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Nostalgia kicks in and I wanna show ya guys the Indonesian version of 90′s HxH opening because it sounds really soothing~

and also because I finally listen to the original Japanese version and turns out they dubbed the whole thing down to the acoustic part all by themselves.. as in, they did the music on their own instead of using the japanese version acoustic


“Caroline. I’m standing in one of my favorite places in the world, surrounded by food, music, art, culture, and all I can think about is how much I want to show it to you.

Maybe one day you’ll let me.”

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I really don't think KC is the reason KH isn't happening. From the start TO decided that they wanted to go with HE, and said HE will be the center of Season 4. They obviously have never had any plans to do anything other than HE and have no plans to start.

The idea that KC dictated any ship on TO has always been hilarious to me. It’s never been a factor and still won’t be. KH will happen or won’t happen because of the writer’s vision for the show. I personally think the only reason they won’t make klayley happen is because they want to appear progressive. key word is appear. They want to pat themselves for making a progressive story where parents don’t end up together without actually having to do anything that’s actually progressive in the series.

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the reason i prefer the letter over their original plan to have klaus show up at the school is that with the whole never coming back to mystic falls promise in 5x11 i've always felt that their reunion should be in nola w her going to him. having their next scene in person be klaus going to her in mystic falls feels like it would be a bit of a step back narratively imo

I agree. I’d like their next scene, should we be so lucky as to get one, to be somewhere that isn’t Mystic Falls.

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OMG Meg@st@r shippers are THE WORST offenders of mistreating Starscream omg either they claim it's NOT abuse it's actually bdsm and Starscream loves it or it's abuse but it's "hot" and Starscream deserves it because he's 100% evil and Megatron "keeps him in line" they completely rewrite and ignore canon to fit their ship (like apparently Megatron would never kill Star because Star is sexy) I literally cannot it with them. Go to PIT.





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I think there's a belief that if TVD had been cancelled that Candice would have switched shows, but the reason KC didn't happen was the spin-off, Julie's said back in like Season 5 that if it hadn't been picked up Klaus & Caroline would have gotten together, then broken up and then gotten back together again - just like all the other ships that periodically break up just to get back together and have a lot of angst.

the TO spin off was first pitched early season 3 I believe, they knew by the time season 4 began filming that CW was green lighting the pilot for the show. that’s why they brought on Hayley at the beginning of season 4. Everything about the originals in season 4 was about setting the stage for the spinoff. If the Spinoff hadn’t been renewed for a full season or a season 2 then the originals would have come to an end on their show and that would have been the last we would have heard of them. There is this false belief that TO getting canned early in season 1 meant that they all would have just went back to TVD and that just wouldn’t have made any sense, narratively the original family had already worn out their welcome with season 4, there is no way they would have been able to co-exist beyond season 4 without completely shifting the focus of the show off it’s original characters. 

Basically, the Originals were never meant to be long term characters on TVD and even without the spinoff their story would have come to an end. So KCv would have never been a viable endgame relationship for Caroline. Like there is no way the original family and even just Klaus would be just hanging round MF for seasons 5, 6, 7, and 8. It wouldn’t have worked logistically and it wouldn’t have worked narratively. 

Julie has said more than once that they only even did the little KC that they did because of fan popularity, it was never a real relationship that they ever planned to explore long term even before the spin-off. I have no idea where the idea that KC would have been an off and on endgame ship if it wasn’t for the spin-off came from because according the Julie they also had SC in the works long before they actually happened. Which makes sense because if they never meant to keep forwood going then caroline had to have another endgame. Let’s not also forget that they used the popularity of the ship to fuel the popularity of Klaus and to add more basic layers to him before they shifted him from villian/supporting character  to anti hero/lead. KC was always about Klaus and the spin-off, not caroline and her actual story long term on TVD

Basically what I think would have happened, and what makes the most sense based on writers comments is if the spinoff never happened Klaus would have probably slept with Caroline much like she did in 511. Caroline would have still felt like shit for doing it since Klaus would have still been the person who abused her, terrorized her friends and family, and killed her boyfriend’s mom. Klaus would have probably kept pursuing her and she would have kept rebuffing his advances. There would have been more superficial angst like they got during seasons 3 and 4, and eventually Klaus would have been killed off the show along with the rest of the originals. Caroline would have still fell in love with stefan and that would have been her true romantic long term plan. 

the only other viable option would have been for caroline to end things with Tyler, get with klaus temporarily, then have the relationship fall apart because Klaus is a shitty person and caroline realizes it’s all wrong for her, then Klaus dies and that’s the end of the story arc. 

Anything else beyond that would have been a massive reach and would have required too much tampering with the logistics of the show and the narrative long term. 


a series of unlikely crossovers: welcome back, klaus

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Reason Cryptozoologist is thirsty af for Starscream: they are from Delaware. They lack the cryptids. They aint giving up.

context: upon doing some research, there are no cryptids specific to, or originating from, the state of Delaware. other cryptids have been seen, such as the Jersey Devil, but Delaware has no cryptids of its own.

except this one time i swear to god either i saw The Rake in my fucking housing development, or it was a hallucination brought on by driving at night. idk.

this is the worst state for a cryptozoologist to live in. there’s nothing here. nothing unusual, nothing weird. just frogs. frogs no bigger than your palm, at the top of your six-foot glass sliding door. they’re cute, and mean no harm.

but i don’t trust the moths.

Starscream could easily fit in here, there are a lot of aviation enthusiasts. he could just park himself near a hangar during the day, then at night fuck off and do whatever. kidnap and terrify a local for a minute before returning them unharmed, have sex with his human s/o in a soybean field, whatever man

Big Brother


Cameras, cameras everywhere. Watching. Looking. Almost every move was recorded. For what reason, KC did not know. Not that he entirely cared. 

He was walking along to the communications room, hoping to find someone that he could speak with. There were some odd rumors floating around that concerned him. Mainly because he was pretty sure that he was involved. Every camera he passed caught his eye. What was there to worry about? Apparently a lot.

He strode into the comms room. “Excuse me, but is there someone that I could speak with. There are some things that I need to ask about.”