Blonde on Blonde

I’m working my way through Season 2 of Lost Girl and feeling very conflicted about who I want to see Bo with/is hotter. Lauren has those soulful eyes and Dyson . . has those soulful eyes. And they both look incredible topless.

–These are the kind of problems bisexuals have, you guys. Feel (faux) sorry for me. Because the flipside problems, for people who aren’t magic seductresses who live in Canada, suck.

But thank you Canada for a sex-positive magic-celebrating Bechdel-test-way-surpassing female led show. I’ve never seen anything that felt so much like home, and like me, on TV.

A fandom post (Lost Girl)

Everyone has ships, sometimes they really don’t go along with the majority of the fandom. I completely get that, except that’s not usually me. It kills me that my ship (Bo and Dyson) is all but disappearing from canon in season 3. These are fictional characters but I feel so much anguish over the position Dyson is now that it’s ridiculous. I’m all for alternative love as long as its not harmful but I don’t get the whole Lauren/Bo deal. On both sides. Also fan fiction. It’s almost non existent in the Bo/Dyson parings. Even the ones marked as such are really a pairing of Lauren. The only thing I console myself with is that this will eventually fade away and Season 1.