Keep Calm And Carry On || Tommy & Lennon

 Lennon a tuck a blonde hair behind her ear as she threw on a pair of black denim shorts. All day she had been lying in bed with the most terrible headache she ever had the pleasure of having, but she was still determined to be happy, to distract herself, because lord knows what would happen if she let her brain think. At least, while she was alone. Lennon had forgotten about putting on bracelets and trinkets on her arm today, because she hadn’t planned on having any company at all, which left her scars plainly visible. Though some were faded away, she had a few fresh ones from this morning, because she was thinking about her Dad and Serah, again today.

The girl grabbed her guitar, just in case Tommy forgot to bring his, and perched on the couch, three separate bowls of strawberries, whip cream and Sugar all set neatly in front of her. The girl was watching TMZ, though she didn’t want to admit it, she thought it was funny to see all the paparazzi following people, and she thought it was even funnier when they followed her around, because she would say the weirdest things. The girl was casually laughing at the episode in which her turtle peed on her, when she heard a knock on the door. She hopped up and walked over to it, singing along to a rather popular commercial song  before opening the door to see the brown haired boy, “Hello lovely, welcome to my castle of doom, make yourself at home.” She said, plopping back down on the navy blue couch.