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More animation practice! this one took like 10x longer than the Keith one for some reason?!??! It still needs a lot of work, but I’m ready to move onto some other stuff for a bit (plus I wanted it released into the online world for Shiro’s birthday Dx I’M A NERDDDD)

Some evening animation practice, wanted to do an experiment where I switch between multiple emotions. Hope it was successful! 

Featuring emo boy Keith from Voltron: Legendary Defender because can’t stop won’t stop.

Done in Flash CS5.

ok no but
I was reading dis comic about how Nux got his face scars 

now I’m all “oh yeah Slit was in this movie too wasn’t he”

so headcanon is Nux got inducted into the War Pups and Slit was his mentor and they butt heads* occasionally (like Slit became resentful of Nux when Nux became a driver even though Slit was really better suited at lancing – let’s be real, Nux isn’t the most graceful creature on the planet and Slit was lounging off the side of a car going 100+ mph) but despite all of that they are buddies. 

*haha, butt heads… literally right?? also they’re buttheads

Latest “Draw Yourself As” submission! This month was “DYA a Star Wars character”. Considered a Wookie because I love them, but due to recent emotional turmoil I decided to do a Sith instead (also unlike everyone else I actually liked Kylo Ren >_> haters). Kneel to my implausible lightsaber!

Also decided to take a crack at animation since I haven’t done it for a while. D:

Manifest Destiny - A "Mad Max: Fury Road" Nux + Capable Zine
I was awaited in Valhalla. They were calling my name. I should be walking with the Immortan or feasting with the heroes of our time. Id say it was

Hello friends! It’s a lovely day indeed, for my “Mad Max: Fury Road” Nux/Capable zine is finally here and available FOR YOU!

It is a PG-rated sweet lil’ 20 page book of our favorite post-apocalyptic couple being cute (and alive)! Oh, and Slit is there too. 

Books start at $8! I’ll sign and doodle in it for $10! There is also a downloadable PDF version for $5! 

Catchya later, bloodbags!

Decided to draw an angry!Furiosa today because I attempted to read a review of her backstory comic by DC and discovered that basically it shines a grotesque amount of light into Immortan Joe’s abuse of the Wives and treats both them and Furiosa in a way that completely contradicts the film.

(Which the great thing about the film was that it DIDN’T feel the need to show all the abuse and we gathered all the information about the abuse via the plot (the lengths they were willing to go to get away from him) and how the Wives and Furiosa interacted with Joe and even with the objects of their imprisonment (the chastity belts, etc.))


Farfetch’d and… Onix???

No I’m not skipping any! I’m just getting to the part of the Pokedex where there are random single Pokemon sitting around. And since I don’t want to only update with one Pokemon because that’s LAME, I’m putting some of the single ones together. YEAAAAH

On a side note, who’s PUMPED for the Black and White 2 release next weekend? Eh? EHHH?