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a series of unlikely crossovers: Klaus and Caroline find themselves chasing the same quarry

every time katie cassidy goes to a con, i just wind up thinking “damn, i hope the security is good.” i mean, every single time she’s announced for a con, the dangerously unstable olicity fans come out in droves to not only spread their delusional lies and cyber bullying but their threats to physically attack her. seems like it’s only a matter of time before they attempt follow through.

i honestly think she’d be safer at a spn con. those cons may have a shit ton of issues but at least their security situation seems to be pretty good. they take the, um, intensity of the fans very seriously. when she went to her one spn con back in 2008, she and lauren cohan were both given two bodyguards each because of threats. i hope the arrow cons are taking safety seriously.


“Caroline. I’m standing in one of my favorite places in the world, surrounded by food, music, art, culture, and all I can think about is how much I want to show it to you.

Maybe one day you’ll let me.”

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hey i saw how you ship klaus and caroline and i wanted to ask you as a klaroline shipper myself, how do you respond to the antis who say that klaroline is unhealthy and toxic? Thanks

I’ve been thinking about the reason why kc could be toxic/unhealthy in someone’s mind and the only scenes that come to my mind is stabbing scene and klaus killing tyler’s mom. Nothing else comes to my mind so I guess I will focus on that, if you have something else they’re accusing kc of just hit me up.

I will focus more on why I don’t see this relationship as toxic & not how I respond to them. Because one: t100 fandom tought me to not fight anymore because it’s tiring, if i see some dumb people on twitter I’d usually make a joke about their anti kc tweets. two: after 4 years i legit don’t give af what they think since I know we’re getting our endgame.

Now I know it’s dumb to say but I always look at who are antis shipping instead. If it’s Stero.line or DE, it’s obv they don’t look at the whole story of characters/ship but only at one scene. SC or DE has lots of scenes which are done well, romantic light, music etc and if i haven’t seen the whole show, I’d say “yeah they make a cute couple”. But (sorry if you’re DE fan i’m just using them because it’s the easiest for me) if you watched the whole show and you see the whole story you see how fucked up the couple is. Example: SC might have kiss with some good music and good light and all that stuff but doesn’t change the fact that Caroline literally had to tell Stefan that she deserves the same respect he gave Elena;doesn’t change the fact that to Stefan Elena and Damon will always come first; doesn’t change the fact that whole Caroline’s story during all seasons was that she wanted… she deserved to be someone’s first. And Stefan (or any other character beside Klaus) couldn’t give it to her. (I did love Tyler though with my whole heart and I do think For.wood was amazing). To ship sth I always need a good story, not only chemistry. This is what KC has. This story is about Klaus who thought he wasn’t capable of love until he met her and Caroline who thought noone will ever put her first.
(I won’t bring up whole Caroline’s mother dying to prop up Stero.line, her dying to make Stefan realize he has some feelings for Car… I won’t talk about it but the point is that no matter how amazing music, light, dress etc they’re going to have in their scene - their story is still terrible).

Next thing is that tvd is supernatural show. You can’t compare KC to some ship from non-supernatural show and say “yeah they’re healthy and KC is toxic” because in tvd/to they’re all vampires, they have to kill people to live, and in other shows the worst thing they can do is well idn steal(?). Also people comparing KC to any other ship in TVD and saying they’re “healthy” and “kc is toxic”, please love yourself. Julie fucked up every ship possible in tvd and on every couple I’d find sth to say they’re destroyed. (I’m both SE and KC fan and I do think SE was fucked up so many times and KC sex scene made no sense and it was only a “goodbye” to our fandom). I was talking with people from HTGAWM fandom about KC one time, they were all Wau.rel shippers (like me, tagging it only like this so it won’t end up in their tag) and they all hated KC. They asked me how can i ship this “toxic” ship and “pure, healthy” wau.rel ship at the same time. The thing is - show is different, the “world” in both shows is different and you could never compare this two ships together. Once again - TVD deals with vampires who live for 1000-100 years and during their whole life they had to do some terrible things to survive & they lost their humanity along the way etc etc etc.

