Johnlock friends,

We have lost a dear member of TJLC. You may even call them the first member of TJLC.

loudest-subtext-in-television is leaving tumblr due to rude anons and people stealing their work.

Their metas were well known and brilliant, and some people decided to repost them without credit. Subtext asked them to remove the post, and people have been harassing them since. Subtext tried being positive, but it only made problems worse for them. This is a grossly simplified version of events, but to those who have no clue what happened, it’s a rough outline.

loudest-subtext-in-television was kind and smart, exactly the person you’d want to show to your parents. They were patient with others, and their ideas have spread so thoroughly through the fandom that some of them are just taken as fanon, and sometimes canon. Their work will live on and continue to inspire all of us, even as their blog disappears.

Farewell, loudest-subtext-in-television, we will miss you terribly. I hope you’re in a better place now.

This is not the first time people have left the fandom due to harassment. It probably won’t be the last. That’s why I’d like to do something special.

We all know Valentine’s day is almost here, and that love is in the air. Starting on the 14th (on Sunday), I challenge everyone to message (or send an ask) to someone else in the fandom, and tell them how much you love what they do. Artists, meta writers, fanartists, bloggers, groups, friends, fandom moms, anyone. Try and pick someone new every day until the end of February. If you want to do multiple people a day, go wild! Love is everything, and paraphrasing Mrs. Hudson, “Fandom is all we have in the end.” If you miss a day, there’s no pressure, just send those love anons out there to our favorite bloggers, writers, artists, and meta-maniacs as best you can!

Comments make a blogger’s day, so let’s spread the love in memory of one of the best meta makers of the fandom! And remember, likes won’t show this post to your followers, reblog to spread the word! <3

– Devon

PS: I will be doing other johnlock Valentine’s things, but this needed to be addressed.



Day 6: A “political” punk song.

Leftover Crack - Gang control 

Pokemon 20th Anniversary 27-Day Challenge: Day 12

12. What is your saddest Pokémon moment and memory? Did it make you cry? It could be something that happened in real life, or something about games, anime, and storyline.

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I think my saddest Pokemon memories took place last year, maybe May 2014 to maybe September 2015. I was home and out of school due to my eating disorder and the deterioration of my body and health. I cried a lot, and I used to just sleep and cry and yell. For Christmas I got all the Pokemon Seasons and I would sit on my mum’s bed and just watched through all them. They made me smile, but I also look back on that time with a lot of sadness because I was just so down and I don’t like associating Pokemon with negative feelings, I’d cry while watching. I don’t know… maybe this is a little too personal hehe

Pokemon 20th Anniversary 27-Day Challenge

My Answers

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Nickname: Cass

Height: 5′4″ or 162 cm

Hair color: Blonde with like. Black underneath if that makes sense.

Eye color: Hazel

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Favorite anime: I don’t really watch anime anymore, but when I did Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood was my favorite.

Favorite bands: (o boi) Broadway, Snow Patrol, Goo Goo Dolls, Seether, RED, Sir Sly, Tame Impala, Radiohead, Smashing Satellites, The National, Anthrax to name a few

Favorite songs: Holy Shit by Father John Misty, Gold by Sir Sly, Culture Vulture by Morning Parade, Sharks and Danger by Alexisonfire, Gamblin’ Man by Smashing Satellites, Trip Switch by Nothing but Thieves

Favorite books: I must shamefully say that I mostly read fanfiction but I’ve been reading Interstate by Stephen Dixon and it’s really good

Favorite word: Sponge ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Favorite color: I mean red is pretty ok

Dream job: I wanna be a crazy college art teacher who writes reports about homosexual couples in their free time honestly

Sports: Skating Slating Sleeting Sleeping

Favorite cigarettes: Melons. No one will really get that but yeahno I don’t smoke my 7th grade health teacher taught me well 

Idea for a perfect moment: yOU KNOW Those moments when you look out the window or you’re walking outside and it’s just a really cool spring/summer day and it’s like 7pm and school is about over and some v chill indie or alternative popish song is playing with like Smashing Pumpkins or 90′s/60′s influences and you kind of realize how happy you are for being so lucky and having all your friends and food and how nice and calm the earth and sky is and how good it is that a lot of people in this world are happy and in love and helping others feel that too


Favorite quotes: I don’t really have any, but I love the lyric “It wasn’t like a rain, it was more like a sea; I didn’t ask for this pain, it just came over me” from the song Pink Rabbits by The National, also just the entire song Holy Shit by Father John Misty if that counts.

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i have no more friedns byw


This week’s video is a LITTLE different than usual, and a little more fun! My dear friend (and fellow Youtuber) Cherie and I decided to attempt the No Mirror Makeup Challenge. I hope you guys enjoy this video, I laughed the whole time shooting and editing it!!
We also did a video for Cherie’s channel that should be up soon! Once it’s up I’ll add the link the description box on this video, but I’ll also just let you know here to check it out :)

Fire Emblem Fates: 18 Days of Hype

7. Which Dragon Vein are you: Earth, Wind, Water, or Fire?

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Water I think, generally whenever I’m an element, I’m water. It appeals to me, according to many a quiz it suits me, plus I’m a Pisces which is a water sign.

In general though, I am stoked for Dragon Veins in the new games, they’re going to add so much new strategy and interest.

Where to find the challenge

My answers


Played the Starbucks Challenge with my friend Justine! 


Makeup challenge time!

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I’ve found it annoying as I draw almost daily to realize that I gravitate towards a particular style that I wish I could more easily shake.  When I don’t pay as much attention to it I end up creating angsty drawings without the amount of emotional punch that angsty drawings should pack.  My style is too clean for my own tastes most of the time and too overworked, overthought.  I’m happy with this one, though, because of the loose dark that I added to give it some more punch.  Also- no reference!