So my gym was closed for the holiday.

This was my Christmas workout that kicked my ass! I love my Z time!

She has tons of free workouts and it’s a fun way for me to change it up and not get bored. Also suuuper helpful when you’re traveling, all you need is a room and the internet and you’re ready to go! :-)


Speedpaints I did just hours ago to catch up because I was busy these last few days.

Day 15: Fave Psychic type (REUNICLUS - Umm sorry but did you expect someone else?)

Day 16: Fave Rock type (AERODACTYL - I think Aerodactyl’s the only rock type I actually really like so no contest here.)

Day 17: Fave Steel type (MAWILE - being part fairy makes it even cooler and mawile’s design speaks greatness in itself.)

Day 18: Fave Water type (DEWOTT - If you don’t like dewott, we have a barrier.)

Challenge Week

This week I asked 5 friends to set me challenges to complete by Sunday night.

They had to be things that would actually challenge me/be hard for me/or have a self improvement focus.

Those were the only rules.

so far the challenges I have received are:

1. Go on a date. Actually say yes to someone and hang out with them in person, in real life.  - Whilst I’m a really confident outgoing girl dating FREAKS me out. Big time. I am terrible at it. I hate doing it. I get really nervous and insecure. This one will be tough. I can do it.

2. Do a vouch of silence. 8 hours of no communication. No talking. Just listening. I tried this today and failed twice. I talked to myself one time out loud (who the fuck am I.) I will try again tomorrow.

3. Write a Short Story. Make up characters and write a story. This will be hard. I don’t really have the patience to do things like that. Plus I’m terrible at ending things. Luckily though it only has to be a short story and not a novel. I better start soon!

4. Publicly give a stranger my number. This one will be tough. I have to go out into the real world and ask someone out. This is probably worse than the date one. I have to actually initiate a possible hang out with someone. Someone that I am interested in. I’d rather just meet them through the internet and like enough of their selfies for them to realise I’m keen but no. I have to APPROACH a stranger and ask them out. I better start looking out.

5.Go to the nudist beach. l have to go to the nudist beach… NUDE. Fuck. This one will make for a funny story in the end I’m sure of it. But still. Its going to be a very nerve racking experience! I have little body confidence. At least I love the beach. There is always a silver lining.

So it looks like I am going to have a very busy/challenging week.

Wish me luck!

On Not Being Afraid to Struggle

Pre-meds and medical students are a high achieving bunch. Maybe high school was a breeze, maybe you aced Orgo, or maybe you got an amazing score on the MCATs. Maybe you didn’t, and that’s OK. 

I am not the student who eased through life and woke up one day to find myself in medical school. Sure, I did well in high school where no one was challenging me, but once in college I realized that there are a lot of really smart people out there and that among smart people I am pretty average. I found myself working really hard only to walk away with a B in Orgo I. I came close to failing Orgo II and ended up re-taking both classes after I graduated from undergrad. My first time applying to medical school (before retaking Orgo) I got ZERO interviews. My second time applying I got two, after which I was wait-listed at both schools. Just when I had started to reassess my life goals I got a call telling me I had been accepted. 

Since starting school I have struggled with the transition from the intellectual curiosity that predominates the liberal arts, to an academic environment based on multiple choice tests and memorization. There are days that I love everything about medicine and days that I wish I were still capable of carrying on a non-medical conversation. Despite all the ups and downs I cannot imagine doing anything else. The deeper into this whole medicine thing I get, the more convinced I am that this is the place for me.

The road to medical school is long; the road to becoming a practicing physician is longer. At some point you will struggle and will doubt yourself and your ability to succeed. Don’t panic or give up; buckle down figure out what’s important and work as hard as you can.


[MODPOST] Darcy Lewis Fluff Week Challenge

After the success of the last smut week, I decided to explore other themes. So with the fluff we go!

First, what does fluff means: it refers to something (a story) in which there is no angst or no real plot either. It tends to be short and sweet, little no depth but comforting to read.

So we need the fluff, the shameless, self-indulgent kind. Fanarts, graphics, fanfictions with cuddles, hands holding, human pillows, pet names, falling in love, marriage proposals, reunion in airports, domesticity, kids, cooking, huge confessions, romantic dates, strolling in the parc, gestures of love, epic fluffiness with unicorns and rainbows. You get the gist of it.

I’m not giving you prompts, I just want fluff to hit us so hard it makes our hearts a little gooey inside.

It will happen from January 6th to the 12th, which is my birthday and I can ask for this week  because of reasons.


well since it is christmas here’s my little gift, a small photo challenge to either test your pose making skills or in my case how resourceful can you be with what you find. I follow the tag Lifetime in pictures, I would love to see what you do with it, it is for couples btw 



2. children 


4.first kiss 






10. first home 





15. labor 

16. bringing baby home 

17. playing with toddler 

18.helping child 

19.scolding teenager 

20. waving child off to college 

21.empty nest 

22.meeting child’s partner 




26. enjoying outdoors 

27 illness 




I hope you enjoy it, love from AHS


Fangirl Challenge → [2/10] actresses

↳ Vera Farmiga

“I keep finding the most compelling characters in independent film. A lot of the roles in other kinds of films were peripheral princesses or just boring, boring women - female characters that were utterly ordinary and devoid of any personality or spirituality. Is that a reflection of what we’ve become as women? That’s something that we sometimes don’t think about. You see these stupid, materialist, horny, nympho characters that people put up there in movies, and you have to think: Is that what feminine dignity has come to?”