was used to his hand around her waist. Caroline would look up at him when he wasn’t looking as he talked with their friends so passionately about his work. Work he had barely gotten out of showing her after months.

One day she realized she had a nice size crush on him when she found him in her kitchen after a very long day at work that had her wishing she had quit. Just the sight of him changed her whole view of the day in a matter of seconds.

He immediately stopped what he was doing and came to her, Klaus seemed intent on kissing her which she had to admit would be great but he pulled away at the last moment remembering they were friends. A part of her deflated but she was glad he took her in his arms anyway.

“You smell nice,” she murmured absent-mindedly as his presence relaxed her making him chuckle as he rubbed her back massaging just under her shoulder blades making her purr with delight. “Thanks,” she said as she rubbed her cheek on his chest.

KCMoments, A Series

Part 6 of 7.

Klaus took the stairs two at a time eager to interrupt Caroline’s regularly scheduled cleaning time to coax her into an early dinner with his younger siblings. He had text her over an hour ago and still no reply which to be honest was strange.

Caroline made a point to be prompt on anything she did and with everyone she spoke to, it had never taken her more than ten minutes to ever get back to him. Carefully he pulled the spare key from the top of the door frame and inserted it into the key lock turning it as he opened the door.

His stomached dropped to the first floor of her building at the sight before him, “I seem to have come by at the wrong time,” he said interrupting them. Caroline looked stricken and Klaus wished the floor would swallow him so he could be buried beneath where his stomach had dropped.


 Caroline was about to scream as the door swung open angry at the kiss Tyler had just planted on her without warning. She turned in shock seeing Klaus there, his eyes growing dark as he looked at them both a small part of her told her she didn’t deserve that look.

They were just friends she reminded herself and also she hadn’t planned this or wanted it for that matter Tyler just couldn’t take a hint. The rest of her however was shouting at her for still thinking they were ever just friends.

All over she also knew that Klaus was leaving and she was missing her moment to catch up to him. “Klaus! Don’t leave!” she shouted through the door leaving Tyler in her apartment shoving passed him as she chased Klaus down the stairs.


He took the stairs by storm stomping down fighting the envy he felt growing inside of him, the rage that had him curling his fingers into his palms. The image burned his mind more than it should have his feeling for Caroline boiling over as she shouted for him to not leave.

As if he could, he needed to collect himself and be the friend she wanted him to be, to go back up there and be happy for her. He growled internally hitting the aged wall tearing the wallpaper a bit with his ring as he heard her steps his heart ceasing its pounding in his ears.

He paused taking a deep breath preparing for battle when he heard her threat he laughed a deep laugh in his throat. His attachment to her was like a rubber band, stretching, reaching out but always coming right back.


It had already been a crappy day and after he’d caught her in a compromising position with her ex of course the next logical thing to do was to drop another level and follow him. “Klaus stop right now or don’t come back!” she said stopping him his head turning to look at her.

She finally caught up with him a little out of breath and wishing she had stepped up her cardio lately but right now that wasn’t important. “What are you doing here,” she asked tucking her hands in her pockets to keep from reaching out to him.

His mouth opened and closed without words slipping through before he shook his head he took another step away from her as he turned his head. “I was- I wanted,” he tried to say, “I …” Klaus was at a loss for words something she had never experienced.

“We weren’t,” Caroline tried to say, “Tyler and I, we have a history but. Could you look at me please while I’m talking to you,” she said as she walked around him making him look at her. This time her hands went to his shoulders and down his arms rubbing reassuringly.


“You don’t have to explain yourself,” Klaus said softly, “We’re friends, good friends,” he supplied with a sad smile as he cupped her face before he moved past her. She winced at his choice of words remembering that day outside his office.

“We are but I want to do more to you than friends are allowed to,” she confessed making him pause giving her an opportunity. The look on his face was priceless and she knew just when he felt her grab on to him pulling him back surprising him as her lips molded to his hotly, sweetly, relief coming in waves from both of them.

“What about,” he tried but Caroline shook her hear burying her hand in his hair adding much needed pressure to their kiss making him groan. She grinned as he lifted her up from her waist with one arm the other cradling her back as he span them all cheesy like.

KCMoment Series

Part 2 of 7.

He had finally talked her into it, a movie night at his place with all of their friends in order to finally make her watch the entire Harry Potter film collection. He was shocked that she had never taken interest in them, it wasn’t just.

He couldn’t have a friend that hadn’t seen them so after some cajoling he got her there in her sleepwear along with everyone else. His sister had made chocolate frogs and don’t even get him started on Kol who preferred to be referred to as ‘Fred’ for the evening.

