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We all know the Arrow cast gets along swimmingly well(even though I feel like with KC it's more friendly co-worker type relationship with her castmates, not to knock her but the others all seem like buddies while in that EW interview with that HUGE cast she seemed to be an outsider looking in) but which pairings do you feel are like besties and the closest?

I love the Arrow cast - they all seem to have so much fun together. I really enjoy it when a cast genuinely seems to get along; it warms my heart. 

Specifically on what pairings I think are the closest - I mean, obviously I can only go by what little they allow us to see…but I feel like David and Stephen seem to have this intense bromance on and off set. Their Twitter interactions, the gag reels in which they make each other laugh etc. I think those two really enjoy each other’s company - Stephen posted a pic from the Arrow part of the crossover the other day - both teams in the foundry - and basically told a story about how he and David were cracking up so much they had to keep re-shooting the scene, and Audrey (Lyla) was just looking at them completely unimpressed (in an amused way), but Emily knew the score exactly because she has to deal with it all the time. That was a fun story. 

Emily and Colton obviously spend some time together, and you often see Barrowman with them (TBF, Barrowman seems to crack everyone up, he’s a complete joker). 

Emily and Caity Lotz seemed to get on really well too - I loved seeing their interactions at SDCC esp. that joint interview they did. 

Colton and Willa, Willa and Stephen, Willa and Emily…

I really enjoyed the wacky dynamic between Paul Blackthorne and John Barrowman at SDCC - Barrowman the crazy kidder and Paul his straight man. 

It’s tough to choose, isn’t it? They all seem to have a fabulous relationship - both one-on-one and as a team. I’m loving that this extends to Team Flash as well - the recent pic of Emily and Candice celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving was adorable. 

I love this utterly crazy cast.