Now defending KC. I’m gonna start with the fact that Klaus is like 1000 years old and for his whole life he has been fighting about what he wanted, always getting what he wanted, and everyone was supposed to fear him and be at his command. The only ones he cared about for his whole life (which is 1000 year!) was his family (in his twisted way because he did “kill them” -put them to sleep lmao but u know what I mean). He lived like that for his whole life. Then Salvatores/Tyler started challenging him and he was lashing out. That’s when he killed Tyler’s mother or when he stabbed Caroline. Now if someone doesn’t want to ship KC because of that then ok, I understand. But u gotta understand the story. Klaus for 1000 years cared only about his family. TVD gang killed Kol (his brother), locked up Klaus in a room and left dead body in front of him for hours to just.. watch but not being able to even touch him. THEY LITERALLY KILLED HIS BROTHER IN FRONT OF HIM AND HE COULDN’T HELP HIM. (I’m honestly still dissapointed and surprised and everything that he didn’t burn the whole Mystic Falls down after this.) So that’s on stabbing scene, I think he just lost it because of what they have done to his brother and for me it’s understable when you think about the fact that noone ever did something like this to him for 1000 years - kill a member of his family. (once again it’s a supernatural show and searching for pure ship who meets falls in love and gets married is just not a supernatural show) Similar situation was with Tyler’s mother - Tyler was responsible for taking Klaus’s whole army, his “new family”, so he lashed out to show who is in power. How Klaus paid for that? With Kol’s live. Plus: Klaus killing somebody is on Klaus not on Caroline.

The core of toxic/abusive relationships is when the person1 just accepts what the person2 is doing to them. They fear them or they even defend their actions (like “he has been drinking, it normally wouldn’t have happened”). It’s when the abuse is justified/excused by them or some other people (which obv is wrong). Once again sorry if you’re DE but for me it’s just perfect example. When D killed Aaron, Elena’s friend (because “Elena” broke up with him, legit that’s his whole reason) - IN THE SAME EP - Elena defends him and says it wasn’t his fault. D screams “look at us we’re in toxic relationship i just killed your friend and you found someone else to blame” - Elena was blaming herself (Katherine in her body) for this. That NEVER happened with Klaroline.

Caroline never defended Klaus’s actions. Klaus knew, feared that Caroline would never ever accept him for who he is, that she would never forgive him or forget things he has done (not only to her friends but for his whole life - the monster he was for 1000 years). Legit IN EVERY FUCKIN SCENE Caroline calls him out on all things he has done. She not even once justified his behaviour. Lemme show you examples I remember because I haven’t seen s3/s4 in like 4 years.

Klaus: I saved your life. Twice.
Caroline: Because you put it in danger. Twice.

Klaus: Don’t turn your back on me.
Caroline: I should turn my back on you ages ago.

There’re a lot of scenes like that, Klaus tries to have the “power” over the situation, screams, Caroline doesn’t give a fuck and calls him out on what he has done.

Caroline: Don’t you have a dying girl who you want to punish for all of her sings.
Klaus: I do but I won’t for you.

Klaus for almost whole Katherine’s live was trying to catch her, kill her, use her etc. Even when Elijah begged him to stop because he was in love with her, he didn’t agree. Caroline didn’t even have to ask and Klaus changed his mind thanks to her, for her. It’s all for her.

Caroline was trying for so long to not admitt her feelings, her attraction for Klaus. In 4x13 he asks her is she could forget everything what he has done but he knows she can’t but she believes he can be saved.

Klaus: Don’t understimate the allure of darkness. Even the purest hearts are driven to it. (…)
Klaus: So you never felt the attraction that comes from someone who is capable of terrible things cares only about you
Car: I did once when I thought it was worth it.

Caroline: There’s a part of you that is human.
Klaus: How could you think that?
Caroline: Because I’ve seen it. Because I caught myself wishing I could forget all the terrible things you have done.
Klaus: But you cant can you?
Caroline: I know that you’re in love with me. And anyone who is capable of love is capable of being saved.

This was 4x13. In 5x11 everything has changed. She admitted what she felt to him what she wanted.

Klaus: I’m going to walk away and I’m never coming back. You’ll never again have to look me in the eye and cover our connection with hostility or revulsion. And you’ll never have to loathe the darkest parts of yourself that care for me, in spite of all I’ve done. i will be gone and you will be free. I just want you to be honest with me.
Caroline: Yes, I do cover our connection with hostility.. because yes, I hate myself for the truth. So if you promise to walk away… like you said, and never come back. Then yes.. I will be honest with you. I will be honest with you about what I want.

