The New NHL! Cover Shoot! Last week we had 24hrs notice to head off to #Dallas to shoot the cover for #Sportsnet Magazine. @tseguinofficial of the @DallasStars is lighting it up this year. He headlines this group of young stars poised to take over the #NHL. He was great fun to work with! We had some good laughs. The budget was tight so thankfully our Hotel had FREE Happy Hour! God Bless #America. Dallas reminded me a lot of my #hometown of #Calgary. Big trucks and chewing tobacco!


It’s that time of year again. World Jr’s is right around the corner. Just got back from a trip to Halifax and had the pleasure of shooting these two young men. Jonathan Drouin @jodrouin27 and Zac Fucale @Fucale31. Check out the story in @Sportsnet Magazine now. Thanks @sportsnetmagpix! Hope these guys turn it around this year!! Happy Holidays!


Cuz I Eats My Spinach!

A while back I got together with digital artist Hugh Syme to work another creative idea. Similar to an image we made a few years ago of a Weatherman reporting in a raging hurricane, this idea was to create an older more weathered and rough around the edges version of Popeye. This was an idea that I had been tossing around for awhile but wasn’t sure how I would pull it off. Enter Hugh and his ability to create fantastic atmospheres. We found some great talent and got to work in the studio. These are my two favorites form the shoot. 


#wethenorth Here are some outtakes from our @sportsnetmagpix shoot we did with the Raptors awhile back. These guys are on fire!! Amir Johnson @IamAmirJohnson , Jonas Valanciunas @JValanciunas , and the Surprise of the draft Bruno Caboclo @Bruno_Caboclo.

Watching the game tonight made me think about this image. A story we shot back in 2010 for @ESPN looking at the trend to drafting tall goalies. Here you see ironically a former #Montreal draft pick Jason Missiean compared to Dustin Tokarski. I felt that the smaller goalie actually left fewer holes for the shooter to look at. I guess once they go down into the butterfly all that probably changes a bit? Anyway he is on the big stage now!


My good friend #HughSyme came by last week to have his portrait taken. He is releasing a book of all the art he has done over the years for #RUSH. Entitled #TheArtOfRush. Rush fans should go nuts for this. Hugh has created some very iconic album art in his career, including one of my favorites Megadeth’s Count Down to Extinction. One of Thrash Metals great recordings. 

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