Not fridge is not that dirty, just the filter. Lol one more, not gonna lie. Blown away by this brew, such a juicy hop profile. So good!! Need more of this beer trades open!!! by jcarleton82 http://instagram.com/p/eBpDqzIdPV/

Breakfast brew after a FUCKING EPIC last night. I’m sad I didn’t get a picture of the we cracked at least 30 some brews. Good times thank you @itsallourblood @bean4aces @pi_guy @kaffeekerl @kccraftbeerme @dreadyrage @d3adb @every_beer_in_2013 for coming out. It was rad. We will definitely be doing this again soon. Maybe with in the next few months. Cheers BITCHES!!! @boulevardbeer by jcarleton82 http://instagram.com/p/Y5JFuKodDp/