Okay where am I going with this. Caroline never justified Klaus’s action. She saw the good part of him but was never okay with what he was doing to other people. She challenges him, she calls him out, she doesn’t take his shit. In “toxic relationship” she would be the one who would defend him, his actions and would forgive him everything he has done. But it’s not her. The story of her admitting that she feels something to him goes through 3 seasons. She admitts that she saw the good in Klaus in 5x12(I think?) but she still doesn’t defend his actions and everyone is making her feel bad about her sleeping with Klaus. Stefan is the only one who says that they all have done terrible things and Klaus isn’t the only person like that. Only after that she accepts her “connection” with Klaus (her sleeping with Klaus) but she still don’t give him a free pass to all things he has done and she doesn’t want to be with him. And Klaus gives her the time she needs, he says however long it takes and leaves her and waits until she is ready and she will show up at his door. (in toxic/abusive relationship he would just take what he wanted)

god this is so long I should end this but I feel like I still didn’t say everything I wanted… eh, I will just end it like this ok? Like I said hit me up if you have some doubts about anything.


KLAROLINE: The “Definitive” answer that’s ignored

It amazes me how the KC fandom wants this answer but when the writers GAVE it to them: a goodbye, So they’d have closure they still over 2 years later won’t except it. I once liked KC when they were a potential ship. But the characters have grown past each other. The writers have ended that SL. Is that to say they won’t ever have scenes again? No I’m not saying that. There are C/O.
But the characters are way past each other.
Plec has said herself: Caroline has Stefan. Klaus loves Camille.

I’ve never had problems w/ people’s ships. I am a firm believer that some shows you can even ship one character w/multiple ppl.
It’s called great writing. then SL’s change over time.
Characters/couples grow apart. you can still be fond of the ship that once was, but when it’s over, it’s time to move past it,& progress w/ the NEW material. Not stay stuck In the past.

I usually just try to ignore it all. But when they start attacking myself and other fans, being rude and disrespectful when said nothing about their ship. It can be an innocent post about how one feels about #Steroline or #Klamille and suddenly half your TL is saying Klaroline all over it. It never ceases to amaze me how some KCrs make everything about Klaroline. I swear, Julie Plec could be talking about the weather in a tweet, she’s got at least 10 comments about Klaroline Klaroline Klaroline.

how these hardcore shippers don’t want to see the truth. They blow up writers & actors & JPs Twitter telling them they are “stringing KCrs along” No! they laid the pair to rest 2 years ago. And for two years you’ve blatantly ignored it. I’m not saying you loving them is wrong. Not at all. I too (as I said b4) once enjoyed them. But I have grown along with the shows, the SLs, each of the characters. I & many others have healthily said goodbye to a ship we once found enjoyable to watch. the writers did the C/O so that KCrs could get The goodbye & payoff they deserved.The writers knew they wanted them to kiss. So they Gave KCrs what they wanted. &yet, they were not satisfied. Now I’m not saying all of them. But ever since the KC ending, the “hardcore” shippers have made every1s lives a nightmare. Sending hate to actors. Belittling characters like Cami, who I guarantee they never even gave her a chance. But bc Of Klaus’ affection for her, they write her off. Say they hope the character dies, hope the actress gets cancer. It’s sad that these people don’t have basic human decency. That they would resort to such cruelty all over characters that DONT EXIST!

There are a lot of nice KC shippers out there. And none of this applies to you. Bless you for loving your favs and being courteous to other people’s feelings. Our social media needs more KCrs like you. But there are just as many (if not more) obsessive shippers who only see KC and everything else is trash and in the way of bursting the bubble they live in.
The shows are not called ’ The Klaroline Diaries.’
The shows, storylines, and characters all don’t revolve around an older storyline that was there, and has since come to pass.

What bugs me too is they don’t even give The Originals a chance, because to many (that I’ve seen) they feel the show is what’s in the way of their ship. That and Cami.
Cami is a strong character and in so many ways is great for the character growth and development of Klaus Mikaelson. They’ve had such a beautiful story together since the beginning. They’ve evolved and their feelings over time have grown for each other. She means everything to Klaus, and she cares deeply for him as well. She is a very important character in The Originals and in Klaus Mikaelson’s life. And yet, some of these shippers (the ones who don’t just ignore the show completely) won’t even open themselves up to it, and just watch the damn show unbiasedly .
Leah is a great actress. Her &JoMo have wonderful chemistry. & their work speaks for itself. I guarantee if you’d stop looking @ everything w/ KC glasses on all the time you’d see the amazing SLs & loves both Klaus & Caroline have found. Separately.
It’s okay to like them , but it’s not okay to continuously be mean to the actors, writers, & fans who’ve moved past KC.

*Shipping is suppose to be fun. It’s suppose to be about celebrating what you love. Not tearing other people down for what they love. And spreading hateful, cruel remarks to REAL HUMAN BEINGS.