VIP KClub LA - Arrival Day

I’ve been to a booking club before, so the experience wasn’t unexpected. Before I’d gone to Le Cercle, which to this day remains my favorite k clubbing location. VIP was classy. The massive seating units were fancy. The elegant plush were a glorious comfort to my sore travel pained body. Missing my noon flight from San Jose and forced to wait until I could be squeezed on to another, I’d no choice but to lounge in the airport for 5 hours. Finally getting onto a 5 o'clock flight placing me into LAX around 6:30.

The stunning views from the plane was enough to cheer me up a little from earlier frustrations. I sat next to a charming fellow from Santa Cruz (like myself) who was overly chatty. He was kind enough, and made the flight rather enjoyable.

Finally I arrived in LA, just at the sun was setting on a glorious spectrum of vivid colored buildings and crowded streets. I was dazzled by the city I was landing into. Even though I’d seen it before, the sight always amazes me. After finding my way through the confusing airport, I wound up making it to the hour long bus ride to the city. The Sheraton wasn’t hard to find, and after checking in with the girls at the hotel, I booked it off to meet my friend Teri. The was only time for a quick hello, as we ran off to the club. My flight had made us a little late, yet we still managed to be the first ones there. After chatting it up with the Security Guards, who as usual were surprised to see white girls coming to a kclub, we were ushered inside. We got a small deal on our large table, which was originally suppose to house 6 girls, who canceled at the last minute.

NOTE: Never cancel on Kclubbing last minute, it’s considered VERY rude to the server, not to mention you have to pay more.

I enjoyed the plush cushions and looked in awe at the massive room. Several booths, like our own, scattered around a massive dance floor. A DJ jammed up front, and periodically sent out smoke effects over the massive floor. A few large screens were around the walls playing a mix of kpop and music videos. We sat impressed at the display before us. It wasn’t long before a massive fruit platter was delivered and a bottle of expensive Crown Royal. I’m not a big fan of the stuff, but after a long day, drinking was a thrill.

We chatted together for a while as people flowed in from outside taking a few shots and chowing down the mound of fruit. It wasn’t long before we were feeling the effects. Time for a photo opt! We weren’t doing to good, so our kind server walked over and took several photo’s for us. Henri was amazing.

Take notice of the nearly empty fruit platter. The servers make Kclubbing what it is. Henri brought us along with our Crown Royal; cranberry juice, soda cans, water, ice bucket, and was kind enough to take our purses and place them someplace safe.

It wasn’t long after our photo event that the a few fellows joined us from a near by table. The booking began after that. I was seated with several nice guys, as was my friend Teri. We used the standard “I need to use the bathroom” to avoid anyone who wasn’t polite. Most were, but it’s always nice to have a good back-up plan. A few good Kpop songs came on, including Big Bangs “Tonight” and “Hands Up” from their new album.

My friend had some drama much later in the night, after having her phone stole by a guy fighting over her on the dance floor. Determined to not let the night get us down, at closing we when with some charming men to karaoke. The night carried on well into the morning with singing and dancing kpop. Overall a great experience. The club was amazing, the servers were very helpful, and the music was fantastic. It was a Thursday night, so the traffic within the club could have been much better, but it’s natural weekend days are better. Overall I had a great time. The next morning naturally sported a glorious hang over and a broken heel that hold an hilarious tale that was assumed to only happen in the movies. Yet the night was filled with fun. Compared to Le Cercle I enjoy the booking aspect more than the dancing, yet both clubs had their own positives and negatives. If your looking to have a small booking club, with a high stresses on dancing, then VIP is well worth the trouble. Going in a group of two can be expensive. My friend and I each paid around 100, which for me wasn’t worth it. But with a group of 6 or so the cost is only between 20-40 per person. The event was fun and very enjoyable, and well worth the experience. ^^

Thanks everyone for reading.

02.01.16 - I Hate You.

Maybe it’s a good idea to go far away from here after DA. Why do I do the things I do behind your back? They’re not even bad but why do I do it? Because of you and the way you fckn treat us. I feel like I’m living in a prison. Doing the same routines every single day, dealing with the same people/attitude, and shxt I’m given. 

Let me tell you something, YOU’RE NOT THERE FOR US AS A FCKN FATHER. MHM Messed up of me to say huh? Sure, you do have your moments but recently you’ve been a fckn jerk to us. To mom, me, and slowly every one else. 
Why don’t you mind your own business and butt out of our school life just like how you always did. We can’t do the things we love to do because of you. There’s not a day where you don’t criticize everything we do; Idance, kclub, uke club, airband, and babysitting. Seriously? YOU BLAME ME FOR SYLVIA WANTING TO DANCE AND GOING INTO IDANCE? EXCUSE ME but she wanted to do it. She has a passion for dancing and that’s what she wanted to do. I just supported her because I have a passion for dance and I saw potential in her. I know what she is capable of and I believe in her. Why don’t you? Instead your argument was to push her to go towards her career path already. DO YOU KNOW HOW OLD SHE IS? She’s a fckn sophomore. Why are you making her suffer more than she is right now?? Thanks to you, I lost interest and confidence in dancing. 

I wanted to do all of that shxt since day 1 but no. You didn’t let me. How about basketball? nOPE. Took me out of the team because I walked home in a cut-off. You made me write a freaking contract to do korean club and other club activities. These extra-curriculums help us relieve stress, and it only takes up about an hour to 2 the max. You’re not home by the time we get home so why tf can’t we do it. HUH? We’re maintaining straight A’s and a B shows up once on our progress report cards. Can you just trust us and support us in the things we want to do for once?! 

All you care about is image. But have you looked at yourself in the mirror? The man who picks fights with his daughter about the most stupidest things ever. The one who wanted to flip the fckn sofa over right now and beat the crap out of her as if she hasn’t been beaten up enough, JUST because she stood up for her sister and stated the real facts. The man who verbally and physically abused his wife because she spoke the truth and said what she felt. The man who verbally abuses everyone without filtering and censoring his words nor be open minded to other people’s thoughts.. 

I don’t fucking get you. HOW TF AM I GIVING YOU ATTITUDE? I just raised my shoulders saying “idk”. and I put my 2 hangs up saying Mom wasn’t home yet so how could we make food.. and you got the motherfreaking stick about to whack me across the face or something. EXCUSE ME but I talked calmly. DID I RAISE MY FCKN VOICE? NO. YOU did. Therefore, making me really furious so I raised my voice a little stronger because I’m so done with your nonsense. I don’t like how you come home, start shxt, talk down on us, and not help us with anything. Instead you’re driving me even more psycho. You push everything to mom and she’s the one putting food on the table for us.. -_-” You put so many things on me. What else do you want me to do? Be a fckn parent for you while you live your fckn life with your guy friends and work drama? I think you’re taking out whatever is happening at work on us. It’s not cool. You never listen and you always perceive the wrong things. 

Us responding to him as a wiser person with better logic makes him feel threatened or something because he can’t handle the fact that his children are getting older and smarter. YOU JUST WANT TO BE ON TOP OF EVERYONE, LIKE A FCKN KING. or.. A DICTATOR HUH? You think you can control everything? NO. At this point I’m done. One day Istg I will just walk out of this door because I am so done. 

Thank you for trying to guide us into the right path but you need to lay off and let us have input in what we want to do in our lives. It’s not fair to have everything go your way. Our happiness matters just as much as our health. Sleep can be caught up really easily. So just do your thing, don’t touch me, don’t say nothing and mind your own business. Thanks.