Pacific Rim was every bit as ridiculous as World War Z, perhaps more so: Jax Teller and a Japanese schoolgirl pilot giant mechs against Godzilla, guest starring Ron Perlman’s fantastic golden shoes and Charlie Day, and all directed by the guy who did Pan’s Labyrinth? How the fuck did that premise get funding? I would love to have been in on that pitch meeting, which I’m picturing as something between a Motorhead show, Comic-Con, and a Japanese rave (but in all likelihood was just Guillermo del Toro showing a bunch of jaded Hollywood executives the first few episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion).” – Robert Brockway

It’s ice to know someone feels guilty about “ice to see you.”

5 Hilariously Awkward Meltdowns Hidden on DVD Commentaries

#4. At Least Joel Schumacher Is Sorry for Batman & Robin

Schumacher spends the entire commentary track by himself repeatedly and earnestly apologizing for what he did. No stars to get in the way. No producers. Just an hour and a half of Schumacher pretty much going “God, I am so sorry – I just … nipples? What the fuck was I thinking? Send me your address. I will pay you your money back.” There are very few clever anecdotes, precisely zero joyful reminisces – just a few feeble defenses that quickly give way to shameful apologizing. If you want a fine example of a proper mea culpa, Schumacher is your man: “Blame the director,” he says, “that’s what our names are there for.”

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