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AU meme: KC + Kill Bill

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Cocoa Wine and Wedding Gowns //KC and Em

Katie had missed Emily, despite still working with her. So when she saw her tweet about wedding magazines, she jumped at the chance to hang out with her. She packed up the snickerdoodles she had just made, a box of hot cocoa mix, and a bottle of wine in her overnight bag along with a change of pajamas and her toiletries as she was fairly certain that she was going to end up sleeping over.

She changed into a pair of jeans and a sweater before grabbing her house keys, her bag and her phone and locking up for the night. It didn’t take long to get to Emily’s and she paid the cab fare before hurrying to the door and knocking.

“Open up Em. I have drinks and cookies to share” she called through the door after knocking.


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Prompt for day 7 : kc + arranged wedding please.

HI people! I AM VERY SAD THAT THERE IS NO MORE AU WEEK!!! WAHH!! :( But all good things must come to an end. I’m very much looking forward to getting through all the new fics that have been posted!! 

Anyway, here’s my last contribution for the week. THANK YOU ANON for the prompt. I kind of got obsessed with this universe. Also thanks to @austennerdita2533 and @themikaelsoncupcake for reading through it and telling me I’m not crazy for writing this. Also to @nemesis729 this fits the prompt you gave me about the class argument! So thanks for that! 

Hope you enjoy.

Because I Love Her


“I really think marriage, as it stands today, should be a choice made by two people who are in love. A woman and a man, a woman and a woman, a man and a man, a trans woman and a cis man. Whatever.”

Week one of her third year women’s studies class and Caroline felt a twinge of pride at expressing her opinion. It was something she felt strongly about, and was excited when her tutor had asked their opinions on marriage as a warm-up question.

“While, historically, it was an institution, I think that feminism has developed to the point where it can be something women can enter into willingly, rather than something forced upon them.”

Then a voice spoke up.

“Oh, come now, love. Marriage is an institution, it’s been used since the dawn of time to strengthen political ties, ensure a family’s financial stability and to increase one’s clout. Romance was rarely a factor.”

And Caroline froze, she whipped her head around to the top of the lecture theatre, where her eyes locked with his. A tirade of conflicting emotions washed over her, and it took all her willpower not to jump up and flee the theatre. Hell, it took all she had not to flee the damn country.

“Seriously! I can’t believe you!”

They had started out friends.

“You can’t believe me? I thought given your own marital situation, you would agree with my point, as cynical as it is.”

Admittedly that had been a long time ago, but they had been friends. Best friends, in fact.

“And what about art? Music? Poetry? Literature? All these things have been portraying love and romance within relationships long before Hallmark was a thing, Niklaus.”

The class around them watched in awe and trepidation as Caroline and the newcomer tossed their arguments at each other as easily as if they were an old married couple.  

“Perhaps, but the majority of those texts were about the forbidden or unrequited nature of love. Never in terms of marriage.”

Caroline felt tears burn behind her eyes, but she jumped to her feet.

“Maybe you’re right, but marrying for love came from somewhere. Hallmark didn’t just decide it was a like 85 years ago. It came from unifying two people who want to be together. If you’re going to be tethered to someone for the rest of your life, you may as well want to be with them. And that’s what I believe, whether you’re too jaded and cynical to believe it or not.”

Klaus opened his mouth to offer his rebuttal when the lecturer spoke up.

“Perhaps, Ms Mikaelson, you and the newcomer, should take this argument elsewhere. Your points are valid, but you are now disrupting my class.”

She didn’t say it rudely, or with a hint of irritation, but she did say it with a finality that Caroline couldn’t ignore, so she scooped up her things, embarrassed.

“I’m sorry for being disruptive,” she said. “But please. It’s Caroline. Please don’t ever call me Ms Mikaelson again.”

And with that, Caroline stalked out of the class, her fiery, determined eyes on Klaus as she went. He looked almost smug at getting her kicked out of class. The two of them walked in extremely tense silence for a few minutes, until they had cleared the building and were out of earshot of anyone still in class.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she roared.

She was upset. Almost more upset than she had been in early November, almost three years previous. She let the tears fall from her eyes, as the emotions that always raged through her when he was around took hold of her body.

“Exchange,” he shrugged. “Oxford was boring, so I’m my final year here instead.”

Caroline’s mouth fell open, as she saw all of her beautiful carefree plans fall away.

“Please tell me there’s more to it than that, Klaus. Please tell me there was a parent involved, or something. Please tell me you didn’t take away my last shred of freedom because you were ‘bored’.”

“Caroline, sweetheart,” he said, softly, brushing a strand of her hair from her face. “I can’t tell you that.”

Klaus did have a tender side. She knew that. She’d always known that. She’d known it since she met him.

“Why do you have to do this to me?” she asked, thickly.

Caroline honestly thought she’d have two more years of freedom. Two years to be normal. Two years of being her own person, before family obligation took hold.  

“What do you expect from me?”

She didn’t know. Once upon a time she would have expected him to always be on her team. To always have her back. But these days…

“More. Something! I don’t know!”

As she looked into his eyes, for the first time in years, Caroline saw her everything she felt for him and about them, reflected in his eyes. It only served to confuse her more.

“Well, you shouldn’t have.”

Caroline’s face contorted in disgust, and she spat the only poison that ever seemed to work on him.

“I don’t know why I expected you to be less despicable than your parents.”

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