He spent the day hiding all of his work and moving the furniture around to make room for the lot of them. Even Elijah stopped by to help him dressed in Dumbledore’s robes complaining about traffic on the way over.

He sat on the love seat towards the back as the opening scene started watching her without meaning to, her smile as she turned her head to look at him. She held his gaze as she moved back dragging a blanket with her surprising him as she sat at his side.

“Now you’re stuck with me because this was your idea,” she told him a beaming grin as she reached over his lap tucking in her blanket under his lap. He felt a sizzle in his thigh were she touched him and for a moment he was glad she had covered his lower half.

He didn’t even have to try, Caroline sat as close to him as she could get without passing friendly guidelines. As they made it to the third film she became more enthused which excited him, “Don’t think I don’t see that smile,” he half-whispered earning a few shushes from the people closest to them.

She swatted him refusing to admit she was actually enjoying herself but he knew that look it was the one she threw at him every now and again. Klaus spent the rest of the night trying not to pull her closer. Still when her hand found his he could help himself, his fingers locked over hers his thumb roamed over her palm.

He heard her sigh but nothing more as he continued stroking her softly noting how her head fell back on the couch her eyes half closing. It was then he felt it his senses coming to life it was hard to describe there was attraction yes.

 That was there from the first moment he spotted her in the bar after a work meeting, but now it was something more that only she created in him. He had cleared the bench having no plans that didn’t include her.

If anything they were shared with her or created for her alone, if it brought her pleasure Klaus wanted to be a part of it. He heard her moan just as Bellatrix jumped on the screen censoring her soft sighs as his thumb rubbed over her palm deliberately slower and harder.

KCMoments Series

Part 4 of 7

“We’re good friends right?” Caroline asked him as she spotted him exiting his work just after six the building in the middle of the city she liked to call it. Klaus was confused for two reasons. The first was that Caroline was asking such a silly question.

The second was because she was supposed to still be at work until half past six he was on his way to grab some dinner for them. “I like to think so,” he said shortly unsure of where her question would lead or where it had come from.

She smiled seeming placated her hand trailing down his arm as they walked taking his hand in hers. Klaus felt a jolt shoot through him. “I like to think you’re here for me a lot,” she told him with a nod as they stepped the pavement on the crosswalk.

“What’s gotten into you,” he asked his eyebrows knitting together because in all honesty he wished they were more than good friends. He still very much wished she could see how great they would be as a couple not that he had broached the subject with her before.

 Still his siblings had seemed to catch on that Caroline wasn’t just one to pass the time with and had even encouraged their relationship more times than he could count. Klaus often daydreamed that he could take her home and how wonderful she was and how good she made him feel to his parents.

He wanted to show Michael that at least one person could love him even if he’d always thought no one ever could. He liked to believe Caroline could be that person but that was a dream if moments like this with questions like that were ever proof of that.

Still he couldn’t help the flutter in his chest when a moment later they ran into a co-worker and she didn’t pull away as he greeted them in introduction. His eyebrows rose in fact at the way she seemed to suit him perfectly even Marcel was impressed. For a moment his dream was reality and he reveled.

Series of KCMoments

Part 3 of 7

Today was the day, she patiently waited for it every week, except for last week which she didn’t regret because Harry Potter is the boy who lived. She blushed just thinking about what Klaus had started, he knew how to tease but that was a whole new way to do it and it didn’t suck.

Still today was the day she got to run errands and clean her home. It excited her so much she woke up an extra hour early every time. Her teeth were shining and her sweats were tossed in the hamper as she dressed to go buy groceries.

She had also run out of window cleaner, she remembered as she scratched another item off of her grocery list. She blushed as she read the monogrammed bit on top with her name Klaus had gotten her, it was a whole stationary set he made her use even though she knew it had cost him a fortune.

Lately there was no stopping Klaus from popping into her head, even as she stood in line at the grocery store in her jeans and t-shirt with her high ponytail. That was when she spotted him almost as if her mind had made him appear.

Her reflex was to dunk but the moment she tried his face changed looking happier and she knew he had spotted her by the checkout booth. Caroline put on her best smile as she tried to subtly tuck her hair back behind her ears.

She placed her hand basket on the counter as the line moved forward, “Hello, Love,” he greeted her warmly cutting past the people behind her. He wrapped an arm around her bringing her to him as she inhaled his cologne.

“Hi, what are you doing here,” she asked nervously noticing the flowers he had in hand her heart whispering a wish. Klaus’ grin grew displaying his perfect teeth as the cashier called for her attention distracting her line of questioning.

