Auction status as of 10:00 am Friday
The last Day of the Auction!  Go to https://www.facebook.com/kchupublicradio?fref=ts  if you see something you like.  You can bid on this post at any time. Just refer to the piece by number or title. BUT MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE LINK AND DO IT ON THE KCHU PAGE.
We currently have the following bids open as :
1515-Joe Bourke by P.S. Hunt $100.00
1504-Take a Walk in the Woods by Millie Lang $275.00
1509-Seining by Raeann Krugger $225.001510-Art Glass Pendant and Earrings at $75.00
tem 1500-not in catalog Helicopter over the Chugach by Ryan McCune $100.00

1502-Palette of Kayaks at $150.00

Still accepting bids for:
1506-Sea Life starts at $150.00
1508-It’s My Salmon at $125.00
1507-Early Sunrise at $300.00
1503- Calico Cat at $150.00
1512-Milo Burcham photo at $150.00
1513-Oregon Coast at $200.00
1510-Art Glass Pendant and Earrings at $75.00
1511-Ed Orr and the Company Stage at $100.00


These items are being auctioned by KCHU Public Radio for Prince William Sound and the Copper River Valley, a small public radio station in Alaska.  Alaska public broadcasting has been hit with major budget cuts and small stations are doing whatever they can to replace the funds and continue to serve people with no other source of news and entertainment.  All items are by local artists.  For current bid status and to see all the items available go to  https://www.facebook.com/kchupublicradio , where you can bid by commenting on the item you’re interested in.  Or go to kchu.org for more information about KCHU and full auction information, including other bidding options.