kc midland


Yesterday I went to Kansas City to see Childish Gambino.

We stood in line starting at 3, show started at 8, five hour wait.

We got front row to see Donald.

After the show we went to the merch stand and got 2 shirts and a hoodie.

My Girlfriend (whom loves Donald even more than I do), my cousin (who introduced us to Gambino), and my good friend from high school, waiting in the 35 degree windy streets of Kansas City to have a chance to meet Donald.

45 minutes later we see him walking to his bus, I walked straight to him and shook his hand.

He went into his bus and we waited another hour or so and he finally came out and met everyone who stuck around.

Only part was he wouldn’t take pictures and would only sign one thing per person. My room mate was nice enough to get my ticket stub signed for me.

When I saw my girlfriend in front of me talk to Donald and hug him I began to tear up. 

After she left the line I was up, I started to full on cry and I asked him for a hug and I thanked him for everything he has done and how much of an honor it was to meet him.

He said no it is an honor to meet you, I appreciate you guys coming out and waiting for me. He signed my photo and I shook his hand. and he pulled me in for another hug.

I don’t remember much after leaving but I do know a ton of tears fell.

Thank you Donald for everything you have done.

After Thought: The Necklace in the photo is a custom ordered pendant that says “Gambino” on it. When I say this guys is one of my heroes, I mean that to the fullest extent.