She bit her lip to keep from embarrassing herself fidgeting with her outfit as she stood waiting for him to finish paying in silence. She tried not encourage him ignoring the cashier as Klaus’ attention was on her until the very end of the transaction.

His actions always seeming to say more than he ever could she realized as he placed his hand over her bags taking them. “I’ll walk you to your car,” he said his hand gesturing for her to go first she nodded with a tight smile walking ahead of him.

He placed the bags in her back seat before he opened her door and she slipped in with his help, “Drive safe,” he told her as he kissed her hand. He placed the flowers on her lap before he walked off again leaving her just as quickly as he had appeared.

Klaus was confusing and twisting her feelings around she concluded as she sat in her car dropping her head on the steering wheel in defeat admitting she liked him. That caused her horn to go off alerting his attention.

He seemed to know what happened as he turned his head amusement evident as he kept moving away from her making her feel hot under the collar. “Crap,” she muttered as she took the flowers in hand and felt her normal sized crush grow.

KCMoments, A Series

Part 5 of 7

She sipped more of her wine feeling easier around him each time she smiled remembering Mystic Falls when she was younger. Nights in the woods by the lake she felt Klaus come up behind her tucking his hand around her waist.

“I’m going out there,” she whispered as he placed his chin on her shoulder with familiarity, she grinned her hand running over his stubble, “You should come,” she heard the words slipping from her mouth before she could take them back.

She felt her eyes almost popping out of their sockets it was then she knew she had definitely had more to drink than she should have. Klaus looked stunned and for a moment she regretted losing herself but it didn’t stop him for a moment as he fell in-step with her.

She visibly sighed in relief though now she was anxious for a different reason like maybe that something would happen. That maybe she wanted something to happen but was afraid to admit it just in case she was too late.

She felt her throat swell up and her body shut down as he answered, “I’ll go if only to make sure you don’t drown,” he teased lowly as she noted his eyes were dark and dancing. Even as he joked she felt his grip tighten as if to keep her close, safe.

Halfway drunk she prayed to not to let her imagination run wild with thoughts of them falling in to the water and clinging to each other. Maybe having one of those Colin Firth moments like in Pride and Prejudice.

She tried not to think about the water making his clothes stick to his skin as she nodded to him with a smile while her insides screamed. She shivered making him rub her arms thinking she was cold when in fact she felt hot all over.

It was like there was two of her and currently her evil twin had taken over she thought as she ran her arm under his perfectly tailored coat jacket sliding her finger into his belt loop and letting it hang there. She felt him jump a little before she smelled the water and felt giddy to her core.

He wrapped his arm over her shoulder, “I can’t wait,” she exclaimed softly as they escaped the fundraiser her had invited her to at his boss’s house. His finger came over her lips in a silencing motion giving her tingles making her shiver again before he pulled her closer.

He paused turning her, his hands held at her hips as she looked up at him, it odd, it was as if she was seeing him for the first time he was truly beautiful. He said that about her often but he really had no idea how epically beautiful he was.

Attractive yes, but she could stare at the lines of his face or trace his lips with hers all day. She shook her head moving away from that last thought as she dragged him away from the party towards the decorative dock by the lake she’d had the idea to come towards to cool off.

Her body was screaming ‘Danger, Danger’ and they hadn’t made it onto the dock yet her hands moved without her permission. She removed her sweater and slid out of her shoes tip-toeing the next few boards knowing he was always close behind. She turned her head invitingly blinking as she grinned.

Klaus looked unsure as he removed his shoes taking long strides behind her as she ran towards the end spinning when she got to the end. She gasped feeling herself slip, “Caroline,” he called relief flooding his face as he caught her before she went over hugging her to him making sure she was safe.

He nudged her down to sit his body never more than a fraction of an inch away from hers as he joined her letting their legs dangle in the water. She felt his eyes on her checking, making sure she was truly unharmed she felt it then, just how badly she wanted to kiss him.

Instead she sighed as he wrapped his suit jacket around her giving him a tiny smile before she tucked her head into his chest because the next logical thing her body did was lay against him. She shut her eyes concentrating on his breathing in and out for the longest time.

Into The Woods
  • Klaus:From what I can recall you enjoy the woods.
  • Caroline (Unamused):I enjoy you're cute little remarks Klaus just not right now I'm busy.
  • Klaus:What pray tell are you looking for?
  • Caroline:Currently patience and a bear I stranded out here when I was younger...
  • Klaus (Smirking unbearably now):Would you like some company?
  • Caroline:You're just going to stick around anyways.
  • Klaus:Ask me to.